NPR logo Are All Indie Bands Democrats?

Are All Indie Bands Democrats?

I don't think I've met a young, creative musician who was not politically left of center. In fact, I would go as far as to say that a huge majority of any crowd at any of the concerts we've done at the "9:30 Club" or "Rock and Roll Hotel" — with bands like The National, Regina Spektor, Arcade Fire, Okkervil River and Iron and Wine — were all Democrats.

Some of my observations are based on things said during interviews about life habits, attitudes or just straight out hatred of George Bush. (Always a hot topic for banter on a Washington, DC stage).

So, why is this? Is it:

Right brain = Democrats?
Left brain = Republicans?

Surely it can't be that simple, can it?

Are we really a country not of Red States and Blue States but more right brain States and Left brain States (where left of the political center = right brain and right of the political center = left brain)?

Now my brain hurts.

Are you most often a supporter of Democrats or Republicans or something else?

What's your favorite band at this moment?

Let's see how this poll adds up.