NPR logo Local Natives: Dripping 'Honey'

Local Natives: Dripping 'Honey'

Between last week's Exclusive First Listen of Local Natives' Gorilla Manor and today's announcement that the band will play at our SXSW day party, maybe you've picked up on our excitement about the band here at All Songs Considered.

On Tuesday, the band quietly released a cool and strange short film to celebrate the release of its album. It's called "Honey," and is set to "Wide Eyes," the first cut from the new album. Its creator, bassist Andy Hamm, emphasizes on the band's Outta Sight Blog, "Honey is not a music video and is not official. Honey is what leaks."

The home video was shot just prior to the band going on tour and edited along the way. It splices evocative images with the story of a melancholy young woman who indulges in strange delicacies and can't seem to be able to take her eyes off her mirror.