The Shout Out Louds

When we first sat down to pick the bands we dreamed of having in the NPR Music showcases this year, each of us brought our own personal favorites to the table. Mine was The Shout Out Louds.

I first saw them last fall when they came to D.C. for a show. It didn't start until 1 in the morning and by midnight I was comfortable at home and did not want to go back out to a smoky bar. But I forced myself to go... and found it so utterly beautiful and inspiring I practically floated out of the club when it was over, glowing with delight.

I'd say out of all the bands we presented Wed. and Thur. the Shout Out Louds gave the most uplifting performance. They're so darn upbeat and charming, when I hear them play it just makes me glad to be alive.

I'd love to go to Stockholm to check out the burgeoning scene there. But I don't think I'm attractive enough. The customs authorities probably wouldn't let me out of the airport.

Here's a short clip from The Shout Out Louds' set at the Parish yesterday:



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Naw man, you should definitely come to Scandinavia! The music scene is actually pretty similiar to Austin (I'm from Texas and been to SXSW many of times), it's unreal how many acts make there way up and crowds here know how to have A LOT of fun!

Sent by bryant | 10:53 PM | 3-14-2008

I know how you feel. One of my best friends is Swedish and I don't ever feel right at his house. But Shout Out Louds are great

Sent by Joe Gallll | 12:35 AM | 3-16-2008

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