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Monterey Jazz Festival

Comrades In Coverage, Monterey Edition

The KUSP mobile broadcasting unit, aka "The Sturgeon." Stephen Laufer/KUSP hide caption

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Stephen Laufer/KUSP

The KUSP mobile broadcasting unit, aka "The Sturgeon."

Stephen Laufer/KUSP

We're obviously not the only journalists here at the Monterey Jazz Fest this weekend. I've spotted a number of laptops or iPads set up in quiet corners of these here county fairgrounds. Here's who they might belong to:

  • I'm writing this from a Central Coast Public Radio trailer — they're providing a live broadcast of the Jimmy Lyons Stage performances on KUSP-FM, with artist interviews and more. (It's not available online, unfortunately.) But KUSP is doing much more than a radio broadcast: They've set up a robust blog, posting photos, archives of interviews and other colorful festival-related ephemera. (They are killing it on the festival food reportage and creepy clown sightings.) Check out their blog on the KUSP for all that, and their Twitter feed for bite-sized updates.
  • Forrest Dylan Bryant, based out of San Francisco, is all over the grounds watching, reporting, Twittering and such. His website is called The Jazz Observer, and you can check out all his Monterey posts here.
  • There's a small team here from the San Jose Mercury News posting nearly constantly for their arts and entertainment blog, A+E Interactive. Jim Harrington and, to a greater extent, Richard Scheinin are blogging machines, writing plenty of quick reactions to what they've been checking out.

And of course, the front page of A Blog Supreme has the live video webcast from the Night Club stage, photos and links to all our posts.