NPR logo Exclusive Video: Kids Pass/Fail Broken Bells

Exclusive Video: Kids Pass/Fail Broken Bells

Picture yourself in a record label's London office. You've brought in your newest album — which you've been laboring over for years — to be vetted by a hard-nosed, no-nonsense set of judges whose only job is to give an honest critique of your music to "pass" or "fail" each song. Now imagine that the members of this focus group are all in grade school. If you know any little kids, you're probably even more scared.

The guys from Broken Bells were brave enough to submit to such scrutiny for their new album. Danger Mouse and James Mercer went undercover as Sony employees and took the kids' feedback straight to the face. They filmed the young critics reacting to each song, and are releasing a series of exclusive videos surrounding the release of Broken Bells. In this one, the kids give their honest opinion of "Your Head Is on Fire." Check out the video, and be sure to listen to Melissa Block interview the band on All Things Considered tonight.