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My Morning Jacket

Knowing my innumerable idiosyncrasies (I'm not much of a schmoozer and don't like having my face touched... I'm also terrified of gnomes), Stephen Thompson tried and decidedly failed to get publicists to shower kisses on me yesterday. But the day wasn't a total bust. We got to see a lot of amazing shows, not least among them the two-hour, epic My Morning Jacket set at the Austin Music Hall.

You really can't imagine or appreciate the power of this band until you see them live. I've been a mid-level fan since It Still Moves came out in 2003. Their 2005 follow-up Z was stronger. So far, Bob Boilen is the only one in our group who's gotten to hear MMJ's next album, Evil Urges due in June. But the band previewed eight of the new songs at last night's spectacular performance... all of which vaulted me to the next level of uber-fandom. I love this band.

Here's a short clip I shot on my junky still camera. (Hey, I'll bring a dv cam next year.)