African Union and Somali troops launch an attack on al-Shabaab, a militant group linked to al-Qaida, in Mogadishu, Somalia, on Thursday in an effort to protect famine relief efforts, officials said. The World Food Program says it cannot reach 2.2 million people in need of aid in the militant-controlled areas in southern Somalia because of insecurity. AP hide caption

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Israa Saad Diab lifts the cover from her son Hamza's face, while her husband, Ibrahim Muhammad, watches, after the traditional Sebou ceremony in Mansoura, Egypt, on May 27. Holly Pickett for NPR hide caption

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In this photo taken July 6, rebel forces chief commander Abdel Fattah Younes speaks during a rally in the rebel-held city of Benghazi, Libya. Libya's rebel leadership council announced the death of Younes on Thursday, hours after he was arrested by the rebels for questioning about suspicions his family still had ties to Moammar Gadhafi's regime. Sergey Ponomarev/AP hide caption

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Iman Warsame (left) and Fardosa Ahmed drum up business for their car wash; proceeds from the event (below) went to help drought victims in Somalia. Sasha Aslanian/Minnesota Public Radio hide caption

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Internally displaced Somalis wait for food at a distribution point at the government-run Badbaado refugee camp in a suburb of the capital Mogadishu on Tuesday. The U.N.'s World Food Programme said its airlift to Mogadishu for drought victims was delayed Tuesday because of last-minute bureaucratic hurdles in Kenya. Mustafa Abdi/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Ali Aujali (second from right) listens to President Obama speak at the State Department in May. Aujali was Moammar Gadhafi's ambassador to the U.S., but resigned after the Libyan uprising began. He now represents the rebels' Transitional National Council. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images hide caption

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Libyan rebel fighters run for cover at the front line near the southwest desert town of Gualish on July 24, as Gadhafi forces started attacking them in an attempt to capture the city. Colin Summers/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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A Somali refugee woman carries a bag of food aid at the entrance to the registration area of the Dadaab refugee settlement in Kenya. While refugees receive international humanitarian aid, local Kenyans fighting drought get sacks of rice, beans and oil from the government. Oli Scarff/Getty Images hide caption

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