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I Love This Job

I've spent a lot of time giggling at my desk this week. The Wire, a weekly music magazine in Portsmouth, NH, recently gave me a digital folder filled with nearly 800 songs, all from this year's RPM Challenge. For the uninitiated, the RPM Challenge is The Wire's annual open invitation to musicians to write and record an entire album in just one month. This week I've been auditioning songs from those albums, looking for ones to feature on our Second Stage. You can hear a new track each weekday on Second Stage through the month of April.

Working under deadline pressure can spark some remarkable creativity. Some of it brilliant. Some of it horrendous. And some of it just hilarious.

Here are some of my favorite RPM Challenge band and song names I've come across. Keep in mind these are mostly done by hobby-musicians, recording in their homes, playing songs they produced in just one month.

Top Five Band Names:

1. Shat Benetar
2. Stinky Monkey Finger
3. One Inch From Midget
4. The Glazed Bagel Projekt
5. Snuggly Tako

Top Five Song Names:

1. "My Girlfriend's a Drunken Whore"
2. "Get the F*** Outta My House"
3. "Where's the Damn Pizza!?"
4. "My Brain is Trying to Kill Me"
5. "Where's My Spanking?"

There are others I can't print.