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Best Song I've Heard All Week

If anyone knows what language this is, let me know... the singer could be reading names out of a phone book and I'd still love it.



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I think it's Swedish, but the song sorta reminds me of some jams by Finland's Rolli the Troll (search for it on Wikipedia for more info).

I can't find a match, but here are some cool vids from Rolli anyway:

Sent by Christopher Porter | 10:12 AM | 11-7-2007

Hi! I just saw this video yesterday! It's from a Swedish cartoon called Bamse. It's about a bear that gets super powers from honey.

Sent by Julie G. | 1:32 PM | 11-7-2007

So lovely - I am Swedish - living in Stockholm and get this lovely video with song from US - thank you!

Sent by Rosie | 8:39 AM | 11-10-2007

haha, this was very popular when I was twelve years old or so. It's a guy who've just made fun of a childrens character called Bamse. The song is sort of just random words :)

Sent by Patricia | 1:59 PM | 11-17-2007

no way! This has gotta be the best one ever:

Sent by David | 11:18 PM | 12-5-2007


Sent by Patrick | 1:17 AM | 12-6-2007