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In the next few days, you can use this space to discover a diverse assortment of new bands — for starters, here are three of my recommendations — and read our sundry musings on sore feet, beef brisket, and anything else that springs to mind in places that offer free wireless Internet. But first, I'd love your help in settling an intra-staff squabble over comedy.

Last week, NPR Music's brilliant event planners unveiled a lovely poster for our Thursday-night showcase, which you'll be able to stream live right here. Each poster was specially printed, with the bands' names — My Morning Jacket, Yo La Tengo, and The Whigs — rendered in attractive fonts.

So when the posters were unveiled to us, I helpfully exclaimed, "MY MORNING JARKET?!" Which, in turn, set off a furious debate over whether it's funnier for a ruinous My Morning Jacket typo to read "My Morning Jarket" (as I insist it is) or "My Morning Jerket" (as both Robin Hilton and Carrie Brownstein wrongly assert). So: Who's right? Me? (Yes.) Or Robin and Carrie? (No.)

Your votes will determine bragging rights for the remainder of the festival.



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I'm with Jerket... does that count for two votes (one for Robin and one for Carrie)?

Sent by Katie | 12:54 PM | 3-12-2008

Well, not to sound like my head is in the gutter, but the way you were pronouncing "My Morning Jerket" sounded like "My Morning Jerk It". Which, of course, would be a great title for some tawdry video posted on YouTube featuring a guy doing his morning "routine".

Thus, "My Morning Jerket" is funnier. Don't you see, Stephen, you've invented a fantastic euphemism.

Sent by Carrie Brownstein, NPR | 1:26 PM | 3-12-2008

Unusually, on this occasion Carrie is wrong. My vote would actually go for My Morning Jerkin, but since that's not available, you win!

Sent by Julia | 1:26 PM | 3-12-2008

i think Jarket is funnier!

Sent by AguaLinda | 1:33 PM | 3-12-2008

Well, being a cretinous guttermind, I gotta go with Jerkit.

Sent by Kevin | 1:46 PM | 3-12-2008

Stephen, we all know that My Morning Jerket is infinitely funnier, if only to elicit Beavis & Butthead "heh heh" laughs. (Depends on what kinda humor we're going for, though.)

Sent by Lars | 2:32 PM | 3-12-2008

"My Morning Jerk-it" would indeed be a hilarious separate name for a YouTube video of questionable taste and/or euphemism. However, a hilarious TYPO should not carry a double meaning; it should be as random as possible. Thus, Carrie is separately correct that "My Morning Jerk-it" is a HILARIOUS joke in its own right, but it is a different joke from the typo joke, about which you are correct.

Sent by Linda | 2:43 PM | 3-12-2008

Jarket, please.

Sent by k | 3:00 PM | 3-12-2008

To be clear, 'jerket' emerged when I retold the story to someone and got it wrong... I accidentally said "jerket" instead of "jarket" ... and immediately decided jerket is funnier. Which it is. Entirely.

Sent by robin, npr | 3:11 PM | 3-12-2008

I kind of like "jarket" i'll join the minority

Sent by Brian | 3:43 PM | 3-12-2008

I'm going to say that while Jarket is funny in a close-but-no-cigar way (as in it's close to Jacket but not Jacket so it's funny,) Jerket takes the cake. Throw jerk in anywhere and you pretty much got a winner.

Sent by Joe Gallll | 9:12 PM | 3-12-2008

Results so far (including Stephen, Carrie, and Robin):
Jarket - 6
Jerkit - 6

Sent by Kevin | 1:23 PM | 3-13-2008

Jerket? Please. The humor is derived from the plausibility of the typo, not in the typo itself. Hence: Jarket.

Sent by Paul Heltzel | 6:02 PM | 3-16-2008