NPR logo iTunes Visualizer Reveals My Darkest Secrets

iTunes Visualizer Reveals My Darkest Secrets

You might be familiar with iTunes, but not some of its many features. Take the Visualizer. The Visualizer allows you to play various, colorful images that pulsate and swirl in synch with the music. You can also customize the feature with plug-ins, one of which is called the iConcertCal.

The iConcertCal isn't much to look at. It's just a calendar. But it scans all the artists in your iTunes library and shows you dates for any live concerts they're giving in your area. Say you've got Death Cab for Cutie in your library. iConcertCal will show you where and when they're playing.

So this afternoon Bob and I were browsing the iConcertCals on our own laptops to see what's coming up in the D.C. area, when we realized how different the results were. Both of our calendars showed that Regina Spektor, Shearwater and T-Bone Burnett were playing in the area. But Bob's also showed that Yes, the Turtles and the Yardbirds were giving concerts. I don't have anything from those bands in my library, so as far as my iConcertCal is concerned, they don't exist.

My iConcertCal, on the other hand, revealed some embarrassing entries in my library. Fastball, for example, is playing the Herndon Festival in Herndon, VA. There's also a show coming up from Gordon Lightfoot. Gordon Lightfoot! Okay, I didn't realize I had Gordon Lightfoot in my iTunes. Apparently Peter Frampton, Maroon 5 and Earth Wind and Fire are also playing. But the one that really made my jaw drop is Kenny Loggins. I must have blacked out when I downloaded it, because God as my witness, I don't remember ever adding "Highway to the Danger Zone" to my library. Maybe producer Stephen Thompson put it there when I wasn't looking.

This, in turn, led to a group discussion of Kenny Loggin's oeuvre. Much to my surprise, only two of the producers here have seen Top Gun. One who had, Frannie, was incredulous. How could we have avoided that movie!? It's awesome! I noted that any movie scored by Kenny Loggins can't be good. But I immediately had to recant when I remembered he did I'm Alright for Caddyshack. But let's not forget the theme to Footloose.

Bob wondered aloud what it means to be an artist who reaches star status, but for a large population your music is the equivalent of damp cotton candy... you're hated by so many, but you've made it. You're huge!

Anyway... the iConcertCal. Check it out.