Old Music Tuesdays: Best Novelty Song?

I was digging through my 45 collection and found this.
I won't spoil it for you, just listen.

I love a good novelty number, how about you?
Got a favorite?



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Can anyone at NPR find out who recorded this novelty song?
All I remember is what I think is the title.
It is not the ribald Shiiteman song, Grandma's Song.

Sent by Harold C. Burke | 7:34 PM | 12-11-2007

If you can call it a novelty song, my favorite one is "Ice Cream Man" by Clover. It is very silly, catchy and never fails to make me smile. In close second, "It's A Super-Spectacular Day (Ending 1)" by the Mad Magazine Mad Super Special Summer 1980. Same reasons.

Sent by Pablo | 9:21 PM | 12-11-2007

It's a bit before my time but ever since hearing it I've always been a fan of the beeferino jingle.

Pretty funny Seinfeld episode where Kramer feeds rusty the horse a bunch of the stuff and it gives him bad gas.

Sent by Devin(shire) | 11:11 PM | 12-11-2007

Back in the day I loved Bloom County's "U-Stink-But-I-(heart)-U." It came on a floppy album that was included in one of Berke Breathed's books and featured a tuba solo by Opus.

-- Wow. I haven't thought of that song in eons. Thanks for reminding me of it! -- rh

Sent by Roni | 12:31 AM | 12-12-2007

From one of the best and most beautiful Christmas recordings ever, We Three Kings by The Roches, Frosty the Snowman. Another is Winter Wonderland, sung in their best Brooklyn accents. My daughter grew up with this as a tradition, she's 16 now and still loves it.

Sent by Kevin | 8:49 PM | 12-14-2007

Canyons of Your Mind by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. It has the funniest bad guitar solo ever and lyrics like "I will walk ... through the ventricles of your heart," and "your sweet-smelling hair, the essence of giraffe."

Sent by Kerry | 4:26 PM | 12-15-2007

"hotdog I love the weenieman" was one of my mothers favorites. looking for songwriter

Sent by rich | 8:40 AM | 1-13-2008

I must confess that being a Brit, the item you played was lost on me somewhat but as for novelty songs I always think of comedy records, most of which lose their appeal after you have heard them once or twice. With Kerry (above) stealing my thunder Re The Bonzos and the superlative "Canyons" in particular, I'll plump for "Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West)" by Benny Hill. Not earth shattering but it's surprising just how many of the lyrics from this song are indelibly stamped on the old noggin' (brain)

for those that don't know Benny Hill and "Ernie"
have a laugh



Sent by Dave Edney | 8:41 AM | 1-29-2008

Does anyone have the lyrics for: If I Never Get To Heaven, I'll Blame You?

Sent by Betty | 10:06 AM | 2-8-2008

Did anyone find "Oh The Monkey Wrapped His Tail Around The Flagpole" novelty song that Harold was asking about? I am also trying to find this song so that I can download it as a surprise for my husband. Thank you - Debbie

Sent by Debbie Miller | 2:29 AM | 2-27-2008

When I was growing up-we had a copy of aan old Eddy Howard novelty song called "I Can't Get Off of My Horse" Does anybody remember it? Where can I get another copy of it?

Sent by deb cunningham | 10:02 AM | 5-3-2008

My favorite novelty song of all time is "The Second Week of Deer Camp" by Da Yoopers. I laugh just thinking about it.

Sent by Steve M | 1:12 AM | 5-28-2008

I am looking for the lyrics to a song. It is "oh the monkey wrapped his tail around the flag pole to see his elbow" This is not the "Grandma Song". I work in a long term care facility and have been asked by one of the Residents to find the lyrics for her. I have been unsuccessful as she isn't even sure this is the true tilte nor who wrote it.

Sent by Deborah Cahwee | 6:52 PM | 6-5-2008

To Deborah Cahwee and Hal Burke: My father, Jerry Leavitt, 1919-2004, used to sing this song: "Oh the monkey tied his tail around the flagpole, around the flag pole, around the flagpole,(repeat)." He said that was all he knew. But the song was kind of addictive, and I used to sing the same snatch of lyrics, too, until one time I was singing it softly to myself on the sidewalk, and an old man passing by picked it up and finished it as if we were singing a duet: "to watch his hair grow around his asshole." He maintained we were definitely singing the same song, but he couldn't tell me where it came from.

Sent by Irv Leavitt | 4:46 PM | 8-16-2008

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