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Paolo Angeli and His Frankenstein Guitar

On this week's episode of All Songs Considered, I tried my best to describe the Sardinian guitar that Paolo Angeli retooled. I'd never heard anything like this.

On his CD Tesutti, Angeli plays songs by Fred Frith and Bjork. I knew it was all done by one musician, but I figured it was all overdubbed. When I saw a video of Angeli playing his monster guitar, my jaw dropped. Watch, listen, and be amazed.



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Thanks a lot for making me know an Italian artist I'd never heard of. Somehow he reminds me of another acoustic virtuoso (of cello): Giovanni Sollima. Do you know him? If you don't, you may want to take a look at this (and at the second video too)

Sent by dalia | 5:28 PM | 6-30-2008

In late response to the Sound of a Generation show, I would like to say that I agree the music of this generation is completely different than the generations before it. I believe this is a directly influenced by the internet. Access to the web has proved to be a sort of floodgate for new music. Artists and listeners can communicate directly with no middle man manager (such as producers, or radio DJ's filtering the music we listen to). Musicians can put their music out in the world wide web, and gain a following without having to have a contract with a record company. Because it is so easy put music out into the world, there is a variety of music that I have not seen from any other generation before mine. The internet makes music from every corner of the world available to people with access--global influences permeate the new music today. We also have access to everything that came before us, and we listen (to us it's all new). I am 21, and think that I qualify as one of "the new generation." I think that there is a hunger in my generation to find music that departs from the "Top 40" played on the radio. Everyone has their own "secret band", and shares music. Technology has made it easy to download music instantly. It is also hard to describe the music today in any single genre; if I try to explain Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend, or Okkervil River to my friends, I find myself at a loss, using many different genres to describe the music of one new band. There is so much music out there it is hard to pick and choose one favorite or one dominating preference. For people of my generation, I would say that hip hop is one type of music that everyone has on their ipods. There is something that is exciting about it, a mood. Hip Hop dominates dance parties...all parties actually. It is sort of a common denominator for everyones wide variety of tastes. I do wonder if we will ever again have a single band that is so effecting to the culture as Nirvana or The Beatles were. Truthfully I think it will be difficult for anyone to be that singly influential ever again. This generation doesn't have anyone telling us who is best.

Sent by Kendra | 12:11 AM | 7-20-2008