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Concert Videos From 92Y Tribeca

That's a video of drummer Eric Harland leading his band Voyager in concert recently. Once you pick up your jaw off the floor — he really is that good — there's more video where that came from.

As you know, our The Checkout: Live From 92Y Tribeca series of broadcasts, presented by WBGO, features a pretty live HD video shoot. We're finally able to show off archived video highlights from the first three episodes in the series. (In the future, they'll be posted more quickly after the concerts.) That means you can also see footage of the Marcus Strickland Quartet, Ben Williams & Sound Effect, the Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra and various Dan Tepfer ensembles in performance.

You may also note that there are Checkout: Live performances coming up from cellist Erik Friedlander, the singing trio Tillery (previously known as Girls Gone Mild), pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Derrick Hodge, guitarist Lage Lund and vibraphonist Warren Wolf. So keep a lookout for those, literally.