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Unleash the Blogging Beast!

I'm typing this from the party WXPN is hosting with Paste magazine, Stereogum, and the usual gaggle of energy drinks and technology concerns. I'm enjoying the music of Lightspeed Champion at the moment, not to mention coveting the opportunity to add several free T-shirts to my closet — I'm only 10 or 15 away from completing the world's largest and dingiest quilt!

But what I'm really enjoying is the "Dell Lounge Blogger Cage," which suspends a lucky blogger over the stage in a... I guess "blogger cage" is the right word for it. Typing on a laptop has never been hotter! I don't know whether to view the whole thing as a clever bit of ironic self-awareness or the most ludicrous attempt yet to glamorize the act of staring at a screen while motionless.

Speaking of the least alluring person in the room, I closed out last night's barrage of bands with a trip through Playboy's "Rock the Rabbit" party, attended by an assortment of waxy blondes in bunny ears, skinny-legged guys whose hair appeared to have been stitched together from discarded Muppet eyebrows, Elijah Wood, and some of the most piercingly loud dance music ever seared into my poor, battered brain pan. I'm thinking this was the music of Justice, but getting close enough would have entailed getting incinerated by the sheer volume of it all.

Oh, well. Back in the cage!