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Old Music Tuesdays

Despite the digital age, real mail still doesn't come on Sundays, and CDs continue to come out on Tuesdays. The Sunday mail thing I get, but the Tuesday CD thing? It's been that way forever, and I'm going to get to the bottom of this, (but not today).

Today starts Old Music Tuesday, and it's a chance for me to go through my LPs and 45s and play something — sometimes, like today, at random, and sometimes with a sense of purpose. And always with a big smile on my face. It's nice to hold a record again.

We begin with a band I know almost nothing about; though I bought their 45.

What I do know is that the band Come On wrote a song that's somehow managed to creep into my head more than a few times since 1978.

It's called "Don't Walk on the Kitchen Floor." I'm pretty sure Come On was based in NYC.

Now, if you know anything about this band —or you were in this band, please write — I'd be forever grateful.