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Sigur Ros vs. My Spell Checker

The new Sigur Ros CD is remarkable. We'll feature a track from the disc, titled med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust, on All Songs Considered. The Icelandic band is known for creating moody songs, not catchy hooks, but this disc offers both.
The CD comes out on the 24th of June.

As for favorites, the songs "inni mer syngur vitleysingur" and "vid spilum endalaust" are running neck-a-neck. Titles are often an issue with Sigur Ros; either I can't remember them or they don't title them.

I decided to run the titles for the new CD through my spell checker, which caused "nni mer syngur vitleysingur" to become "Inane Merry Singers Vitleysingur" and "vid spilum endalaust" to become "Avid Spilled Endoblasts," both of which are so much easier to remember.

Below are the rest through the spellchecker.


1. Gobbledygook
2. Inane Merry Singers Vitleysingur
3. Gonad Dragon
4. Avid Spilled Endoblasts
5. Festival
6. Stud in Serum
7. Art Batter
8. Lingers
9. Fljotavik
10. Stamens
11. All alright