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Thank You, Shearwater

If I could only have one band to listen to for the rest of my life, at this moment in time that band would be Shearwater.

Frontman Jonathan Meiburg has the finest voice of anyone making music today and his songs are absolutely magical. They quake and tremble with a remarkable range of emotion. One moment they're delicate and sad, with Meiburg's heartbreakingly pure falsetto soaring above it all... the next moment they're erupting with something akin to rage.

I had the pleasure of seeing Shearwater for the first time at about 1:30 this morning. Fellow NPR Music producer Stephen Thompson and I headed over to Austin's Club de Ville for the all-too-short performance. The stage was shut down and everyone shooed out promptly at 2, but it was enough time to convince me that Shearwater belongs among the ranks of music's most revered rock and art-folk bands.

Here's a short video clip I shot of Meiburg performing last night: