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New Orleans Jazz Fest

Meet The Jazz Audience: Jo Jo McCarver And Dana Spanierman

Jo Jo McCarver (right) and Dana Spanierman of California. Diane Bock for NPR hide caption

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Diane Bock for NPR

Jo Jo McCarver (right) and Dana Spanierman of California.

Diane Bock for NPR

How do people learn about jazz shows — and why do they go? We're continuing our investigation through the Meet The Jazz Audience interview series at this year's New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Following a performance at the Jazz & Heritage Stage by traditional New Orleans brass band The Paulin Brothers, independent radio producer Diane Bock spoke with two Jazz Fest veterans from California, Jo Jo McCarver and Dana Spanierman. —Ed.

Jo Jo McCarver and Dana Spanierman
Performer: Paulin Brothers Brass Band
Venue: Jazz and Heritage Stage, AKA Second Line Stage, NOLA Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans, La.
Date: May 5, 2011

Ladies, what brought you to Jazz Fest — and to this stage in particular?

Jo Jo: The vibe. The vibe of New Orleans. I think we were kind of pulled to this stage without meaning to, and it ended up being just a really fun classic NOLA band that just made me want to dance. And I haven't even had any cocktails yet! We're here at the Heritage Stage, and we just saw the Paulin Brothers Brass Band, and it was awesome. They were in really cool outfits and funky hats, with their horns and big tubas, and the dance floor went from just a few people to getting very large very quickly, and everyone was dancing and having a good time.

Dana: I was listening to them because to me that's the heart of New Orleans. It was a jazz, Cajun, fusion funk and it just got my body moving.

How many times have you been to Jazz Fest?

Dana: This is my sixth time! I started coming in '99. I always come second weekend, because it always falls right around my birthday.

Jo Jo: This is my third time. Third one, and counting. Last year we didn't make it out, but it's going to be a tradition from here on out.

Do you go to many other festivals?

Jo Jo: Oh, yeah. We go to a lot of festivals but this is my favorite one. I will always fly out to New Orleans for this one.

Dana: This is a really special festival because it's about the culture, and the people, and it really brings together dynamic different cultures, where most festivals are more unicentric. We just really enjoy the music, the culture, the people, the good times ... the everything!

Jo Jo: Also, the muffalettas, iced tea, and hurricanes!

Thanks so much, ladies. Enjoy the Fest!

This feature was produced by a member of the Association of Independents in Radio, with assistance from Mike Elliot of WWOZ in New Orleans. More coverage of Jazz Fest 2011 is throughout A Blog Supreme.

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