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Photo: Jules Cahn's Jazz Funeral

Grand Marshal "King" Richard Matthews leads members of the Olympia Brass Band on parade. Ed Newman/Flickr hide caption

toggle caption Ed Newman/Flickr

Grand Marshal "King" Richard Matthews leads members of the Olympia Brass Band on parade.

Ed Newman/Flickr

A Blog Supreme is out of the office today. Until our return, we are leaving you with some photographs from The NPR Jazz Photography Pool, like the one below. Photographer Ed Newman writes:

The image was made at my friend Jules Cahn's jazz funeral. He was a uniquely New Orleans character. As a child, he had been brought to jazz parades, which inculcated a life-long love of New Orleans jazz. I met him in 1989 when I first started going to second lines, and there was nothing like walking a parade with him. He knew everyone, all the jazz musicians, social and pleasure club members, Mardi Gras Indian chiefs, as well as figures of secondary importance like the mayor and the president.
When he died, his son, also a friend, asked me to be sure to take lots of pictures at the jazz funeral. They gave him a great one, as befitted someone who had loved and photographed New Orleans culture for decades. Every brass band in town was there playing for Jules. But the Olympia Brass Band had seniority and led the whole procession from the funeral home, down Rampart Street and then into the French Quarter. The music bouncing off the old French and Spanish buildings sounded particularly majestic. I just wound back and forth through the crowd, snapping pictures and hugging mutual friends and Jules' family. This image is of Olympia's Grand Marshal ["King" Richard Matthews], all the way at the head of the procession, about to turn into the French Quarter. New Orleans is the only place in the world where you tell someone "I'm going to a funeral," and they respond: "Have a good time!" We did.

Here's the original, and a link to Ed Newman's Flickr photostream. Feel free to contribute your jazz shots to the NPR Jazz Flickr group.

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