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Take the Poll: Best CDs of the Year (So Far)


We have hit the halfway point in 2008. What are you loving so far? Below is a list of 50 albums to get you thinking. Choose five of these, or submit a write-in for whatever isn't on this list, but in the end choose only five total CDs. If we get a groundswell for something not on the list, we'll will add it.
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To write in your choice, put a comment on the blog. The voting now ends midnight on the 6th of July.
On July 7th we will take a look at the results and play some of the music we haven't covered that did well in the poll.

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No Jason Collett? "Here's to Being Here" is FANTASTIC, and gets my overall vote for best of 2008 so far.

And also, no Viva la Vida? Also a fantastic effort from Coldplay (refreshingly so).

Sent by Matt Gallivan | 11:52 AM | 6-20-2008

#5 for me would be Sun Kil Moon's April.

Sent by Mark | 12:03 PM | 6-20-2008

That Firewater album is fantastic, really worth looking for.

Sent by Chris Devers | 12:14 PM | 6-20-2008

Really? Those are the choices? My Top 5:

1. Richard Swift - R/S As Onasis I & II
2. Lee Ranaldo - Maelstrom from Drift
3. Gown - For the Maples
4. Times New Viking - Rip It Off
5. Various - The Garden of Forking Paths

We didn't want to make a list of hundreds, so it was a starting point.
Times New Viking was on the list...we will add your vote and keep track of write-ins

Bob Boilen

Sent by Justin Spicer | 12:17 PM | 6-20-2008

Gustav Bertha's TRUE NORTH is one that should be on here. It's brilliant cabaret-style storytelling in the Tom Waits vein.

Sent by Jason Tippitt | 12:38 PM | 6-20-2008

They Sang as They Slew - The Resistance

Sent by Joshua Altmanshofer | 12:44 PM | 6-20-2008

Voted for Bon Iver, Dodos, and Vampire Weekend. A fourth would definitely be Jason Collett, Here's To Being Here.

Sent by Sam | 12:54 PM | 6-20-2008

I'm loving Jason Mraz's new cd "We Sing We Dance We Steal Things".

Sent by Amy | 12:56 PM | 6-20-2008

Besides Bon Iver and the Dodos, I would Los Campesinos! "hold on now, youngster" and The Coold Kids "Bake Sale"

Sent by jlf | 1:14 PM | 6-20-2008

Besides Bon Iver, the Dodos and the Magnetic Fields, I would propose Los Campesinos! "Hold on Now Youngster" and The Cool Kids "Bake Sale"

Sent by jlf | 1:16 PM | 6-20-2008

Sigur Ros!

Sent by Peter C. | 1:21 PM | 6-20-2008

Missed a couple to choose from:
MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
Coldplay's Viva La Vida
Also, Girl Talk's album that was released yesterday is a blast...
But I would've waited to run this poll until after the new Sigur Ros album came out, though.

Sent by David | 1:24 PM | 6-20-2008

Jakob Dylan's new Seeing Things album is amazing. Absolutely Perfect.

Sent by RM | 1:25 PM | 6-20-2008

Sera Cahoone's "Only as the day is long" is one that I'm enjoying quite a bit and is sadly missing from the list..

Sent by julia | 1:26 PM | 6-20-2008

You also missed:

1. Sons and Daughters: Gilt Complex
2. MGMT: Oracular Spectacular
3. The Heys: Young Bored & Broke

Although the third of this list is by a little-known British band whose CD fell into my hands. Definitely worth the listen.

Sent by miriam | 1:27 PM | 6-20-2008

Here are my 5 in no particular order:

1. 'Til the Wheels Fall Off - Hot Water Music
2. Float - Flogging Molly
3. Attack & Release - The Black Keys
4. Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace - The Offspring
5. Eleventh Hour - Del the Funkee Homosapien

Sent by Greg Hollingsworth | 1:28 PM | 6-20-2008

Here are my 5 in no particular order:

1. 'Til the Wheels Fall Off - Hot Water Music
2. Float - Flogging Molly
3. Attack & Release - The Black Keys
4. Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace - The Offspring
5. Eleventh Hour - Del the Funkee Homosapien

Sent by Greg Hollingsworth | 1:28 PM | 6-20-2008

#5 for me is Headlights, "Some Racing, Some Stopping".

Sent by Gerald | 1:40 PM | 6-20-2008

Youth Novels by Lykke Li and the Santogold record should be on the list.

Sent by John | 1:41 PM | 6-20-2008

Coldplay-Viva La Vida
Aimee Mann-@#%&*! Smilers

Sent by Roy | 1:54 PM | 6-20-2008

I need to add two write ins:

Oracular Spectacular by MGMT
Saturday=Youth by M83

Sent by ~~Matt | 1:56 PM | 6-20-2008

The Weepies-Hideaway

Sent by Roy | 2:00 PM | 6-20-2008

man, i'm getting old - the only bands i know on there are from the 90's and 80's - and the only cd i've listened to is "lust lust lust"

Sent by OlderMuiscGeek | 2:01 PM | 6-20-2008

I'd like to write in:
"Apple Tree" by Katie Herzig
"At War With Walls And Mazes" by Son Lux

Sent by c.s. | 2:08 PM | 6-20-2008

"Feel Good Ghosts" by Cloud Cult should definately make an appearance. Fantastic album.

Sent by JN | 2:22 PM | 6-20-2008

I only voted for evil urges by my morning jacket. IMO it is better by far than anything else I've heard this year.

Although some long time MMJ fans are having a tough time coming to grips with it. It is the first album in a decade that I felt instantly familiar with. It's like I've been listening to it forever.

Sent by Steve _In_NC | 2:52 PM | 6-20-2008

I second (or third or fourth) Oracular Spectacular by MGMT

Sent by aaron c | 2:52 PM | 6-20-2008

Chalk up another for MGMT

Sent by PF | 2:54 PM | 6-20-2008

I'm really loving No Age - Nouns right now. I didn't see it on the list.

Also really digging Atlas Sound - Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel.

Sent by bryan c | 3:12 PM | 6-20-2008

Toronto's Born Ruffians have quietly released my fave of the year so far "Red, Yellow and Blue." Highly recommended.
I was also very pleasantly surprised by the Black Keys and Danger Mouse on "Attack & Release," really surprised that wasn't included in the poll.

Sent by Shane L. | 3:14 PM | 6-20-2008

for my fifth vote

Sent by JED KIMBALL | 3:27 PM | 6-20-2008

My top choice is Bon Iver, but I'd like to see Frightened Rabbit's The Midnight Organ Fight on this list.

Sent by Pax Arcana | 3:45 PM | 6-20-2008

None of my Top Five So Far are on your list:

1. Raconteurs, Consolers of the Lonely
2. The Whigs, Mission Control
3. Sloan, Parallel Play
4. Old 97s, Blame It on Gravity
5. Nine Inch Nails, The Slip

the Raconteurs is under T for The... it is the first time using this kind of poll. I like it, but we have some stuff to get used to. I thought Nine Inch Nails was on this list...double check me.

sorry to confuse you.


Sent by Christian Ruzich | 3:50 PM | 6-20-2008

Whoa - Bon Iver neck-and-neck with Vampire Weekend.

Apparently I like all the same things everyone else thinks are great.

I feel like some of those albums came out last year. Most of VW, Bon Iver, Juno...
I predict Fleet Foxes gaining momentum soon, but they're already doing very well. Yay!

Sent by Stacia | 4:12 PM | 6-20-2008


Sent by stephen! | 4:15 PM | 6-20-2008

What about Islands' The Arm? That album made my year.

Sent by Devon | 4:20 PM | 6-20-2008

For my fifth, throw in another vote for Frightened Rabbit's Midnight Organ Fight!

Sent by Stephanie | 4:22 PM | 6-20-2008

Tilly and the Wall's hot-off-the-press "o" is pretty strong. I haven't felt this year's crop of CD's is very good so far, however.

Sent by Tim | 4:28 PM | 6-20-2008

My #1 is Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks' "Real Emotional Trash", I can't believe it didn't make the list!. It narrowly beats Black Mountain's newest for me.

Sent by Aaron Bombard | 4:52 PM | 6-20-2008

Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree

...hands down.

Sent by Rebekka Hammer | 5:42 PM | 6-20-2008

Nortec Collective- Tijuana Sound Machine
Los Campesinos!- Hold On Now, Youngster
Les Amazones De Guin??e- Wamato
James McMurtry- Just Us Kids
Juno Soundtrack

Sent by Yogi | 6:00 PM | 6-20-2008

Wow, that Bon Iver number doesn't surprise me. What would surprise me is if there is a single top 10 list at the end of the year that doesn't include it in the top 5. I would say that list maker probably didn't hear it.

Sent by Matt | 6:30 PM | 6-20-2008

Write ins:
Girl Talk

but mostly, Lykke Li

Sent by Sara | 7:04 PM | 6-20-2008

Do love the Bon Iver album--- but seem to be missing two favorites

Bonnie Prince Billy "Lie Down in the Light "
Sun Kil Moon "April"

Sent by Karen | 7:10 PM | 6-20-2008

Would have voted for:
Frightened Rabbit - Midnight Organ Fight

Sent by Casey | 7:23 PM | 6-20-2008

I would say Mason Jennings - In The Ever deserves a vote.

Sent by BB | 7:38 PM | 6-20-2008

Here's an idea for an add:
Alopecia - Why?

Sent by Not So Buffalo Bill | 8:57 PM | 6-20-2008

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
Malkmus & The Jicks - Real Emotional Trash
Silver Jews - Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea (don't have to have heard it already to know it's great)

Sent by haley | 9:18 PM | 6-20-2008

I'm really enjoying Teddy Thompson's A Piece of What You Need. It just came out this Tuesday.

I'm also loving Sarah Slean's The Baroness.

Sent by Julie | 9:28 PM | 6-20-2008

Dawn Landes Fireproof is criminally overlooked and at the top of my midyear list.

Sent by Gerald Moss | 9:59 PM | 6-20-2008

The Fleet Foxes album might be a little too new to score as highly as it might otherwise but it's, without a doubt, one of the most complete albums I've listened to this year. Craftsmanship!

Sent by Chris B | 10:12 PM | 6-20-2008

Sloan: Parallel Play just came out it is really good.

Sent by Mason Saunders | 1:10 AM | 6-21-2008

The best so far is not even on the list... Chicago's "Stone Of Sisyphus" beats everything released this year (and most years)!

Sent by CS | 2:40 AM | 6-21-2008

Submitted above:

1) Gnarls Barkley
2) R.E.M.
3) Juno Soundtrack

Write In:

4) Basia Bulat - Oh My Darling
5) Duffy - Rockferry

Sent by Aaron CN Burkhalter | 3:11 AM | 6-21-2008

2 that I would add:
Santogold - this album is really good and interesting
Rupa and the April Fishes - although I know the origin of this album really isn't this year, still it deserves a little love/shout out!

Sent by michael | 4:36 AM | 6-21-2008

These are in no particular order.

The Raconteurs - Consolers Of The Lonely
Duffy - Rockferry
Bob Mould - District Line
Adele - 19
Vampire Weekend
R.E.M. - Accelerate

Sent by Jalyn Henton | 7:02 AM | 6-21-2008

I submitted four of my five (Elbow, Firewater, Lightspeed Champion, and My Morning Jacket), and I can see three that likely are not going to make the cut. I like it that you can see how other people are voting.

Here is my fifth, which was not on the list: The Explorer's Club - Freedom Wind.

Sent by Pablo | 8:17 AM | 6-21-2008

I voted for three, Bon Iver, The Dodos, and MMJ. Would add Wye Oak and Port O'Brien, although I sense that once I have more time with Justin Townes Earl (just got it yesterday) that would be up there too.

Sent by Kim | 8:17 AM | 6-21-2008

no age-nouns
the headlights-some racing, some stopping
stephen malkmus-real emotional trash
atlas sound-let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel

Sent by jason | 10:16 AM | 6-21-2008

I'm in agreement with Shane. I'm all about the new Born Ruffians album, Red Yellow and Blue. I can't really compare it to anything else. It's just zippy indie pop that will make you love life and music. And how can you go wrong with a band that names a song Kurt Vonnegut and quotes Cat's Cradle in the song?

Sent by J.P. | 10:18 AM | 6-21-2008

Has to be:

Punch Brothers, Punch

Hands down, in my opinion. Such an amazing mix of acoustic music, bluegrass, and Classical.

Sent by Jeremy | 11:03 AM | 6-21-2008

In addition to the 3 I voted for (Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, and Shearwater) I would write in Sera Cahoone and Bonnie Prince Billy. Vampire Weekend is my #6 pick.

Sent by EP | 11:46 AM | 6-21-2008

Not sure why Aimee Mann's Smilers isn't on this list - of all the new albums I think this is one I'm most likely to still be listening to a year from now. I also voted for My Morning Jacket, She & Him, and Death Cab for Cutie.

Sent by Steve Clancy | 1:11 PM | 6-21-2008

a summery snapshot:

devotchka, "a mad and faithful telling"
death cab for cutie, "narrow stairs"
nada surf, "lucky"

and write-ins:
the helio sequence, "keep your eyes ahead"
the weepies, "hideaway"

Sent by jehan | 2:37 PM | 6-21-2008

I was thrilled to find Tokyo Police Club's Elephant Shell on the list! That's quite possibly my personal number one.

Sent by Emma | 5:51 PM | 6-21-2008

Incl. the three I voted for, I'll add to the list:

Momofuku - Elvis Costello
Parallel Play - Sloan

Sent by Michael Hernandez | 7:11 PM | 6-21-2008

Elvis Costello - Momofuku

Album of the Year (so far)!!

Sent by Sam Clay | 8:16 PM | 6-21-2008

I'd add two others:

1. Drive-By Truckers - "Brighter Than Creation's Dark" and
2. Cut Copy - "In Ghost Colours"

Sent by Bobby | 8:37 PM | 6-21-2008

Also Momofuku - Elvis Costello
And Kiss Kiss Kill Kill - HorrorPops

Sent by dave | 8:49 PM | 6-21-2008

A write-in for Elvis Costello's Momofuku-- fantastic album!

Sent by Jean | 9:29 PM | 6-21-2008

Besides the 4 from the list , I'm lovin' Momofuku by Elvis Costello

Sent by John Foyle | 7:50 AM | 6-22-2008

Momofuku - Elvis Costello

Sent by Richard | 8:37 AM | 6-22-2008

Elvis Costello- Momofuku

Elvis' most solid pop album in decades!!

Sent by David Witherington | 11:12 AM | 6-22-2008

What about Steven Malkmus & the Jicks' "Real Emotional Trash"??? This is far and away the best CD I've heard in 5 years.

Sent by Phil | 11:24 AM | 6-22-2008

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - "Real Emotional Trash" needed to be on the list.


Sent by Momofuku | 12:10 PM | 6-22-2008

I voted for the R.E.M., Flight of the Conchords, Portishead, and She & Him albums. As a write-in, I really like the new Sons & Daughters album, This Gift, particularly the title track and "Gilt Complex."

Sent by Josh | 12:29 PM | 6-22-2008

Dresden Dolls "No, Virginia"

Nine Inch Nails "The Slip"

Sent by Damien | 12:37 PM | 6-22-2008

in no order:
1.Vampire Weekend
2.Dengue Fever
3.The Magnetic Fields
4.Man Man

Sent by Lindsay | 1:11 PM | 6-22-2008

Momofuku by Elvis, the Imposters & Friends

Sent by Jack | 3:37 PM | 6-22-2008

i know it's kind of lame, but i havn't really been blown away by any albums yet this year. The main one on the list i would say would be vampire weekend's album.

But i think its good to point out The Morning Benders - Talking through tin cans

and port o'brien's - all we could do was sing

Sent by Francisco Stoll | 4:00 PM | 6-22-2008

I'm putting in my vote for the new Silver Jews album, "Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea." These guys have been putting out great albums for years, but I think they've really topped themselves with this one and they deserve to be recognized for that.

Sent by Johnpatrick | 4:23 PM | 6-22-2008

Jim White, Transnormal Skiperoo
Teddy Thompson, A Piece of What You Need
and a host of jazz, avant-garde improv, and new music recordings that don't fit the established parameters

Sent by DR | 4:28 PM | 6-22-2008

Not to make your job any easier but Erykah Badu's NEW AMERYKAH Volume One and THE ROOTS Rising certainly are among the best of 2008...

Sent by Mario | 4:45 PM | 6-22-2008

"Feel Good Ghosts" by Cloud Cult

Sent by Mark | 4:53 PM | 6-22-2008

I'm writing in Cloud Cult's "Feel Good Ghosts."

Sent by JH | 5:49 PM | 6-22-2008

Elvis Costello - Momofuku
Duffy - Rockferry

Sent by dave | 6:42 PM | 6-22-2008

Elvis Costello - Momofuku

One of his best for years.

Sent by Nick Ratcliffe | 6:43 PM | 6-22-2008

1) Elvis Costello -- "Momofuku"

2) Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band -- "Puckey Puckey" (Recorded in the early 70s but unreleased until now)

3)Eef Barzelay -- "Lose Big"

Waiting to hear Randy Newman's latest,

Sent by Tom | 6:49 PM | 6-22-2008

#5 sun kil moon - april

Sent by sherp | 8:16 PM | 6-22-2008

Another write-in for Elvis Costello and a second one for Phantom Planet's "Raise The Dead"

Sent by Vito Calzone | 9:46 PM | 6-22-2008

Ahead of my two choices on the list,
1.Elvis Costello & the Imposters Momofuko
2.Teddy Thompson A Piece of What You Need
3.Aimee Mann Smilers

Sent by Marg | 10:05 PM | 6-22-2008

I voted for three and would write cast my other two votes for "Real Emotional Trash" and "Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea."

Sent by k | 10:22 PM | 6-22-2008

Tokyo Police Club, "Elephant Shell"
The Foxglove Hunt, "Stop Heartbeat"
Children of Bodom, "Blooddrunk"
Death Cab for Cutie, "Narrow Stairs"
Your Vegas, "A Tale and Two Cities"

Sent by Jim | 12:06 AM | 6-23-2008

Bon Iver is deservedly taking the cake! Right up there with Vampire Weekend... clear evidence that NPR's sxsw showcase was the most marvelously curated musical event of 2008. Bravo.

Sent by Alex | 2:56 AM | 6-23-2008

Two of my favorites so far this year:

"Shotgun Singer" by Kris Delmhorst
"Of Milkmaids and Architects" by Martha Tilston

Sent by Robert | 3:00 AM | 6-23-2008

I went for Bon Iver, Portishead and the Hold Steady.
Write-ins are the Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead and Malkmus & The Jicks - Real Emotional Trash

Sent by Catfish | 3:13 AM | 6-23-2008

great comment thread. i just bought elvis costello, dodo, and jason collett just from reading this.

two records i like and might have voted for are Kooks - Konk and Mike Doughty - Golden Delicious

But since they weren't on the list, I went for Bon Iver, Denque Fever, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, and MMJ

Sent by fred wilson | 6:21 AM | 6-23-2008

Tokyo Police Club's Elephant Shell. Easily my favorite album of the year so far. Really. It's that good. New Portishead was pretty good too.

Sent by nap | 8:26 AM | 6-23-2008

I would have to add Drive By Truckers and, not sure if this is allowed, the Legacy edition of Pacific Ocean Blue, to me this is brand new music and sounds fantastic.

Sent by Chris | 8:40 AM | 6-23-2008

elvis costello: momofuku
vampire weekend
mgmt: oracular spectacular
lightspeed champion: falling off the lavender bridge

Sent by steffen Straub | 8:44 AM | 6-23-2008

I'd like my fifth vote to be Kaki King's Dreaming of Revenge. Thanks!

Sent by k d j | 9:00 AM | 6-23-2008

Make mine a fifth vote for Midnight Organ Fight. If I had to pick an album of the millennium so far, that would be it.
Back to album of the year so far. Here's a second write-in for Basia Bulat, and an umpteenth for Elvis Costello.

Sent by Andrew Watson | 9:37 AM | 6-23-2008

How can you not list Autechre's Quaristice?

And Noisia's Fabric Love 40 is some of the best electronic music you'll hear this year.

Both of these are miles better than Trent Reznor's recent offerings.


Sent by RL | 10:24 AM | 6-23-2008

Elvis Costello - Momofuku

Sent by Barack | 10:38 AM | 6-23-2008

"Hymns for a Dark Horse" by the Bowerbirds is possibly one of the best albums of all time.

Wish I could have voted for it....

Sent by Peter | 11:04 AM | 6-23-2008

Man Man, Rabbit Habits ...awesome.

Sent by Drew | 11:27 AM | 6-23-2008

The Hard Way - James Hunter
Just a Little Lovin - Shelby Lynne
Roll With You - Eli "Paperboy" Reed
Momufuku - Elvis Costello & the Imposters

Sent by Rick | 11:40 AM | 6-23-2008

"Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends" by Coldplay is the hands-down best so far

Sent by Matt | 11:52 AM | 6-23-2008

I've got to add:
The Tallest Man on Earth - Shallow Grave
Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

Sent by addie | 12:09 PM | 6-23-2008

Aimee Mann, @#%&*! Smilers should be on the list...she's my #1 pick!

Sent by Julianna | 12:20 PM | 6-23-2008

Another vote for Elvis Cotello's Momofuku. Can't believe there's Lil Wayne in there and no Elvis! A second would be Aimee Mann's new one, it's quite good.

Sent by Cat | 12:21 PM | 6-23-2008

Mason Jennings - In the Ever
Mike Doughty - Golden Delicious
Eric Hutchinson - Sounds Like This
Sean Hayes - Flowering Spade, or the new single "No No Guantanamo"

Sent by David de la Pena | 12:55 PM | 6-23-2008

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
M83 - Saturdays = Youth
Midnight Juggernauts - Dystopia
Nine Inch Nails - The Slip
Booka Shade - The Sun and the Neon Light

Sent by jenz | 2:21 PM | 6-23-2008

Nada Surf - Lucky
Destroyer - Trouble In Dreams
Retribution Gospel Choir - S/T
Fleet Foxes - S/T
The Gutter Twins - Saturnalia

Sent by Andy | 2:53 PM | 6-23-2008

Elvis Costello and the Imposters - Momofuku!!

Sent by Ron | 3:28 PM | 6-23-2008

Jamie Lidell Jim

Sent by Jerry | 3:37 PM | 6-23-2008

Elvis Costello's Momofuku, the most consistent album in years from one of our finest living songwriters.

Sent by Bill | 3:41 PM | 6-23-2008

Sun Kil Moon's April really needs to be added

Sent by Joey | 3:56 PM | 6-23-2008

#1 Atlas Sound "Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Not Feel"

Also, The War On Drugs "Wagonwheel Blues"

Sent by Michael | 4:09 PM | 6-23-2008

Voted __________________
1.Bon Iver - For Emma
2.My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges

Write ins
3.The Gutter Twins - Saturnalia
4.Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan - Sunday At Devil Dirt ( amazing laid back album!!!)
5.Murder by Death - Red of Tooth and Claw

Sent by dre | 4:20 PM | 6-23-2008

Gotta write-in Joan of Arc's "Boo Human".

Sent by Carroll | 4:24 PM | 6-23-2008

mgmt's "oracular spectacular" and does it offend you, yeah?'s "you have no idea what you're getting yourself into" are my two hands down best of the year.

Sent by Steve | 4:35 PM | 6-23-2008

Felice Brothers self titled

Sent by Phil | 4:46 PM | 6-23-2008

Aimee Mann's and Elvis Costello's new albums are conspicuous in their absence.
Both fantastic returns to form

Sent by Dick Wingate | 5:11 PM | 6-23-2008

1. The Roots- Rising Down
2. Mason Jennings- In the Ever
3. Atmosphere- When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold
4. Black Keys- Attack & Release
5. Immortal Technique- The 3rd World.

I've been an avid listener to this show for about a year now, and I find it funny how little hip hop gets "considered". I love most of the bands that get play, but feel the lack of emerging mc's that are actually putting out some great stuff, both content and beat -wise. Immortal is definitely one of those rappers.
And the fact that the Atmosphere album isn't even on the list is a little disturbing. I mean, Slug isn't exactly "underground" anymore, and him and Ant made an INCREDIBLE record that I feel stirred up some controversy among long time listeners.
Anyway, I'm excited for what the next six months will bring...

Sent by Tucker | 5:44 PM | 6-23-2008

Frightened Rabbit- The Midnight Organ Fight

Sent by Jake | 5:52 PM | 6-23-2008

Elvis Costello - Momofuku
Paul Weller - 22 dreams
1977 is alive and kicking!!

Sent by Col Green | 6:02 PM | 6-23-2008

Why isn't Bill Frisell's "History Mystery" on the list!

Sent by IC | 6:14 PM | 6-23-2008

I know they fly well under the mainstream radar, but Antietam has been the only band to kick my butt and keep it kicked in 2008. Their new double album "Opus Mixtum" is complete guitar geek heaven, thanks to frontwoman Tara Key, and the uber-tight rhythm section keeps it moving. The REM record was pretty good, but mostly because it was sort of a return to form (welcome back, Mike Mills). "Blame It On Gravity" by Old 97s deserves to be there too.

Sent by Frazer | 6:36 PM | 6-23-2008

1. Hayes Carll - Trouble in Mind
2. Born Ruffians - Red Yellow & Blue
3. The Kills - Midnight Boom
4. Craft Economy - All on C EP

Sent by Bill | 7:15 PM | 6-23-2008

Old 97s, Blame It on Gravity
Duffy - Rockferry
James Hunter - The Hard Way
The Weepies-Hideaway

Sent by Lisa | 7:23 PM | 6-23-2008

Wanted to write in The Helio Sequence - "Keep Your Eyes Ahead"

Sent by ChrisP | 7:50 PM | 6-23-2008

Please don't forget the wonderful collection that is "Real Emotional Trash" from Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

Sent by Chacho | 8:15 PM | 6-23-2008

My favorite for the yeah is Bitter:Sweet - Drama and Santogold

Sent by Giichi | 8:44 PM | 6-23-2008

sigur r??s, sigur r??s, sigur r??s

leaves a buzzing harmony in my soul

Sent by Rebecca Reser | 9:55 PM | 6-23-2008

No. 1 for me is No Kids' Come Into My House.

Sent by Eliza | 10:03 PM | 6-23-2008

I am not the only one to notice Jason Mraz' new one, "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things". No crazy band name, but a really catchy and listenable disc. Nice nod to styles of previous decades while maintaining a LOT of originality.

Sent by Mike | 10:38 PM | 6-23-2008

The Dandy Warhols

...Earth to the Dandy Warhols

Sent by Kevin | 11:12 PM | 6-23-2008

I would have if I had the choice also put

the presets - apocolypso
goldfrapp - seveth tree

Sent by carla | 12:42 AM | 6-24-2008

Best CD of 2008 nominee: JOE JACKSON "RAIN". The veteran, eclectic artist writes and produces a classic album that demonstrates an elemental, minimalist sound presented in a track sequence that demands multiple listening of raised songwriting craftsmanship.

Sent by R.F. Ventus | 1:31 AM | 6-24-2008

Ok, I know my five, but I wish we could rank them, because Sigur Ros would totally be number 1! I would have liked to see the new Island's album up there. I can't believe so many other people are huge fans of Vampire Weekend, I love them, but don't think they deserve best album of the year. I fear they may be destined to be a fad...

Sent by Jeff C. | 1:46 AM | 6-24-2008

Wow, I thought that this year has so far been lackluster in music, but coming out with my personal top 5 has been tough with so many choices.

Although among the choices, I would've liked to see
1) Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
2) Say Hi - The Wishes and the Glitch
3) Thao Nguyen with the Get Down Stay Down - We Brave Bee Stings And All

Sent by Barry | 2:26 AM | 6-24-2008

I'm going to have to voice support for the new release by The Black Angels, "Directions to See a Ghost". It continues the dense psychedelia that they so brilliantly offered in their 2006 debut "Passover", and is a bit more radio-friendly and accessible than its more intense predecessor.

Sent by michael | 7:15 AM | 6-24-2008

The Drift - Memory Drawings
Robert Forster - The Evangelist
Drive-By Truckers - Brighter Than Creation's Dark
Mr. Bear - These Machines
Colour Haze - All

Sent by Kevin B. | 7:39 AM | 6-24-2008

Here's one that should be on the list: The Old 97's Blame it on Gravity. They're calling it their "definitive statement" and I agree. Why aren't these guys bigger?

Sent by John Gibson | 7:48 AM | 6-24-2008

Cloud Cult, definitely.

Sent by Andrew Smith | 7:51 AM | 6-24-2008

my top so far are in no particular order -

krista detor - cover their eyes
joe ely & joel guzman - live cactus
mike farris - salvation in lights
janiva magness - what love will do
the ahn trio - lullaby for my favorite lunatic

Sent by bob gottlieb | 8:13 AM | 6-24-2008


1. Momofuku - Elvis Costello
2. Neptune - The Duke Spirit

Sent by Jeff P | 8:30 AM | 6-24-2008

my favorite album so far isn't even released on CD yet. it's Girl Talk's Feed the Animals

Sent by Jennson | 8:37 AM | 6-24-2008

#5 For me is Cloud Cult - Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Torndadoes).


Sent by Carmi | 9:11 AM | 6-24-2008

Write Ins

Asa (self-titled album)
She's a nigerian artist whose CD right now is hard to come by and expensive because it would be an export. But she is definitely worth a listen.

Sent by Tiff | 9:30 AM | 6-24-2008

cut copy
fleet foxes

Sent by BL | 9:37 AM | 6-24-2008

Fleet Foxes people! In the second half of '08 you'll be looking back saying it was the best of the first half.

Also - please add Thao with the Get Down Stay Down - We Brave Bee Stings And All.

Thao came to NPR and played some songs at my desk. I'll edit the video and get it online in a few weeks.

all the best
Bob Boilen

Sent by seant | 9:48 AM | 6-24-2008

You have to put on Ghostland Observatory, Robotic Majestique!!!

Otherwise great list!

Sent by D-Rock | 10:02 AM | 6-24-2008

#5. Why? just bowls me over.
Honorable Mention:
Kaki King
Lykkye Li
Erykah Badu

Sent by Maxene Mulford | 10:20 AM | 6-24-2008

the band is Why? the album is Alopecia. Should be on the list, in my opinion.

Sent by studmuffin | 10:23 AM | 6-24-2008

Kayo Dot: Blue Lambency Downward

...Enough said...

Sent by Peter | 10:40 AM | 6-24-2008

The Cool Kids
The Duke Spirit

Sent by Dwayne | 10:48 AM | 6-24-2008

Here's four more in addition to We Versus The Shark...
Nouns By No Age
The Melody by The Mae Shi
Crystal Castles by Crystal Castles

All awesome.

Sent by b o b r e i c h | 10:54 AM | 6-24-2008

without doubt...

The Drive-By Truckers: Brighter Than Creations Dark

Sent by straycat | 11:00 AM | 6-24-2008

In no particular order:
Evangelista - Hello, Voyager
Fessenden - v1.1
Samamidon - All is Well
Dan Friel - Ghost Town
Autistic Daughters - Uneasy Flowers

Sent by Emile Milgrim | 11:01 AM | 6-24-2008

Elf Power - In A Cave
M83 - Saturdays = Youth
El Guincho - Alegranza!
Yellow Swans - At All Ends
John Maus - Love Is Real

Sent by rob | 11:01 AM | 6-24-2008

I am deeply hurt every time I don't see Apes & Androids' Blood Moon on these lists. Apes & Androids could very well be the greatest band to be a band.

Sent by Lester | 11:09 AM | 6-24-2008

Tilly and the Wall - O
M83 - Saturdays=Youth

Sent by Alexandra | 11:11 AM | 6-24-2008

Really, where is Erykah Badu's "New Amerykah..."?

And Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter III" makes the list? That album doesn't hold a candle to his previous year's mixtapes!

Sent by Jon | 11:17 AM | 6-24-2008

Write In: Feel Good Ghosts" by Cloud Cult

Sent by John Pfister | 11:19 AM | 6-24-2008

I thought the Black Keys were NPR darlings, "Attack and Release"???
Also, Old 97's "Blame it on Gravity" and I Love Math "Getting to the Point is Beside It"

Sent by Marty | 11:20 AM | 6-24-2008

Vampire Weekend gets 600+ votes? Really? Man, I seriously fear for NPR's demographic. No longer interested in this list.

Don't throw the baby out with the Vampire water. Tell me what you love. are none of them on the list?

Sent by D.Q. Slotkins | 11:28 AM | 6-24-2008

M83....M83...where is M83's Saturdays = Youth...flipping brilliant

Sent by Honey Bear | 11:32 AM | 6-24-2008

Obviously punks don't listen to NPR:
1) Teenage Bottlerocket - Warning Device
2) Copyrights - Learn the Hard Way

Sent by Steve C | 11:35 AM | 6-24-2008

Erykah Badu - NEW AMERYKAH
music should inspire. These are reminiscent of the '70 protest/social commentary music.

Sent by charlie | 11:48 AM | 6-24-2008

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals
Crystal Castles - self titled

I can't believe I haven't seen Crystal Castles on the list or comments!!

Sent by Ben | 11:51 AM | 6-24-2008

How could you pigeonhold the rap/hip hop category to one album? Lil Wayne?? Are you kidding? I guess all things ARENT considered...
just because he moves units, doesnt make it good.

Sent by sarah | 11:55 AM | 6-24-2008

Hercules & Love Affair NEEDS to be up here as well!

Sent by Lester | 12:00 PM | 6-24-2008

Bonnie "Prince" Billy
The Dodos

Sent by Prince | 12:07 PM | 6-24-2008

Eef Barzelay's "Lose Big" CD is excellent and should be considered one of the best this year.

Sent by David | 12:19 PM | 6-24-2008

Old 97's -- Blame it on Gravity
Tift Merritt -- Another Country (brilliant!)
Marah -- Angels of Destruction
Drive-By Truckers -- Brighter Than Creation's Dark

Sent by PD | 12:20 PM | 6-24-2008

Frightened Rabbit,The Midnight Organ Fight

Sent by trevor | 12:22 PM | 6-24-2008

CD > Pershing
Band > Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Definitely belongs on this list

Sent by Emmarie | 12:33 PM | 6-24-2008

Al Green's new album "Lay It Down" produced by Quest Love of the Roots is my favorite album of the year. Al Green's vocals continue to shine over brilliant songwriting and beautiful analog production circa 1971! "Lay it Down" is the soundtrack to Summer 2008!

Sent by Steve Faulkner | 1:01 PM | 6-24-2008

Constantines "Kensington Heights"

Sent by Jane | 1:03 PM | 6-24-2008

Portishead - Third
Santogold - Self-titled
Hercules & Love Affair - Self-titled
Vampire Weekend - Self-titled
Benga - Diary of An Afro Warrior

Sent by enrique | 1:11 PM | 6-24-2008

After a great 2007, this year's new music has been a real let down. Not really interested in anyone on the list. Was looking forward to Destroyer, but felt it was very uneven. Checked out Vampire Weekend because of the hype--and found out it was just that. However I did get lucky. Not out yet in the States, but The Fall's Imperial Wax Solvent is definitely worth looking for.

Sent by Ed | 2:24 PM | 6-24-2008

My first choice is "Punch" by Punch Brothers.

Sent by Mar | 2:37 PM | 6-24-2008

My write-ins:

Momofuku - Elvis Costello
A Tale & Two Cities - Your Vegas
Songs From The Sparkle Lounge - Def Leppard
Float - Flogging Molly

So that leaves one to vote for on the list - it's going to be She & Him

Sent by tsarina | 3:03 PM | 6-24-2008

I voted for four, and here's my fifth vote:

Daedelus - "Love to Make Music To"

Sent by Arika | 3:29 PM | 6-24-2008

I voted Bon Iver, R.E.M., Shearwater and The Mountain Goats.


Sent by Matt | 3:49 PM | 6-24-2008

def. frightened rabbit!

Sent by sean | 3:56 PM | 6-24-2008

My fourth and fifth votes go to:

Evangelicals, "The Evening Descends"
Born Ruffians, "Red, Yellow & Blue"

And to be honest, I think the Sun Gian EP by Fleet Foxes should be included too, it's too good to be left out.

Sent by Sam L. | 4:08 PM | 6-24-2008

I've really liked alot of albums this year, but there are few I think are perfect.
MGMT and Vampire Weekend are good but get overplayed pretty quickly. Fleet Foxes is awesome in doses but gets kind of monotonous after a while. Dodos album is good, I just liked their last one better. Mason Jennings and MMJ both have great new albums but they both have a song or two thats kind of offsetting and makes the album feel less serious than previous ones. All the afore mentioned are in my list of favorites and are all great, but I'd have to say the only album this year that I could see myself listening to start to finish for years to come is For Emma Forever Ago. Oh yeah, and Steven Malkmus.Digging the Mountain Goats too, actually

Sent by matt b | 4:53 PM | 6-24-2008

I would add "Devotion" by Beach House.

Sent by Alex | 5:27 PM | 6-24-2008

The Weepies "Hideaway"
Tift Merritt "Another Country"

Sent by Andie Reid | 5:41 PM | 6-24-2008

Yes, Stephen Malkmus + Jicks should be in the running

Sent by jacethecrowl | 5:56 PM | 6-24-2008

In addition to those, "Another Country" by Tift Merritt is great!

Sent by JP | 6:14 PM | 6-24-2008

Write in for "Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea" by the Silver Jews and M83's "Saturdays = Youth." Both are incredible albums that have been on repeat since I purchased them.

Sent by David W. | 6:46 PM | 6-24-2008

The Weepies - "Hideaway"
Tift Merritt - "Another Country"

Sent by Andie Reid | 6:58 PM | 6-24-2008

Tift Merritt, Another Country

Sent by Phillip Reid | 6:58 PM | 6-24-2008

Just a couple of others for consideration:

The Tallest Man on Earth - "Shallow Grave"
Why? - "Alopecia"

Sent by Zach | 7:18 PM | 6-24-2008

Brighter Than Creation's Dark: Drive-By Truckers. No contest.

Sent by Matthew Cain | 7:19 PM | 6-24-2008

My two favorites are Dan Wilson's Free Life (which is technically late 2007, but has been totally overlooked) and Tift Merritt's outstanding Another Country.

Sent by The Madirishman | 7:53 PM | 6-24-2008

Please add Tift Merritt's "Another Country," another standout disc from one of the great new artists of this decade.

Often pigeonholed as an alt. country artist, Ms. Merritt proves on this disc that she can tackle the twang, singer-songwriter fare, and even 70s-era laid-back California rock.

Sent by Mitch Kokai | 7:57 PM | 6-24-2008

We here all love Tift Merritt's new album "Another Country" and her work on "Tambourine" in 2004

Sent by Jack Thomas | 8:05 PM | 6-24-2008

My top five of 2008 so far:

1. Vic Ruggiero, "Something in my Blindspot" (contains the best song of the year so far, too: "A Lovely Beginning" w/Lisa Muller of Black Cat Zoot.)
2. The Slackers, "Self Medication"
3. Hayes Carll, "Trouble in Mind" (yay, someone else likes him!)
4. Felice Brothers, "The Felice Brothers" (yay, them too!)
5. Brian Jonestown Massacre, "My Bloody Underground" (this feels like cheating because the songs were available on-line last year, but it's listed as a 2008 release so here it is.)

Sent by Alison | 8:06 PM | 6-24-2008

Tift Merritt - "No Country" - gets my vote for CD of 2008. Great music from a beautiful lady.

Sent by Paul B. | 9:10 PM | 6-24-2008

Can't complain about any on the list--but I would add @#%&*! Smilers by Aimee Mann and Another Country by Tift Merritt.
Glad to see Momofuku added to the list. Like the Ting Tings and Vampire Weekend. Hard to choose 5, but there you go!

Sent by Ben Trawick | 9:11 PM | 6-24-2008

You have that horse manure Dodos album as an option but not Real Emotional Trash by Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks? Whoever created this poll should be reassigned.

Sent by Matt | 9:14 PM | 6-24-2008

write ins:

jamie lidell - jim
steven malkmus - real emotional trash

Sent by phil | 9:14 PM | 6-24-2008

thats a solid list but i dont think there is too much competition for the bon iver, she&him, the black keys or vampire weekend

my honorable mentions not on your list:

born ruffians
throw me the statue

shoot i would have put phantom planet's new one over some of this year's garbage

there is way too much here that sucked that dumb kids grabbed onto just cuz they think its hip. too many turds in the proverbial toilet water that is the music industry thus far this year.

Sent by nick w | 9:23 PM | 6-24-2008

I picked three on the list, plus

Tift Merritt - Another Country
Fred Eaglesmith - Tinderbox

Sent by Bill D | 9:50 PM | 6-24-2008

Blue Highway, "Through the Window of a Train"

Sent by Claude A | 9:52 PM | 6-24-2008

I don't see Punch Brothers on there which is a disappointment to me. I really think that that album is the best one of the year. Why isn't it up there?

Sent by Broc Seaman | 9:58 PM | 6-24-2008

Midnight Boom, The Kills

Sent by Val | 11:31 PM | 6-24-2008

Another Country by Tift Merritt. Best new music of the year, by far.

Sent by Michael Fairfax | 11:35 PM | 6-24-2008

bonnie "prince" billy - lie down in the light

the breeders - mountain battles

matmos - supreme balloon

jeremy jay - a place where we can go

the oh sees - the masters bedroom is worth spending a night in

Sent by troy | 12:34 AM | 6-25-2008

Just voted for four. My write-in: The Republic Tigers, "Keep Color."

Also wish I'd thought of Weepies, Flogging.

Deserving of all caps: RATATAT - LP3

Sent by Dylan Fitzgerald | 12:43 AM | 6-25-2008

Friends in the USA, why are you miss the amazing awesome Tift Merritt - Another Country from the list??? This is one fine album, not a dud note. Think again friends.

Sent by clive keough | 2:03 AM | 6-25-2008

Saturday= Youth by m83 was an album I was quite happy with. And I was honestly quite surprised at the lack of attention paid to the new Old 97's record thus far. Personally I think it is fantastic and might be their best album since Satellite Rides.

Sent by Jason Gutierrez | 2:24 AM | 6-25-2008

My write-in #5:

Jeff Finlin - Ballad Of A Plain Man

Sent by Matt Hocker | 3:54 AM | 6-25-2008

Is this poll hack-proof? I can't believe Vampire Weekend is winning by that much.

Sent by Brian R | 3:58 AM | 6-25-2008

Another Country by Tift Merritt...
you guys really need to treat yourselves to this one!!!

Sent by Tim | 4:11 AM | 6-25-2008

I second the votes to add Los Campesinos and James McMurtry to the list.

Sent by Maureen | 7:28 AM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt - Another Country

Sent by Forrest Smith | 8:24 AM | 6-25-2008

2 more votes for the "Best So Far":
Billy Bragg, "Mr Love & Justice"
Tift Merritt, "Another Country"

Sent by John | 8:29 AM | 6-25-2008

1. Adam Green - Sixes and Sevens
2. She & Him - Volume I
3. Thao Nguyen - We Brave Bee Stings and All
4. Cat Power - Jukebox
5. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

Sent by Lane Diko | 8:53 AM | 6-25-2008

My 5th pick is the Breeders' "Mountain Battles." I think Portishead's "Third" is far and away the best album so far this year.

Sent by Edski | 9:31 AM | 6-25-2008


Sent by brandon | 9:41 AM | 6-25-2008

1.Bon Iver
2.Sigur Ros
4.Jason Mraz -honestly,great arrangements
5.Andrew Rodriguez- The Mutual EP

as for Runner up I'd say Jamie Lidell

Sent by Ryan M | 10:16 AM | 6-25-2008

The Presidents of the United States of America - These are the Good Times People

Sent by Steve | 10:21 AM | 6-25-2008

Islands-Arm's Way

Sent by Megan | 10:38 AM | 6-25-2008

The Kills Midnight Boom

Sent by Brad in Ohio | 10:41 AM | 6-25-2008

"Another Country" by Tift Merritt. Best album of the year!

Sent by Nick B | 10:41 AM | 6-25-2008

6. Duffy
5. Devotchka
4. Santogold
3. Hercules and Love Affair
2. Helio Sequence
1. Vampire Weekend

Sent by texpat | 10:41 AM | 6-25-2008

Kathleen Edwards - Waiting for Flowers
Tift Merritt - Another Country
Two great female singer/songwriters, I can't believe they're not on here.

Sent by Joe | 10:43 AM | 6-25-2008

What about "Another Country" by Tift Merritt? This is her first album in a couple of years and it ROCKS!

Sent by Kevin | 10:45 AM | 6-25-2008

I liked "Feel Good Ghosts" by Cloud Cult.

Sent by Bryan | 10:45 AM | 6-25-2008

Hardly know anything on this list but here are the best albums of 2008 IMHO at this point:

3. James Mcmurtry - Just Us Kids - hard to beleive he could top Childish Things

2. Kathleen Edwards - where else can you get hockey players in a song

1. Tift Merritt - Another Country - a beautiful and retrospective album that doesn't have a weak song!

Sent by Dale Hosack | 10:46 AM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt's "Another Country"
Jackson Browne's "Solo Acoustic, Vol 2"

(Honestly, I don't think I've listened to one of the albums on your list.)

Sent by Thad | 10:46 AM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt-Another Country
Josh Ritter-The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter
both deserve votes.

Sent by Christian | 10:48 AM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt - Another Country!
think local dudes

Sent by Michael Heaney | 10:49 AM | 6-25-2008

Yeasayer, "All Hours Cymbals"

Sent by Matt | 10:57 AM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt's CD "Another Country" truly deserves recognition. An amazingly beautiful and terrific release.

Sent by Mark S. | 11:02 AM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt's "Another Country" deserves to be on this list. Yes I did get an email requesting that I mention it here, and I really tried not to but it is the best album I purchased in 2008. I don't think it's as good as "Tambourine" but it is good.

Sent by Joe Fusco | 11:06 AM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt -- Another Country

Sent by Ted | 11:11 AM | 6-25-2008

Another Country - Tift Merritt

Sent by Nick Swett | 11:12 AM | 6-25-2008

Best so far:

Matthew Ryan, MR Vs. The Silver State
Tift Merritt, Another Country
Kathleen Edwards, Asking for Flowers
Hayes Carll, Trouble in Mind

Sent by Jim K. | 11:26 AM | 6-25-2008

I agree with Mark. S. I've listened to "Another Country" a thousand times already, and it gets better every time...

Sent by JHulme | 11:26 AM | 6-25-2008

I can't believe Tift Merrit's "Another Country" isn't on the top of EVERYONE'S list - it's incredible!

Sent by ken | 11:35 AM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt and "Another Country"
R E M and "Accelerate"
Coldplay and "Viva La Vida"

Sent by Don Crow | 11:37 AM | 6-25-2008

Wow... this is a great post. I came off the 2007 high and haven't really found much that has grabbed my attention this year. I'm definately going to look up a lot of these bands. So far, the Weezer record has been my favorite. It's a very good, very reflective record. River is offering a lot of nostalgia, which seems to fit the mood I'm in these days. I was horribly disappointed in the Aimee Mann record (sorry fans...) It's more of the same and not so interesting. I actually skipped her show last week, which I'll regret later. The Hold Steady sounds great. That first track you played really reminded me of early Uncle Tupelo. Possibly the mention of working in the mill til you die... : )
I also have to admit, I'm completely hung up on the Weepies. Totally out of left field and so unlike anything I listen to. I chanced upon them about 3 months before "Hideaway". To sum it up, a iTunes reviewer said "I listen to this on the subway to try to convince myself that I still have faith in humanity." (poorly paraphrased, but rings true). Your post on iConcertCal got me to download the program, and now thru that discovery, I'm completely jazzed about this year's Austin City Limits Music Festival! ( Last year's was awesome, and this year's looks even better. Come on down, we'll drink some Shiner Bock and sing along.

Sent by Mark C. | 11:43 AM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt-Another Country

Teddy Thompson-A Piece of What You Need

Kathleen Edwards-Asking for Flowers

Sent by Carolyn | 11:43 AM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt's Another Country

If you haven't heard of her, you must. All of her albums are beautiful

Sent by Jessica Yingling | 11:52 AM | 6-25-2008

Nobody votes against the entire list? How one sided and safe and bland can the comments be?

Sent by Tom Hendricks | 12:03 PM | 6-25-2008

tift merritt, another country is tops!

Sent by Jon | 12:13 PM | 6-25-2008


Other than her delivery, great looks and crystline yet bluesey voice: Tift doesn't just tell a Story, SHE IS A PICTURE can visualize situations, people, times in space and place from your own past or lifes walk within her Hemmingway.

'Broken' almost hurts to listen to it, a secondary party recognizing the change so often neglected...

She is a very gifted talent with a great support band...they fit and without doubt one of the few professional bands that actually sound great on afterhour shows as letterman.


Sent by Joe | 12:14 PM | 6-25-2008

You forgot about Joe Jackson's new album -- Rain.

Sent by stewart | 12:23 PM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt - Another Country
Counting Crows - Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

Sent by Milos | 12:24 PM | 6-25-2008

Lenny Kravitz - Its Time for a Love Revolution

Sent by Kert Chamberlain | 12:39 PM | 6-25-2008

Yes, How about that sweet Carolina girl, Tift Merritt's "Another Country" CD.

Sent by Stan Vann | 12:47 PM | 6-25-2008

Another Country - Tift Merritt

Sent by Richard | 12:48 PM | 6-25-2008

#5 for me would be Tift Merritt's "Another Country"

Sent by Ned Lavengood | 12:52 PM | 6-25-2008

1) Man Man - Rabbit Habbits
2) No Age - Nouns
3) The Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride
4) Dodos - Visiter
5) Flowers Forever - Flowers Forever

Sent by Maxwell | 1:05 PM | 6-25-2008

The three that you had listed already were Firewater, Flight of the Conchords, and DeVotchKa. However, my other two faves (so far!) were Ours' "Mercy..." [few have heard of it, but it's charting pretty well on the indies] and Justin Townes Earle's "The Good Life".

Tokyo Police Club is definitely number 6, though.

Sent by Megan | 1:06 PM | 6-25-2008

I would also have to vote for:

-Justin Townes Earle- "The Good Life" (Bloodshot)
-Langhorne Slim- "S/T" (Kemado)
-Jim White- "Transnormal Skiperoo" (Luaka Bop)
-Slim Cessna's Auto Club-"Cipher" (Alternative Tentacles)

But Firewater reigns supreme! It refuses to grow stale to my ears- every spin is fresh as a daisy.

Sent by Pete | 1:21 PM | 6-25-2008

Why No Tift Merritt's- Another Country ?Not just one song ALL OF THEM!! Please give her 2 Boxes and check them both!!
Kathleen Edwards - Asking For Flowers
Sweet name dropping hockey song and a talent worthy of another checked Box
James McMurtry's-Just Us Kids
Duffy - Rockferry
Well, I'm out of votes, but other unlisted artists are also "box worthy", please expand the list to include those artists I and others have mentioned. Thanks for listening.

Sent by Peter Denby | 1:51 PM | 6-25-2008

I join the chorus for Tift Merritt's "Another Country" as Best Album of the Year.

Sent by Bill Broom | 1:54 PM | 6-25-2008

Another Country by Tift Merritt. Lovely.

Sent by Jen | 2:01 PM | 6-25-2008

1. "ExitingARM" - Subtle

judging from everyone else's comments, this was left off cuz it's quasi-hip-hop in an all indie rock quiz. the only other album I liked on the list was Mars Volta. Sigur Ros's new album starts off great but tapers off halfway through into boring retreads.

Sent by Nebuchadnezzar | 2:16 PM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt Another Country

Sent by yeager | 2:40 PM | 6-25-2008

Blank Dogs - On Two Sides.

Sent by Lines Open | 2:41 PM | 6-25-2008

Bought the newest CD by Tift Merritt "Another Country" and also caught her show at the Troubador in LA. Awesome CD, loved every song on the CD. If you have a chance at all, catch one of her live performances and in the mean time pick-up the CD.

Sent by Wayne Bromiley | 2:51 PM | 6-25-2008

write in: gutter twins, saturnalia

Sent by pamela | 2:56 PM | 6-25-2008

Got to say that Tift Merritt's Another Country is fabulous. David Letterman obviously agrees, since she'll be on his show for the second time tonight!

Sent by Jeffery West | 3:01 PM | 6-25-2008

Dosh's Wolves and Wishes, and The Plastic Constellations We Appreciate You. I was also surprised Stephen Malkmus wasn't on there.

Sent by Danny Randa | 3:01 PM | 6-25-2008


Sent by Ana Iro | 3:12 PM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt- Another Country.

Sent by Eric Demonia | 3:16 PM | 6-25-2008

Was anyone else totally disappointed by My Morning Jacket's new Album as I was? I'm surprised it got so many votes...

Sent by Jim V | 3:18 PM | 6-25-2008

I write in Tift Merritt's Another Country.
You gotta go to one of her shows!

Sent by Robert | 3:23 PM | 6-25-2008

Emmylou Harris, "All I Intended to Be"

Sent by Kate | 3:43 PM | 6-25-2008

My favorites of the year definitely include The Hush Sound's "Goodbye Blues" (#1 or 2), and probably This Is Ivy League's self-titled debut.

Sent by Allie | 3:46 PM | 6-25-2008

I am frankly, VERY surprised not to see "ANOTHER COUNTRY" by singer/songwriter TIFT MERRITT on this list. Please consider placing her there-she deserves it. Thank You!

Sent by Sandra Bacigalupo | 3:48 PM | 6-25-2008

Here's a song you should consider: "Leave Me Love" by Josephine Collective ... irresistible! Just came out on iTunes and from Warner Bros. I think it's their first album ("We Are The Air"), but it's impressive.

Sent by Rob Slemmons | 3:50 PM | 6-25-2008

The best album this year - Revelation by Journey

Sent by Eddie | 3:58 PM | 6-25-2008

No Age- "Nouns"
M83- "Saturdays=Youth"
Cut Copy- "In Ghost Colours"

Sent by Kahaluu | 4:02 PM | 6-25-2008

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!"
Alberta Cross "The Thief and The Heartbreaker"
Dengue Fever "Seeing Hands"
The Black Keys "Attack and Release"
Dead Confederate "Dead Confederate"

Sent by Newt Lynn | 4:03 PM | 6-25-2008

The Lady Tigra and her "Please Mr. BoomBox" is probably my favorite so far this year.

Sent by Kaden | 4:03 PM | 6-25-2008

Whisper War by The Cab!

Sent by Sara! | 4:17 PM | 6-25-2008

Write in: Goodbye Blues by The Hush Sound

Sent by Allison | 4:17 PM | 6-25-2008

Mindless Self Indugence


Sent by Angel L | 4:18 PM | 6-25-2008

James McMurtry's "Just Us Kids". Nothing else really comes close except for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' "Dig Lazarus Dig".

Sent by Eric Lackey | 4:19 PM | 6-25-2008

"IF" - Mindless Self Indulgence

Sent by stephanie | 4:25 PM | 6-25-2008

I vote for:
The Bog Bodies and Other Stories: Music for Guitar
Gerry O'Beirne

Sent by Jane Shipley | 4:32 PM | 6-25-2008

For what it's worth. Just returned from Europe where Fleet Foxes self titled just dropped to universal acclaim. As a "New Entry" in the UK Album Charts it's #11. Bon Iver's also huge over there. They both are good examples of a new direction in indie music and deserve the attention they are getting.

Sent by Greg | 4:42 PM | 6-25-2008

Pretty. Odd. by PATD definitely. They got so much crap for it being different, but I love it. It's an album of great growth and creativity.

Sent by Amy | 4:45 PM | 6-25-2008

Los Campesinos! - Hold On Now, Youngster
British Sea Power - Do you Like Rock Music?


Sent by Steven S. Fang | 4:45 PM | 6-25-2008

Bon Iver, no question. A Lo-Fi gem.

Sent by Nick | 4:50 PM | 6-25-2008

Best album so far: Punch Brothers.

Sent by Chris | 4:52 PM | 6-25-2008

This is an unbelievable new album:

HOWL by Empires

Sent by Rick | 4:56 PM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt - Another Country, Another fine album from a great artist,she really as something a bit special.If you get the chance see her live a real treat.

Sent by JEFFREY EVANS | 5:03 PM | 6-25-2008

Consolers Of The Lonely-The Raconteurs

Sent by Elisha J | 5:04 PM | 6-25-2008

Seeing Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes in action over a week's time in March at Nashville's Exit/In was absolutely stunning!

Sent by mattygroves | 5:05 PM | 6-25-2008

why isn't the new cd
another country
from tift merritt on the voting list
cause thats the one i would vote for

Sent by Astrid Oskam | 5:06 PM | 6-25-2008

Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - Real Emotional Trash

Sent by Ryan | 5:07 PM | 6-25-2008


I was just listening to you on All Things Considered, and was really happy that you gave a word out to Fleet Foxes. It seemed that you and Melissa Block were at a loss to find a suitable comparison for the sound. One artist that I haven't heard mentioned in referencing their sound is Milton Nascimento's work with Lo Borges "Clube da Esquina". It may seem bizarre to compare works that are almost 40 years apart, but listen to them together. The arrangements are similar in feeling, and also the use of the vocals as an instrument in the "orchestra" are marvelously similar. Even the pacing and flow of the record evoke one another.

very nice...thanks for this i would have never made that connection....


I get the Crosby Stills and Nash comparison on a song or two, but I feel the influence of that Nascimento record on every track. I'm sorry that I can't conjure "Up With People" when... scratch that, I'm glad I can't conjure "Up With People".

What a joy this record is.

Sent by Peter | 6:16 PM | 6-25-2008

Band of Horses "Cease To Begin"

Sent by David | 6:20 PM | 6-25-2008

Hayes Carll's new album is really good, and Crystal Antler's new EP is good fun. I've also been playing The Raveonette's very loudly.

Sent by simon | 6:22 PM | 6-25-2008

After the Ranconteurs, my write-ins are:
The Black Crowes - Warpaint
Kathleen Edwards - Asking For Flowers
Gary Louris - Vagabonds
Tift Merritt - Another Country

Sent by Shug | 6:28 PM | 6-25-2008

The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead is 2nd only to The Dodos latest. "Keep Your Eyes Ahead," I think, is the most underrated album so far this year. Cut Copy is pretty great too. Write in: Los Campesinos! -Hold On Now, Youngster...

Bon Iver is prob the album thats killed me the most. It just kills me.

VW and Hot Chip have been fun favorites. And the new Death Cab really grew on me, except for the long single. Reminds most of the Photo Album, def some winners there.

But seriously trust me on The Helio Sequence.

Sent by Stangoni | 6:29 PM | 6-25-2008

Girl Talk "Feed The Animals"

Sent by Rob | 6:29 PM | 6-25-2008

I think that Paul Weller's new album, "22 Dreams" is a glaring oversight from this list. It's his best work in years.

Sent by Stephen Hu | 6:32 PM | 6-25-2008

You don't list David Gilmour's "On an Island"?

Sent by Buster Epperson | 6:38 PM | 6-25-2008

this is one hosed up way to do a poll. you people too damn busy to count votes? Can your techies not program a simple counter?

Sent by Upset | 6:42 PM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt - Another Country -

Sent by Paul Busta | 6:48 PM | 6-25-2008

Jakob Dylan - Seeing Things

Sent by Melly | 6:49 PM | 6-25-2008

I know you have had alot of people tell you what record you guys missed out on, and I didn't think you would of missed this one, but my favorite album so far this year is Why?'s Alopecia, an amazing mix of hip-hop and folk and it's a great listen

Sent by Goody | 6:51 PM | 6-25-2008

Aimee Mann-F'ing Smilers. Don't forget.

Sent by Tim Pullis | 7:17 PM | 6-25-2008

The Kooks- Konk

Sent by Tom | 7:19 PM | 6-25-2008

1)No Age-Nouns (A band as essential in 2008 as Nirvana was in 1990. Album of the year by a landslide.)
3)Bonnie "Prince" Billy-Lie Down in the Light
4)Bon Iver-For Emma, Forever Ago
5)Paavoharju-Laulu Laakson Kukista

Sent by Daniel Gorsky | 7:26 PM | 6-25-2008

"Another Country" by Tift Merritt

Sent by Rodney MacKinnon | 7:31 PM | 6-25-2008

Melodically refreshing,
Poetically rich.

Sent by P. U. Wallpaper | 7:44 PM | 6-25-2008

Jill Tracy - The Bittersweet Constrain

Sent by Sue T. | 7:46 PM | 6-25-2008

If Tift Merritt's Another Country is added, watch for the skid marks as I add my vote.

Sent by mike zim | 7:48 PM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt's Another Country, Kathleen Edwards' Asking For Flowers and Hayes Carll's Trouble In Mind all get my vote.

Sent by Susy NZ | 7:49 PM | 6-25-2008

The Hush Sound's "Goodbye Blues."

Sent by Kate | 7:50 PM | 6-25-2008

1. Ahn Trio-Lullaby for My Favorite Insomniac
2. Flogging Molly-Float
3. Counting Crows-Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

Sent by Mark Baxter | 7:56 PM | 6-25-2008

phantom planet's 'raise the dead'

Sent by phineas | 8:02 PM | 6-25-2008

M83 Saturdays=Youth

Sent by Damon | 8:02 PM | 6-25-2008

the hush sound's 'goodbye blues' should definitely be on the list.

and cobra starship's 'viva la cobra!' for the sheer fun of it.

Sent by sarah | 8:07 PM | 6-25-2008

Centro-matic/South San Gabriel - Dual Hawks

Sent by Michael | 8:23 PM | 6-25-2008

It may or may not be from 2008 ,maybe 2007, Melody Gardot-Worrisome Heart it has melody ( no pun ),lyrics, announciation ,easy to listen to

Sent by Bill Olson | 8:41 PM | 6-25-2008

I saw MGMT and Yeasayer at the Casbah in San Diego last winter. MGMT rocked the house, but Yeasayer's work is far more lasting and listenable. I think this is because MGMT had a complete band at the show, while their album is just the two front guys. If they keep that group together look for a great 2nd album.

I have to say Yeasayer has been my go to album of 2008. I do not tire of their sound. My vote is for Yeasayer.

Sent by Jon D. Benson | 8:45 PM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt's ANOTHER COUNTRY deserves mention. A wonderful voice with a full heart as a songwriter. The best singer you've never heard about. Unless you see tonight's Letterman show.

Sent by Dave Dennison | 8:51 PM | 6-25-2008

What about Langhorne Slim? My favorite albumn of the year.

Sent by Matt Koch | 8:52 PM | 6-25-2008

(1) "Hello, Voyager" - Evangelista
(2) "Borrowed Arms" - 2 Foot Yard
(3) "Volume 1" - She & Him
(4) "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!" - Nick Cave
(5) "Accelerate" - R.E.M.

Could easily have added another 5, or 10. It's been a good year so far.

Sent by anthony | 8:53 PM | 6-25-2008

some glaring omissions:

- dosh, "wolves and wishes"
- studio, "yearbook 2"
- silver jews, "lookout mountain, lookout sea"
- j. spaceman and sun city girls, 'mister lonely' soundtrack
- no age, "nouns"

Sent by andrew a. | 9:02 PM | 6-25-2008

1. Magnetic Fields
3. No Age-Nouns

2,4, and 5 are on your list. Thanks!

Sent by Tom | 9:04 PM | 6-25-2008

I would definitely like to add my vote for Tift Merritt's "Another Country".

Sent by Chris | 9:10 PM | 6-25-2008

The Duke Spirit's "Neptune."

Sent by David | 9:15 PM | 6-25-2008

my votes are Kathleen Edwards (best of the year by far) and Jason Collett

Sent by db | 9:21 PM | 6-25-2008

Write-in: "In Field and Town" by Hayden

Sent by Michael Jordan | 9:23 PM | 6-25-2008

Along with Fleet Foxes, Shearwater and Portishead I would add:

'ExitingARM - Subtle (glad to see I'm not the only one!)


'Something For All Of Us . . .' - Broken Social Scene Presents: Brendan Canning (technically a July 22 release, but since it leaked Arts & Crafts put it up for download on their site weeks ago).

Sent by Thew | 9:23 PM | 6-25-2008

Votes: Bon Iver, Shearwater, Mates Of State.

Write-In: Lose Big by Clem Snide's Eef Barzelay, about whom I will never shut up.

I get one more? There's like an 18-way tie for fifth, but let's throw a recommendation to Sera Cahoone's Only As The Day Is Long.

And, yes, I reserve the right to change my mind an unlimited number of times between now and December. But not about Bon Iver. That won't happen.

Sent by Stephen Thompson | 9:49 PM | 6-25-2008

My #5 (well, my #1, really, but my fifth choice for the poll) would be The Hush Sound's Goodbye Blues.

Sent by Tabby | 9:50 PM | 6-25-2008

Ditto R.F. Ventus' comments on Joe Jackson's "Rain". One of his best albums to date, and #2 on my best of 2008 to date list behind Chicago's "Stone Of Sisyphus".

Sent by CS | 9:51 PM | 6-25-2008

Viva La Bake Sale! And someone still loves you boris yeltsin would be higher if any one had heard of them

Sent by Jordan | 10:09 PM | 6-25-2008

coldplay? really? totally lame. go see live music that sounds good live. disco biscuits, umphreys mcgee, yonder mountain string, sound tribe sector nine, etc.

Sent by tic | 10:27 PM | 6-25-2008

Why no Hot Water Music on the poll? That new collection that came out was great. Thanks all the same for choosing such good tunes, NPR.

Sent by M. Aaron Tew | 10:41 PM | 6-25-2008

Sharon Little - "Perfect Time for a Breakdown"
Abi Tapia - "The Beauty in the Rain"
Homemade Jamz Blues Band - "Pay Me No Mind"
Shelby Lynne - "Just a Little Lovin'"
Mindi Abair - "Stars"

Sent by SCS | 10:42 PM | 6-25-2008

How bout "Seeing Sounds" by N.E.R.D.? Hot ish!

Sent by nick | 10:46 PM | 6-25-2008

death cab ftw!!

enhjoyable for anyone and everyone!

Sent by Michael | 10:46 PM | 6-25-2008

Augustana's album, Can't Love, Can't Hurt
and The Hush Sound's Goodbye Blues

Sent by Sara | 10:49 PM | 6-25-2008


Brilliant album.
Along with

Check that album out!

Sent by Melissa Ko | 10:49 PM | 6-25-2008

I'd have to say my favorites have been Elbows- "Seldom Seen Kid", Panic at the Disco- "Pretty. Odd", Coldplay-"Viva La Vida", and Jakob Dylan-"Seeing Things"

Sent by Josh | 10:52 PM | 6-25-2008

Death Cab for Cutie's Narrow Stairs... by far.

Sent by K.W. | 11:00 PM | 6-25-2008

Vampire Weekend has, by far, the best release of this year. Hands down.

Sent by LD | 11:05 PM | 6-25-2008

the three I have to vote for besides the two I already voted (The Juno OST and MGMT- Orracular Spectacular) are:

The Wombats- A Guide to Love, Loss, and Desperation

Does it Offend You, Yeah?- You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into


The Hush Sound- Goodbye Blues

Sent by Dylan Dobson | 11:06 PM | 6-25-2008

Death Cab For Cutie, Mates of State, Panic At The Disco, and Vampire Weekend.

And I've seen the first three live.

But Narrow Stairs by Death Cab was by far the best of the best.

Sent by Aly | 11:06 PM | 6-25-2008

Hercules & love affair - Hercules & love affair

Do it - Clinic

saturdays = youth - m83

our ill wills-shout out louds

Sent by Mario Azuaje | 11:06 PM | 6-25-2008

Death Cab for Cutie's album "Narrow Stairs" broke my heart and put it back together. Vampire Weekend is great too, but Narrow Stairs changed my life.

Sent by Zoe | 11:11 PM | 6-25-2008

1-5. Kashiwa Daisuke - Program Music I

Listen to it and you will be amazed. I promise.

Sent by TreatInfamy | 11:14 PM | 6-25-2008


Where's my Saturday Nights?

Have you forgotten my Sunday Mornings?

I need some CC on that list, stat.

Sent by Justin P. Drew | 11:31 PM | 6-25-2008

Tilly and the Wall 0 - O

Sent by nick davis | 11:33 PM | 6-25-2008

The Mae Shi album is entitled HLLLYH. It rules.

Sent by b o b r e i c h | 11:34 PM | 6-25-2008

No love for Why?, Alopecia? This has two of my fav. lyrics of the year:

"You're the only proper-noun I need."
"Even though I haven't seen you for years, yours is a funeral I would fly to from anywhere."

Also, Throw me the Statue, "Moonbeams"

Sent by steve | 11:40 PM | 6-25-2008

write in: Silent Cry by Feeder

Sent by Styles | 11:45 PM | 6-25-2008

My write-in: A.A. Bondy - American Hearts

Sent by SMB | 11:46 PM | 6-25-2008

vampire weekend, death cab, coldplay, jason mraz, juno. i guess in that order. there are definitely a lot of other good ones, though. 08 is going to be a great year for music, i can tell...

Sent by ang | 11:49 PM | 6-25-2008

This is just great music ! Congratulations to Firewater !!!

Sent by Patricia von Tauffkirchen | 11:50 PM | 6-25-2008

F--k Buttons deserves a lot more votes, best listen-able ambient/noise album, and a riot live.

Sent by owen | 11:50 PM | 6-25-2008

"Pretty. Odd." Panic At The Disco

Sent by SquallCloud | 11:56 PM | 6-25-2008

Tift Merritt's - Another Country.

Sent by Katie K. | 11:58 PM | 6-25-2008

"Real Emotional Trash" by Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks.

Sent by Jeremy Oswald | 12:00 AM | 6-26-2008

Besides Juno, these are my votes.
Idina Menzel-I Stand
Gavin Degraw-Gavin Degraw
Laura Marling-Alas, I Cannot Swim
Tilly and the Wall-O

Sent by Katie Smith | 12:03 AM | 6-26-2008

My #5 would have to go to An Horse - Not Really Scared EP.

Sent by Shannon | 12:05 AM | 6-26-2008

To round out my top 5 I would add:

Everest "Ghost Notes" on Vapor Records...

AA Bondy "American Hearts".., re-issued on Fat Possum this spring (Original release '07 on Superphonic) if a re-issue can be counted as "new"

Sent by Michael | 12:18 AM | 6-26-2008

Coldplay: Viva la Vida

Sent by Jackie | 12:23 AM | 6-26-2008

Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree


Sent by Colin | 12:26 AM | 6-26-2008

add in atlas sound and the cool kids.

Sent by evie | 12:29 AM | 6-26-2008

my top 5 picks would have to be
1. tokyo police club, "elephant shell"
2. does it offend you, yeah?, "you have no idea what your getting yourself into"
3. white rabbits "fort nightly"
4. vampire weekend (self titled)
5. the mars volta "the bedlam in goliath"
p.s. i would like to see/hear a story about the increasing popularity of electronica in america. perhaps due to its recent fusion with rock

Sent by mario moser | 12:36 AM | 6-26-2008

They Sang as They Slew - The Resistance

Sent by musicfan-vote mccain | 12:37 AM | 6-26-2008

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

That album is so much amazing.

Sent by Julia | 12:38 AM | 6-26-2008

All of you folks smitten with fleet foxes, and especially bon iver, should check out the latest release from Phosphorescent. It's called Pride. Beautiful, beautiful soul-wrencher of a record.

Also, given the general lack of love for death metal in these posts I'd be remiss for not mentioning Swedish outfit Opeth's latest masterful epic, Watershed.

Other worthy contenders for year end faves: M83's Saturday=Youth,
Hercules and Love Affair's Hercules and Love Affair, and The Ruby Suns' Sea Lion.

And echoing sentiments from a few posts above, the new Eef Barzeley album will undoubtedly steal away rediculous amounts of my time here shortly.

Sent by Garreth | 12:38 AM | 6-26-2008

Firewater-The Golden Hour... Definitely...

Sent by Murray | 12:45 AM | 6-26-2008

Mission Control - The Whigs
Attack and Release - The Black Keys
Narrow Stairs - Death Cab
Evil Urges - My Morning Jacket
Oracular Spectacular - MGMT

Sent by susan | 12:46 AM | 6-26-2008

Oh, My Darling (Basia Bulat)

Sent by Heather | 1:00 AM | 6-26-2008

Fleet Foxes and Drive By Truckers from the list. Also;

Tift Merritt- Another Country
Chatham County Line- IV
Kate Walsh- Tim's House

Sent by Seattle Steve | 1:05 AM | 6-26-2008

city and colour- bring me your love.

unbelievably amazing

Sent by alisonfaye | 1:11 AM | 6-26-2008

the new Santogold album is pretty damn good.....i couldn't find it on the list though.

Sent by talia | 1:12 AM | 6-26-2008

Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs

Sent by Nate | 1:14 AM | 6-26-2008

Radiohead - In Rainbows (physical album released in '08)
Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

Sent by Brandon | 1:20 AM | 6-26-2008

Definitely "Goodbye Blues" by The Hush Sound

Sent by Kirsten | 1:20 AM | 6-26-2008

I'm not sure if it technically counts as an album, but Jon Foreman's Spring/Summer Dual EP release definitely has my vote.

Sent by Erin | 1:29 AM | 6-26-2008

simple plan's 'simple plan'..
powerful. catchy. stolemyheart.

Sent by !k | 1:31 AM | 6-26-2008

Someones gotta put
-----sondre lerche-----

-----sondre lerche-----

Sent by Daave | 1:47 AM | 6-26-2008

#! Thao - We Brave the Bee Stings and All
#2 The Baseball Project - Vol. 1
#3 My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges

Sent by Chris Campbell | 1:47 AM | 6-26-2008

Love Psychedelico, Loved this so much I had to run out and buy the CD. I don't see the link to the Grateful Dead that Robin mentioned but I can certainly hear Sheryl Crow

Sent by Hank Cohen | 2:25 AM | 6-26-2008

Death Cab For Cutie, Narrow Stairs is one of my all time favorite albums already.

Sent by Lee | 2:49 AM | 6-26-2008

Unknown to most NPR users (I'd say). New Zealander Samuel Flynn Scott's 2nd solo album titled 'Straight Answer Machine' would be my number 1 of this year, tis freakn fantastic! I would also recommend you have a listen to his band as well, 'The Phoenix Foundation". I can't get enough of their music. :D

Sent by ramiro | 3:11 AM | 6-26-2008

Two albums not on your list: I love newly signed Warp artist Flying Lotus's debut LP "Los Angeles." It's my top album so far this year -- so fresh-sounding. Also, Crystal Castles' self-titled album is really fun and catchy.

Sent by Greg | 3:58 AM | 6-26-2008

Nine Inch Nails' The Slip isn't listed on here

Sent by Anshu | 5:17 AM | 6-26-2008

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down
Los Campesinos

Not technically out yet, but making X's on the calendar:
Ra Ra Riot
The Airborne Toxic Event
I'd love to hear either or both on the show.

Sent by elvette | 5:26 AM | 6-26-2008

I voted for Death Cab, The Raconteurs and The Mountain Goats, but my other two votes have to go to:
Chris Walla - "Field Manual" &
The Hush Sound - "Goodbye Blues".

Bummer The Kooks and The Fratellis were so disappointingly bad this time around.

Sent by Phoebe | 5:44 AM | 6-26-2008

Last on the list, but top of the heap...Wolf Parade with just released CD "At Mount Zoomer".

Sent by rick Crammond | 6:39 AM | 6-26-2008

"Hercules and Love Affair" by Hercules and Love Affair: a triumphant resurgence of ecstatic disco.

Sent by tony | 7:30 AM | 6-26-2008

check out Jason Anderson's The Hopeful and Unafraid

It would've made my list.

Sent by Rome | 8:11 AM | 6-26-2008

Shawn Mullins - Honeydew has been my fav so far! I've noticed the Whigs - Mission Control mentioned a few times in the comments, I enjoyed that one as well. The new Whitsnake album was also surprisingly good!

Sent by McBoozo | 8:41 AM | 6-26-2008

"Another Country" by Tift Merritt. It hasn't left my cd tray since release.

Sent by Jojo | 8:43 AM | 6-26-2008

I'm going with rob -

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

Sent by Drew | 8:48 AM | 6-26-2008

Two of the top from this year:

Cloud Cult, "Feel Good Ghosts"
Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet, self-titled

Sent by tpy | 8:56 AM | 6-26-2008

I'd have to say for me it is deff Seabird's debut album, "Til' We See The Shore". I haven't heard anything THAT good, in a very long while.

Sent by Austin | 8:58 AM | 6-26-2008

A few terrific records not on the list that may have already been mentioned above:

Constantines "Kensington Heights"
Best straight up rock record this year.

Basia Bulat "Oh My Darling"
US release on Beggars Group in 08. Beautiful Beautiful record.

Elliott Brood "Mountain Meadows"
Terrific Folk/Rock outta Canada.
Fantastic stuff.

Sun Kil Moon "April"
Another beautiful haunting album by Kozelek.

Sent by Jimmy Baber | 9:00 AM | 6-26-2008

I selected Fleet Foxes and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds from the list.

But here are my three remaining choices:
Ladytron - "Velocifero"
Helio Sequence - "Keep Your Eyes Ahead"
Born Ruffians - "Red, Yellow & Blue"

Sent by Judy | 9:01 AM | 6-26-2008

I'm disappointed that you didn't include The Weepies new album Hideaway. That's my favorite of the year so far.

Sent by Jon O | 9:11 AM | 6-26-2008

Hmm. It seems wrong that Radiohead's new album "In Rainbows" is not in the running. It's been voted "Best Album of the Year" by Billboard's Critics Choice 2007, New York!, Mojo!, Filter, Time Magazine, and NME.

though the cd came out in 2008, the music came out in 2007 so it isn't in the running.

Sent by Jered | 9:15 AM | 6-26-2008

Pretty. Odd. by Panic at the disco

Sent by Ellie | 9:23 AM | 6-26-2008

The Morning Benders - Talking Through Tin Cans is by far my favorite album this year and I don't believe anything will be topping it. (Well, maybe the new Autolux)

Sent by Scott | 9:37 AM | 6-26-2008

My favorite this year is "The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter"

Sent by David Shorr | 9:37 AM | 6-26-2008

Nine Inch Nails - The Slip belongs on the list.

It might be their best album. (In fairness, I haven't listened to all the albums in a day or anything like that, so I can't really say.)

Sent by Sean McDonald | 9:42 AM | 6-26-2008

Island's "The Arm"

Sent by mattl | 9:46 AM | 6-26-2008

Teddy Thompson, "A Piece of What You Need"

Sent by Jeff | 9:46 AM | 6-26-2008

My top 4 would be:
1. Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs
2. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
3. Coldplay - Viva La Vida
4. The Black Keys - Attack and Release

Sent by Marisa | 9:52 AM | 6-26-2008

Old 97's - Blame It On Gravity

Hard to believe it didn't even make the list...

Sent by Deanne | 9:53 AM | 6-26-2008

For some reason, my comments never posted...

None of the albums that I've found myself going back to over and over again are on the voting list.

Santogold - Santogold : pretty damn perfect. holds up to the comparisons with M.I.A. without sounding derivative.

Foals - Antidotes : i hear more and more every time i listen to it. sophisticated dance/math/punk

The Kills - Midnight Boom : they've cleaned up a bit and when you know to listen for it, you can hear the influence of Spank Rock's producer

Sort of on the list, but sure to be replaced:
The Teenagers - Reality Check : really fun/funny

The Heavy - Great Vengeance and Furious Fire : part of the northern soul revival with some standout tracks.

I can't put Fleet Foxes or Wolf Parade on the list because they are just too new.

Flogging Molly's album was okay, but they sound like they've become domesticated. The Fratellis somehow made an album by a different, boring band.

Sent by Megan | 9:54 AM | 6-26-2008

My write in is for
ENTITLED by Teenager (US)

Sent by Sue Ellen | 10:04 AM | 6-26-2008

Add Josephine Collective's "We Are The Air" to my list. Take a listen, you'll be adding it to yours too!

Sent by Mark D | 10:04 AM | 6-26-2008

I vote for Another Country by Tift Merritt for best CD of 2008.
Thanks Dave

Sent by Dave James | 10:11 AM | 6-26-2008

Many good choices on these lists, although I didn't like the "Distortion" direction of Mag Fields, and Weepies underwhelmed me compared to the last one. Number 1 for me would have to be "Fight with Tools" by Flobots. Other good ones mentioned were Sun Kil Moon, DCFC, Tift, Malkmus, Vampire, Mountain Goats, REM, MMJ. Many on the official list were definitely second rate compared to Flobots and many of those mentioned by blog posters.

Sent by Loring Wirbel | 10:20 AM | 6-26-2008

Please don't forget the new Mogwai and the new The Kills.

Sent by Condor | 10:23 AM | 6-26-2008

My write-in: Van der Graaf Generator's "Trisector". Oh, and "Robert Pollard is Off to Business".

Sent by Dan Coffey | 10:26 AM | 6-26-2008

My favorites from this year that are not on the Top 50 list:

Tift Merritt - Another Country
Sun Kil Moon - April

I also like the R.E.M. and Coldplay albums.

Most anticipated albums of July:

Ron Sexsmith - Exit Strategy Of The Soul
Sugarland - Love On The Inside

Sent by Chris Popp | 10:30 AM | 6-26-2008

I voted for Panic at the Disco and Madonna.
But I'd also have to say:
The Cab - Whisper War
The Hush Sound - Goodbye Blues

Sent by Sam | 10:30 AM | 6-26-2008

My 4th & 5th votes go to:
Sun Kil Moon "April"
Jason Alexander "The Hopeful And The Unafraid"

Sent by Rick | 10:32 AM | 6-26-2008

I wanted some objectivity so I referred to my itunes play count:

1. The Fleshtones - Take A Good Look - 24 plays
2. The Breeders - Mountain Battles - 23 plays
3. R.E.M. - Accelerate - 13 plays
4. Cat Power - Jukebox - 13 plays
5. Clinic - Do It - 12 plays

As I don't think a "write in" such as The Fleshtones (as no one else mentioned them) the Breeders or Clinic will register, I voted for the next three highest plays that are included on the list:

-The Mountain Goats -Heretic Pride - 8 plays
-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Dig... - 7 plays
-Shearwater - Rook - 5 plays.

You guys are doing a great job; love all the podcasts!

Brilliant idea for coming up with a list.
i may take that a step further and ask others to do the same. ok with you?

drop me a

all the best


Sent by Jorge Alvarez | 10:33 AM | 6-26-2008

Where's Goldfrapp's "Seventh Tree"? That's my fave so far this year.

Sent by Clark | 10:45 AM | 6-26-2008


Sent by Trouble Man | 10:46 AM | 6-26-2008

In my top 5:
No Kids
Dr. Dog

Also high up there:
Shelby Lynne
Cloud Cult
Los Campesinos!

Sent by Sol | 10:53 AM | 6-26-2008

Death Cab for Cutie's Narrow Stairs gets my vote. Totally awesome CD.

Sent by Holly Bronson | 10:53 AM | 6-26-2008

Estelle - Shine

Sent by sb | 10:55 AM | 6-26-2008

man vampire weekend and death cab don't rock.....neither band can play a guitar like Jack White. Also kudos to Black Mountain for putting the heavy back in to metal and now Hippy metal is a genre

Sent by Patrick Reed | 10:56 AM | 6-26-2008

Write in:
Santogold - "Santogold"
Robyn - "Robyn [US Release]

Sent by Paul | 10:56 AM | 6-26-2008

You should include Oppenheimer's new album, "Take the Whole Midrange and Boost It." For those of you unfamiliar with Oppenheimer, they are an Irish duo from Belfast that makes fabulous electronic/indie/pop music. My first exposure to them was on tour with They Might Be Giants. Go out and listen to them!

Sent by Donna Rasmussen | 10:56 AM | 6-26-2008

all is well by samamidon

Sent by ben | 10:57 AM | 6-26-2008

Bruce's Magic

Sent by RuthinTampa | 10:57 AM | 6-26-2008

1. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Sunday At Devil Dirt
2. The Gutter Twins - Saturnalia
3. Duffy - Rockferry
4. Nick Cave - Dig Lazerus Dig
5. Martina Topley-Bird - The Blue God

Lots more nearly made it, but at least that adds 3 new options that perhaps have not been thought of so far.

Sent by Neil Lamont | 11:02 AM | 6-26-2008

Sun Kil Moon's April is up there with any album on the list

Sent by jwh | 11:03 AM | 6-26-2008

I still listen to the album from Peter D'Amore called "Reclinal"

Sent by Philip | 11:07 AM | 6-26-2008

It's not really NPR's type of music, but my favorite cd of the year so far is:

Mindless Self Indulgence - "If"

Sent by Uncle_Max | 11:11 AM | 6-26-2008

I'd add two others:

1. Jamie Lidell - "Jim"
2. Cut Copy - "In Ghost Colours"

Sent by April | 11:15 AM | 6-26-2008

I have a write in. Check out Rose Hill Drive's "Moon is the New Earth."

Sent by Trevor Babb | 11:16 AM | 6-26-2008

The consummate list! :)

1) Josephine Collective "We are the Air"
2) Mars Volta "The Bedlam in Goliath"
3) The Black Keys "Attack and Release"

Sent by Old Alt Fan | 11:18 AM | 6-26-2008

here are my top 7 choices (in order)

1. MMJ - Evil Urges
2. Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely
3. Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs
4. Coldplay - Viva La Vida
5. The Black Keys - Attack and Release
6. Jack Johnson - Sleep through the Static
7. R.E.M. - Accelerate

Sent by patricia | 11:21 AM | 6-26-2008

The TRONS are the best. They stand out in a sea of people.

Sent by Tom Hendricks | 11:22 AM | 6-26-2008

more Drive-By Truckers love! 9 out of 10 discriminating music lovers agree... probably. Anyway, it's well worth the listen, it might just change your life. And, seriously, Death Cab For Cutie?.. hmm...

Sent by Peesky | 11:22 AM | 6-26-2008

Death Cab-Narrow Stairs

Sent by Mike K. (So Long Pluto) | 11:25 AM | 6-26-2008

Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs

They embrace so many elements on this record. I think a lot of people will automatically write off Death Cab because of their history. But just like all of us, they grew up. And with that, their music has matured and settled. I think people would be surprised to hear a Beach Boys/Brian Wilson-esk song smack dab in the middle of the record.

My hats off to the gentlemen of DCFC.

Sent by NCA | 11:33 AM | 6-26-2008

Jamie Lidell's "Jim" is my favorite this year so far!

Sent by Heather | 11:35 AM | 6-26-2008

Alejandro Escovedo's latest? Billy Bragg "Mr. Love and Justice"? Thanks to everybody here for great picks that arent on the list.

Sent by m booth | 11:43 AM | 6-26-2008

What about The Helio Sequence's Keep Your Eyes Ahead? Gotta be on that list...

Sent by Chris F | 11:52 AM | 6-26-2008

woot! death cab made 1!

Sent by alex | 12:05 PM | 6-26-2008

Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

Sent by Martha | 12:08 PM | 6-26-2008

No Kooks?
I loved their new album "Konk".

Sent by CC | 12:15 PM | 6-26-2008

Liam Finn's "I'll Be Lightning"

Sent by Leslie Spencer | 12:32 PM | 6-26-2008

write in: The Gutter Twins - Saturnalia

Sent by Vic Arpeggio | 12:41 PM | 6-26-2008

Atmosphere- When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That S**t Gold

Sent by Lucas | 12:45 PM | 6-26-2008

Why do so many people like Coldplay? Emo for old folks?

Sent by Sarah | 12:48 PM | 6-26-2008

Three huge absent albums:

Los Campesinos! Hold on Now, Youngster
Santogold - Santogold
The Last Shadow Puppets - Age of the Understatement

Sent by Joey Smith | 12:52 PM | 6-26-2008

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - Real Emotional Trash

Sent by Mark | 12:52 PM | 6-26-2008

Pretty.Odd. by Panic at the Disco

Sent by Elmo xD | 12:54 PM | 6-26-2008

Santogold!!!!! No question...the variety of styles alone on that offering should blow everyone away.

Sent by Elizabeth Orr | 12:56 PM | 6-26-2008

Beach House - Devotion would be on my list

Sent by axl | 12:56 PM | 6-26-2008

Pretty odd

Sent by Luana Castro | 12:57 PM | 6-26-2008

I can't believe that My Brightest Diamond didn't rate a mention. Her new album is astonishing. A more complicated and confident follow-up to the excellent "Bring Me the Workhorse," she cranks up both the distorted guitars and the orchestral elements, often simultaneously. Her vocals are playful, soaring, and electric. This is the album I play over and over again, and my absolute favorite this year.

Other faves: Shearwater's brilliant "Rook," MMJ's "Evil Urges" (particularly the title track), Shelby Lynne's sublime "Just a Little Lovin'", and the mesmerizing and brilliant album by Son Lux, "At War with Walls and Mazes." Son Lux is a ferociously creative composer/producer who blends classical, electronic, and hip hop elements magnificently. It's almost impossible to explain what he's doing until you hear it, but once you hear it, you won't soon forget. Give it a spin, Bob.

Biggest diappointment: Vampire Weekend.

Sent by Sky Bluesky | 1:03 PM | 6-26-2008

Foals, MGMT, Kooks

Sent by Nate | 1:09 PM | 6-26-2008

I would most definitely add With Arrows, With Poise by The Myriad.
I also love Jon Foreman's EP set Fall/Winter and especially the song "Learning How to Die" and his Spring/Summer set is pretty good as well.

I have just heard snippets of a lot of cd's on the poll list, but from what I've heard, Coldplay's looks like it might be a winner also.

Sent by Melanie | 1:12 PM | 6-26-2008

I hate to repost, but I'm also going to have to add What Made Milwaukee Famous - What Doesn't Kill Us to the write-in section

Sent by Joey Smith | 1:13 PM | 6-26-2008

I would like to add Mason Jennings In The Ever and, a cd I barely haven't listened to once a day since I got it in March - What Made Milwaukee Famous - What Doesn't Kill Us.


Sent by Sarah | 1:13 PM | 6-26-2008

Panic at the disco
Pretty. Odd.

Sent by Jessica Ritzel | 1:18 PM | 6-26-2008

I would nominate the new Counting Crows album, "Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings." Pretty solid, in my opinion.

Sent by Steve Greene | 1:19 PM | 6-26-2008

Come on! Lightspeed Champion rocks! NPR needs more LsC love. Bob B. back me up.

if i could spike the votes i'd do something for Lightspeed! great record


Sent by Marlon Carrio | 2:03 PM | 6-26-2008

no Amos Lee?

Sent by Krista Chester | 2:10 PM | 6-26-2008

Pretty.Odd - Panic At The Disco
Viva La Cobra- Cobra Starship

Sent by KaAh | 2:10 PM | 6-26-2008

I'd add Thao Nguyen with the Get Down Stay Down, "We Brave Bee Stings and All" as my fifth.

Sent by Chris | 2:18 PM | 6-26-2008

Narrow Stairs, most def. Also "We Sing, we dance. We steal things" by Jason Mraz

Sent by Robb | 2:19 PM | 6-26-2008

I'm sorry. I just don't like Death Cab for Cutie. I tried. Is something wrong with me?

Sent by Kate | 2:19 PM | 6-26-2008

No love for Sia's "Some People Have Real Problems?"

And i'd easily have gone w/ NIN's "The Slip" over "Ghosts."

Sent by CD | 2:22 PM | 6-26-2008

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

Sent by Bryan Chang | 2:30 PM | 6-26-2008

Railroad Earth "Amen's Corner"
Alejandro Escovedo "Real Animal"

Sent by Bill Adams | 2:31 PM | 6-26-2008

There probably not too many other NPR/Hip Hop enthusiasts but if you want to hear the unbridled truth check out Immortal Technique's brand new album released on the 24th entitled "The 3rd World."

Sent by Jeremy Johnson | 2:37 PM | 6-26-2008

What about Chris Walla's Field Manual?

Sent by Rachael | 2:43 PM | 6-26-2008

Panic At The Disco - Pretty. Odd.

I really love this Music. xD

Sent by Czubkolandia.182. | 2:44 PM | 6-26-2008

Walter Becker's "Circus Money" is stellar.

Sent by Denise | 2:45 PM | 6-26-2008

Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV

Sent by susannah | 2:57 PM | 6-26-2008

Evangelista - Hello, Voyager
Simone Massaron and Carla Bozulich - Dandelions on Fire
Peter Brotzmann & Han Bennink - Amherst 2006
Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Part 1: 4th World War

Sent by john | 3:05 PM | 6-26-2008

Jackie Greene - Giving up the Ghost - Awesome.

Sent by KAP | 3:11 PM | 6-26-2008

Buy Walter Becker's "Circus Money". Listen to it. Listen to it again. Masterpiece.

Sent by michael | 3:14 PM | 6-26-2008

Jackie Greene - Giving Up The Ghost

Sent by KAP | 3:17 PM | 6-26-2008

Panic at the Disco - "Pretty Odd"
The Veronicas - "Hook me up"

Sent by Kaja | 3:34 PM | 6-26-2008

Definitely Jackie Greene and his new record-Giving Up the Ghost.

Sent by Vanessa | 3:39 PM | 6-26-2008

JACKIE GREENE - "Giving Up the Ghost"


Sent by peaceNlove | 3:39 PM | 6-26-2008

I have to agree with the post's about Walter Becker's Circus Money. Sublime. Maybe my favorite album of the last five years.

Sent by Matthew Kerns | 3:42 PM | 6-26-2008

1. Death Cab For Cutie "Narrow Stairs"
2. Nine Inch Nails "The Slip"
3. M83 "Saturdays=Youth"
4. Sam Phillips "Don't Do Anything"
5. Portishead "Third"

Sent by Brett | 3:43 PM | 6-26-2008

M83- Saturdays=Youth
Thao with the Get Down Stay Down- We Brave Bee Stings and All


Sent by Roy | 3:45 PM | 6-26-2008

1. Vampire Weekend "Vampire Weekend"
2. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds "Dig, Lazarus Dig"
3. Jamie Lidell "Jim"
4. Elbow- "Seldom Seen Kid"
5. Cage the Elephant "Cage the Elephant"

Sent by Tim V | 3:49 PM | 6-26-2008

Sun Kil Moon's April should be on the list...

...and Jack Johnson should be taken off.

Sent by Jacob | 3:51 PM | 6-26-2008

Not only is the Firewater album (The Golden Hour) good, those guys are really good live!

Sent by Tom P. | 3:54 PM | 6-26-2008

Phantom Planet: Raise the Dead (especially the song I don't mind).

Sent by LKN | 3:56 PM | 6-26-2008

Phantom Planet - "Raise The Dead" should definitely be on the list.

Sent by Dave | 3:56 PM | 6-26-2008

I'll add another vote to Walter Becker's Circus Money. A truly great album.

Sent by The Dean | 4:08 PM | 6-26-2008

panic at the disco - pretty.odd.
juno soundtrack
death cab for cutie - narrow stairs

Sent by jo | 4:10 PM | 6-26-2008

They Might Be Giants - Here Come the 123s

Sent by Lucas | 4:15 PM | 6-26-2008

Love the lists. I do not have enough newer releases to give a top five, but I like the works of Adele, Coldplay, Esperanza Spaulding, Kaki King, Meshuggah and Hamasaki.

Enjoyed H.I.M.'s "Digital Versatile Doom" live release most of all though...

Sent by sean broderick | 4:19 PM | 6-26-2008

Lemuria - "Get Better"

Sent by Raj | 4:24 PM | 6-26-2008

The Roots, Rising Down!!!!

Sent by Devan Anderson | 4:37 PM | 6-26-2008

Los Campesinos! "Hold on Now Youngster"
Unbelievably catchy and upbeat without being grating - okay, maybe a LITTLE grating, but the music is too good for that to matter.

The Acorn - "Glory Hope Mountain"
Concept albums about moms are much easier to tolerate when they're this beautiful.

Dan Friel - "Ghost Town"
Parts and Labor's Dan Friel takes the band away, leaving just his whirling electronics. Unbelievably, it's just as visceral and melodic as his music sounds with a full band.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Lie Down in the Light
The Bonnie doesn't change much from album to album. Instead of dreadfully bad experimental attempts, we'll just have to settle for his wonderful music.

Hm. I don't think I used enough superlatives.

Sent by Frank | 4:39 PM | 6-26-2008

'Mansard roof' by Vampire weekend is too cool!! Got an Anglo-Indian(yes defintely rural Indian) beat to it.. are they British?

Sent by Shashi Varma | 4:41 PM | 6-26-2008

Narrow Stairs by Death Cab for Cutie

Sent by Isabella | 4:44 PM | 6-26-2008

Dr. Dog? bad name but amazing album

Sent by Dude | 4:49 PM | 6-26-2008

1. Son Lux -- At War With Walls and Mazes
2. Frightened Rabbit -- The Midnight Organ Fight
3. Sun Kil Moon -- April
4. The Hold Steady -- Stay Positive
5. Marco Benevento -- Invisible Baby

Sent by Andy Whitman | 4:57 PM | 6-26-2008

1. "Hello, Voyager" - Evangelista
2. "Dandelions on Fire" - Simone Massaron & Carla Bozulich
3. "Borrowed Arms" - 2 Foot Yard
4. "Volume 1" - She & Him
5. "Youth Novels" - Lykke Li

Sent by KK | 4:58 PM | 6-26-2008

MGMT, Yeasayers, Cutcopy, FleetFoxes, and The Dodos!

Sent by Jia T. | 5:00 PM | 6-26-2008

I must take issue with this story and your poll. There is no ASHES dIVIDE and no Shinedown.. Both of which have released very powerful albums this year. ASHES dIVIDE is without a doubt the best album of the year.

we can't make a list of everything.
when we get a small groundswell of lovers of something we add it and then the write-ins to the list.


Sent by Jeremy | 5:14 PM | 6-26-2008

Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs

people this is an easy one.

Sent by paul montemayor | 5:21 PM | 6-26-2008

Jackie Greene - Giving Up the Ghost

Sent by kb | 5:23 PM | 6-26-2008

"Giving Up the Ghost" by JACKIE GREENE

Sent by HCT | 5:25 PM | 6-26-2008

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours is great and if you like that get ready for
Pacific!- Reveries
it will be released in the US soon and is awesome.

Sent by molly | 5:40 PM | 6-26-2008

Without a doubt my '08 favorite cd is Jackie Greene's "Giving Up the Ghost"...
Emmylou Harris "All I Intended to Be"
Jakob Dylan "Seeing Things"
Waybacks "Loaded"
Santana "Multi Dimensional Warrior" (Actually due out in August; received advanced release at Fillmore concert)

Sent by Jack E. Hedd | 5:41 PM | 6-26-2008

Wow, Bob Boilen, you managed to list dozens of songs that I wouldn't listen to if you paid me. If it's the latest hip thing or obscure jazz, then NPR is all over it.

Same old dull, cliche music. Nothing with an edge. How about a little Flogging Molly? Or is that not sad and emo enough?

Sent by RF | 6:17 PM | 6-26-2008

Dengue Fever's "Venus on Earth" gives me achy chills of happiness.

Sent by Paige | 6:20 PM | 6-26-2008

I think the best of the year is Giving Up the Ghost by Jackie Greene!

Sent by Amber T | 6:42 PM | 6-26-2008

I would like to add an artist to the list. Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers Turbo Ocho. They recorded a song each day for 8 days and streamed it to the internet via their website. If you would like to see the creaction process of a song from scratch to record watch the viva cast at This is a fantastic album and should be on the list.

Sent by Rick Johnson | 6:45 PM | 6-26-2008

1. Fleet Foxes
2. Black Keys
3. Bon Iver
4. My Morning Jacket
5. Tyler Ramsey

Sent by Dave | 6:55 PM | 6-26-2008

I'd like to complete my top five with:

C.R. Avery - Magic Hour Sailor Songs
Empires - Howl
Flobots - Fight With Tools (does a rerelease count?)

Fantastic albums, sigh.

Sent by Nell | 7:08 PM | 6-26-2008

1. Pretty. Odd. - Panic At the Disco
2. Goodbye Blues - The Hush Sound
3. Konk - The Kooks
4. Viva la Vida - Coldplay
5. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

Sent by Tabitha | 7:13 PM | 6-26-2008

Oh, man, I voted for some of those up there. Although I didn't look very closely before voting. But my write ins would definitely be:

1. Jackie Greene - Giving Up The Ghost
2. Bob Mould - District Line
3. Old 97s - Blame it on Gravity
4. Mindless Self Indulgence - If

Sent by alliskellington | 7:14 PM | 6-26-2008

I loved the new B52's album, "Funplex"...very fun (and considering they hadn't released a CD in 15+ could've been hideous!). MGMT and Vampire Weekend's albums were fantastic and are on constant rotation as well!

Sent by Laura | 7:16 PM | 6-26-2008

I absolutely agree with those who say that Jackie Greene's "Giving Up the Ghost" is the album of the year! I am so enamored by that album, I have a hard time listening to anything else.

Sent by bill usher | 7:41 PM | 6-26-2008

viva la vida or death and all his friends by coldplay

and in a distant second

med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust by sigur ros

and in an even more distant third

narrow stairs by death cab for cutie

Sent by darth vader | 7:51 PM | 6-26-2008

Felice Bros.

Sent by MATTHEW SCRUGGS SMITH | 7:52 PM | 6-26-2008

If you Liked In Rainbows, pick up Elbow Seldom Seen Kid.Differ style same quality.
Tokyo Police Club, good summer music.
Firewater draws a line between good and great this year, instant fan.

Sent by TH | 7:57 PM | 6-26-2008

Tift Merritt-Another Country. Absolutely one of the best this year. Rockferry by Duffy is good too.

Sent by Julie Koppang | 9:07 PM | 6-26-2008

Have to add "Giving up the Ghost"
Jackie Greene's new cd
Get it........

Sent by ts | 9:07 PM | 6-26-2008

Neon Neon, "Stainless Style"
This would be my #2 album behind Portishead. Excellent pop concept album on the Delorean car creator from Gruff Ryhs (Super Furry Animals) and Diplo.

Sent by owencafe | 9:10 PM | 6-26-2008

I can't stop istening to Giving up the Ghost by Jackie Greene. I also love the new Ranconteurs. But I think the new Coldplay is unlistenable.

Is anyone else noticing a "Ghost" theme in the music mentioned here?

Sent by Carol Wenokur | 9:46 PM | 6-26-2008

M83 - "Saturdays = Youth"

Sun Kil Moon - "April"

Sent by Michelle | 9:59 PM | 6-26-2008

Foals "Antidote" is energetic happiness altogether. And if I had Goldfrapp "Seventh Tree" as an album, I would have worn it out by now.

Highly recommend.

Sent by Kim | 10:03 PM | 6-26-2008

Veda Hille - This Riot Life

Sent by mn | 10:14 PM | 6-26-2008

1 Evil Urges - My Morning Jacket
2 Giving Up The Ghost - Jackie Greene
3 Seeing Things - Jakob Dylan

all of whom I saw at Bonneroo

4 From The Reach - Sonny Landreth

And I know I will love the new Hacienda Brothers. RIP Chris Gaffney

Sent by Mark | 10:16 PM | 6-26-2008

Death Cab For Cutie's "Narrow Stairs".

Sent by Janna Bradt | 10:25 PM | 6-26-2008


Sent by fan | 10:37 PM | 6-26-2008

My favourites so far this year are not on your list! How about Here's To Being Here by Jason Collett and Rain by Joe Jackson. Two albums that haven't left my iPod all year!

Sent by Grant | 10:52 PM | 6-26-2008

Circus Money - Walter Becker

Sent by Sidney F Lister Jr | 11:08 PM | 6-26-2008

I'd also add:
Amos Lee - "Last Days at the Lodge"
Counting Crows - "Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings"
Chris Walla - "Field Manual"
Jason Morphew - "Vaporizer"

Sent by daryl lazaro | 11:08 PM | 6-26-2008

By far my favorite album of the year so far is by a group coming back from nowhere with thier best record in 13 years - "The President of the United States of America" and their album, "These Are The Good Times People". This album is so full of energy and fantastic tunes.

Sent by Bob | 11:13 PM | 6-26-2008

Three others that I've loved this year:

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles
JDSY - Adage of Known
Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals

Sent by Stephen | 11:49 PM | 6-26-2008

I like Deathcab, but out of all of the bands I listen to and love (who are on this list), Deathcab was the only one who asked their myspace friends to vote for them (the same bands with whom I am 'friends' on mySpace). I'm kind of disappointed, because then it's not necessarily reflective of ASC's listeners' choices (as the current results stand).

Sent by Philip, Houston TX | 12:38 AM | 6-27-2008

Collections of Colonies of Bees BIRDS
Lykke Li YOUTH NOVELS (what we have of it)

Sent by S G Anderson | 12:38 AM | 6-27-2008

JACKIE GREENE - Giving Up The Ghost

By far one of the most talented musicians out there right now - he deserves a little more recognition for it

Sent by Michelle | 12:48 AM | 6-27-2008

Cut Copy
Hercules and Love Affair

Sent by Oriana | 1:38 AM | 6-27-2008

Dang, lacking No Age.

Also, were The Roots not even considered on this survey, yet Carter III? Thats almost unbelievable.

Gave fleet foxes and FOTC my votes.

we started with 50 titles and have added 20 or so according to write-ins. The write-ins are included in the tally. The Roots have had very few write-ins, so we haven't added them to the list. What can I say?


Sent by Stephen | 2:05 AM | 6-27-2008

My absolute favorite album of the past few years is "This Is Love Psychdelico" by, of course, Love Psychedelico. Yes, it's a compilation album, but none of the songs have been released in this country before.
Two other faves from this year are Danilia Cotton's rare Child and Grupo Fantama's Sonidos Gold.

Sent by Marty Clear | 2:36 AM | 6-27-2008


Sent by adriU | 7:10 AM | 6-27-2008

1. Death Cab For Cutie (simply epic)
2. Juno Soundtrack
3. Tokyo Police Club
4. Amos Lee
5. Chris Walla

Sent by Benjamin Brown | 7:20 AM | 6-27-2008

So much music, so little time....
I truly dislike polls like this since most of the music i "discover" is rarely recently released, i.e. Rocket 350's Junglebilly is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites. It came out in 2000. And if Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings aren't in your collection you need to fix this oversight quickly! again, released in 2007. this year was the first time i had ever heard either of these wonderful artists. So they're 08's to me. the dust will have to settle a bit more before i can pick the top of the new for 08 i'm afraid. i've only heard a handful of those on your list anyway. i'm willing to bet there are hundreds more out there just as good and waiting for people like me, people that take a little longer when browsing and perusing for the truly good. Until then i'll contentedly mine the dusty shelves of yesteryear.

Sent by Mike Mayo | 7:34 AM | 6-27-2008

Aimee Mann-@#%&*! Smilers

Sent by Tom | 7:52 AM | 6-27-2008

Narrow Stairs - Death Cab For Cutie

Viva la Vida - Coldplay

Sent by Guy | 8:37 AM | 6-27-2008

Along with Shearwater in the list above, I'd also have to add in Sun Kil Moon's "April" as well. Two masterpieces.

Sent by Laurie | 9:16 AM | 6-27-2008

My Morning Jacket----Evil Urges

Sent by Christine D | 9:28 AM | 6-27-2008

Second posted comment here:

I forgot about Alejandro Escovedo's new one "Real Animal"

Another terrific release, and the longer I live w/it the closer I am to concluding it's his best overall record yet.

Sent by Jimmy B. | 9:37 AM | 6-27-2008

Hey there: Please tell me where is James Hunter's supremely excellent THE HARD WAY? This CD is my absolute FAVORITE of this year? C'mon NPR it's not on the list, you folks are usually on top of this buzz :).

Sent by Lazarus MacMahon | 9:48 AM | 6-27-2008

Cloud Cult's Feel Good Ghosts.... simply amazing

Sent by Krista | 9:55 AM | 6-27-2008

The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead

Sent by Puzzle | 10:06 AM | 6-27-2008

Radiohead - In Rainbows

I am pretty sure it was released January 1, 2008

although the cd came out in 2008, the music came out in October of 2007 and so i think it is fair to say that most people will think of it as a 2007 release.


Sent by Kasey Fay | 10:17 AM | 6-27-2008

I voted for three. Here's two more:

Weepies - Hideaway
Kathleen Edwards - Asking for Flowers

Seriously, the Death Cab record is doing THAT well???

Sent by Eric Baker | 10:18 AM | 6-27-2008

1. Evil Urges, by My Morning Jacket

Sent by Brad Smith | 10:30 AM | 6-27-2008

5/ Sigur Ros - Me?? su?? ?? eyrum vi?? spilum endalaust
4/ The Dodos - Visiter
3/ Girl Talk - Feed the Animals
2/ Man Man - Rabbit Habits
1/ Portishead - Third (MAYBE)

Honestly there hasn't really been anything STARTLINGLY good this year. Really I'm still listening to all my 2007 albums like crazy. Fantastic year for albums. And as far as this year, an EP has overshadowed all of the above releases: Animal Collective's Water Curses.

Sent by Alex | 10:33 AM | 6-27-2008

James Hunter "The Hard Way". End of story. Exquisite singer, excellent musician, one of the finest songwriters. Working in an old genre and without copying it. I'll be listening to this man when I'm 80. i guarantee I won't be listening to Cold Play, Death Cab for Cutie or any of today's throw away trendy best sellers. How is InXS being treated by time? Anybody rocking out to Foghat lately? James Hunter will be on playlists along side Charles Brown, James Brown, and the Beatles in 50 years.

Sent by Ben Rosow | 10:50 AM | 6-27-2008

You are missing
James Hunter - The Hard Way!!!!

Sent by Kim | 11:00 AM | 6-27-2008

The Wood Brothers, "Loaded."

Sent by Toby | 11:20 AM | 6-27-2008

why? "alopecia" is easily one of my favorites of '08 so far.

Sent by Patrick | 11:23 AM | 6-27-2008

I'd say..
Born Ruffians - Red, Yellow and Blue

Sent by Celeste | 11:25 AM | 6-27-2008

the dodos - visiter

Sent by mike cavazos | 11:43 AM | 6-27-2008

I was disappointed to not see Son Lux's "At War with Walls and Mazes." It was released early 2008 and immediately changed my life. I hope it picks up some more steam and will top the 2008 list. It will most definitely be at the top of mine. I have not found a replacement yet. Give it a spin Bob and others!

I am putting a song from that CD on the next Al Songs Considered. a Great record for sure.


Sent by Joel | 11:46 AM | 6-27-2008

Jackie Greene - Giving Up The Ghost

Sent by MT | 11:47 AM | 6-27-2008

oh your're lacking some very obvious ones. either that or i didn't pay attention to your list.

deerhunter - microcastle
f**k buttons - street horrrsing
health - health
the fall - imperial wax solvent
alex and the horribles - eponymus
atlas sound - let the blind...
beach house - devotion
no age - nouns
crystal castles - eponymous

ok. that's too much talking out of my ass for one post only.

take care!

hmmm Deerhunter doesn't come out till October or so at least I you have it?
F**k Buttons is on the could be the missing Uc that threw you. understandable.
Beach House is good record and I'm surprised not to see others voting for it. I am with you on Atlas Sound also, but maybe it's too new...

Sent by emanuel | 12:04 PM | 6-27-2008

What about Hold On Now, Youngster... by Los Campesinos!? That's a damn fine album.

Sent by Laurence | 12:05 PM | 6-27-2008

Yuck, I can't believe Death Cab For Cutie is even on here. Shame it's so far ahead, what a derived album.

1. Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
2. For Emma, Forever Ago - Bon Iver
3. Visiter - The Dodos
4. Los Campesinos! - Hold On Now, Youngster... (write-in)
5. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

Sent by James | 12:12 PM | 6-27-2008

Pershing by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Great band -

Sent by Sharon | 12:29 PM | 6-27-2008

Can I just ask where Hercules & Love Affair went?

Sent by Mike | 12:42 PM | 6-27-2008

I think Eef Barzelay's "Lose Big" ought to be up for votes. Great songs and incredible lyrics. Maybe next time?

Sent by Steve Mathias | 12:50 PM | 6-27-2008

Fire Songs - The watson twins and She & Him Vol. 1

Sent by Kristen | 12:58 PM | 6-27-2008


James Hunter's THE HARD WAY, please!


Sent by Sophia Atlas | 1:05 PM | 6-27-2008

Death Cab leads by a landslide, what a surprise. A typical slurry of navelgazing boring. Come on, people. Don't let the OC pick your soundtrack...

Sent by Dre | 1:06 PM | 6-27-2008

Perhaps no for the top album, but I was surprised the Raconteurs release wasn't even given a nod.

Sent by Andrea C. | 1:13 PM | 6-27-2008


Sent by Wholesome_Buttface | 1:30 PM | 6-27-2008

James Hunter - The Hard Way
Republic Tigers - Keep Color
Midnight Juggernauts - Dystopia

Sent by David Medsker | 2:00 PM | 6-27-2008

Islands - Arm's Way

Sent by Katina | 2:07 PM | 6-27-2008

Vampire Weekend!! That drummer is HOT!

Sent by KrisTina | 2:20 PM | 6-27-2008

I am adding my late-in-the-day nomination for Grand Archives' debut record. It's not as ambitious as, say, Shearwater, but it's gorgeous pop rock nonetheless.

Sent by John G. | 2:32 PM | 6-27-2008

Here Here, The Boy With The Orange prior The Dodo's, Visister comments will be read, but not all will be posted.

Sent by rye | 2:35 PM | 6-27-2008

Real Emotional Trash by Stephen Malkmus & Jicks. Bought it after hearing the live show on All Songs and was more than pleased. Couldn't believe it wasn't listed.

Sent by David | 2:42 PM | 6-27-2008

James Hunter - "The Hard Way"- Hit #1 on Billboard's Blues List. It is absolutely wonderful, content and quality is top-notch!

Eli Paperboy Reed - "Roll With You"
another fantastic find, get it if you don't already have it. Sweet Soul music is back.

Sent by Ava Lemert | 2:45 PM | 6-27-2008

You forgot to add James Hunters "The Hard Way". I saw him play and he's just as good live, if not better. Santogold is fab, too.

Sent by Leah | 2:45 PM | 6-27-2008

Umm.... Sun Kil Moon needs to be on that list. :/

Sent by Sean Murph | 2:55 PM | 6-27-2008

I think we have a perfect case of a popularity contest and not a best CD contest. Death Cab is most popular, but that CD is sooooo far from being the best on there. Was anyone able to listen to it more than 10 times? It is so repetitive, unoriginal, and it is one of their worst lyrically.

Bon Iver, Portishead, and VW are so refreshingly original. After 50 listens I'm still altering my opinions and interpretations. People have been brainwashed by popularity and aren't using their own brains to make an unbiased decision!!!

Sent by Matt | 2:55 PM | 6-27-2008

Seth Cohen would be proud himself.

Sent by Gabe | 3:04 PM | 6-27-2008

Cloud Cult's "Feel Good Ghosts" definitely needs to be included.
And maybe it's just me- but Eef Barzelay's "Lose Big" needs to be located by people it seems.

Sent by allison | 3:15 PM | 6-27-2008

Other than Death Cab, Bon Iver, and Elbow I would definitely go with Aimee Mann's "Smilers" and Joan as Police Woman's "To Survive". Peace out!

Sent by Shannon Savage | 3:20 PM | 6-27-2008

1. Leatherbag - Love and Harm
2. Adam Carroll - Old Town Rock and Roll
3. South Austin Jug Band - Strange Invitation
4. Kaki King - Dreaming of Revenge
5. Shotgun Party

Sent by Will V. | 3:26 PM | 6-27-2008

Kathleen Edwards "Asking For Flowers", John Hiatt's "Same Old Man", Tift Merritt's "Another Country", James McMurtry's "Just Us Kids" have all been keeping my CD players busy this year.

Sent by Jerry Hook | 3:26 PM | 6-27-2008

Though it's only been out for two weeks, My Brightest Diamond is definitely the biggest oversight here.

Sent by Beth | 3:30 PM | 6-27-2008

Where is Gary Louris' Vagabonds Album? C'mon - he is a legend and his first solo album is a gem.

Sent by David Arnold | 3:35 PM | 6-27-2008

As others have suggested, Cloud Cult's latest release should definitely be on the list!

Sent by Steven | 3:43 PM | 6-27-2008

it takes work not to love coldplay.

though i've already voted, i must say:

viva la vida!

Sent by jehan | 3:44 PM | 6-27-2008

I voted for four, my fifth would for sure be the new Girl Talk album called Feed the Animals. Can you count my vote? Go democracy.

Sent by George Martin | 4:25 PM | 6-27-2008

Thao - We Brave Bee Stings and All
one of my favorite albums definitely possibly number 1

Sent by Marcus | 4:25 PM | 6-27-2008

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down
We Brave Bee Stings and all is the album
came out in march, wonderful in a word

Sent by Marcus | 4:27 PM | 6-27-2008

April by Sun Kil Moon

Sent by justin | 4:29 PM | 6-27-2008

Mason Jennings- In the Ever?

Sent by Mark | 4:46 PM | 6-27-2008


That album, beginning to end, is the best album of the year.

Sent by Gwinn | 4:58 PM | 6-27-2008

Write-in: "Howl" by Empires.

Sent by Kat | 5:50 PM | 6-27-2008

I recently came across an album on itunes that completely blew my mind. The album is 'Asphalt Roads', by James Lanman. From start to finish, the album was astoundingly beautiful and deeply poetic. I scoured the internet to find out more about him, and he's virtually unknown! I couldn't believe it(I still can't). He's on itunes if you search 'James Lanman' and I found his myspace page.
This kid gets my vote.

Sent by Rivers Jones | 5:55 PM | 6-27-2008

Paint It Black- New Lexicon (Best Hardcore Album in a LONNNGGG time)

Sent by Brandon | 6:14 PM | 6-27-2008

James Hunter: THE HARD WAY with his insanely tight band and special guest appearances by "Nawlins" R&B GOD: Allen Toussaint. Now THIS CD is da BOMB! And should jolly well be on this list!

Sent by Adam Mersha | 6:21 PM | 6-27-2008

Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
The Morning Benders - Talking through tin cans
Jason Mraz - We sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.
Jack Johnson - Sleep Through the Static.
Juno Soundtrack

Death Cab does not make the list. While they are a fabulous band, there effort was sub par. Coldplay would be runner up - wack band, good effort. Jason and Jack made solid albums, even though there super generic.

Morning Benders and Bon Iver Deserve this thing.

Sent by Ned | 6:36 PM | 6-27-2008

Where's Aimee Mann?!!!

Sent by Mike | 8:10 PM | 6-27-2008

Circus Money
(Walter Becker).

So good, it's whack.

Sent by William B | 8:57 PM | 6-27-2008

goodbye blues by the hush sound is a fantastic album!
it may be one of the "fueled by ramen" bands, but this band has more talent than any other band on the record label!

Sent by mm. | 9:51 PM | 6-27-2008

Jackie Greene - Giving Up the Ghost

If you haven't heard it, listen and you'll add it too!

Sent by Lisa | 9:56 PM | 6-27-2008

hayes carll please!

Sent by anne | 9:59 PM | 6-27-2008

Chris Walla's "Field Manual" and Death Cab for Cutie's "Narrow Stairs" were both amazing

Sent by my name | 10:33 PM | 6-27-2008

Top 5 (in no order)
Old 97's - Blame it on Gravity
Justin Townes Earle - The Good Life
Vampire Weekend - s/t
Fleet Foxes - s/t
The Booze - Straight, No Chaser!

Sent by Jared | 10:57 PM | 6-27-2008

No Age and Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks totally need to be on this list

Sent by Marco Formosa | 11:04 PM | 6-27-2008

Kaki King - Dreaming of Revenge. Way better for my ears than 90% of the groups on the list. She is so amazing.

Sent by Jim Davis | 11:41 PM | 6-27-2008

There have been many great cds released this year, especially from relatively non mainstream musicians. JACKIE GREENE's GIVING UP THE GHOST is a must as this very talented song writer, singer, and multi instrumentalist continues to evolve and chart out his own style that blends a wide slice of great musical territory.

Sent by JAT | 12:40 AM | 6-28-2008

Gutz - Gutz
Full of energy; can't stop listening to it, literally.

Sent by Daniel | 2:14 AM | 6-28-2008

The words A, An and The are not used for alphabetrical soerting. Where the f**k did you epole go to school?

Sent by Dr Paisley | 2:21 AM | 6-28-2008

I am an obessive Magnetic Fields fan, but this album was not their strongest.

The best two albums that I've heard this year: Why?'s Alopecia and Okay's Huggable Dust. Absolutely brilliant works.

Sent by Ellie | 2:54 AM | 6-28-2008

Hold On Now, Youngster... by Los Campesinos

Sent by mike | 8:19 AM | 6-28-2008

Martha Wainwright's I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too.

Sent by Shannon | 10:18 AM | 6-28-2008

I'm glad someone suggested the objective method (play count) - checking for that reminded me of albums that I had completely forgotten. My "objective" five favorites:
1 Barry Adamson - "Back To the Cat"
2 Billy Bragg - "Mr. Love & Justice"
3 Firewater - "The Golden Hour"
4 Lightspeed Champion - "Falling Off The Lavender Bridge"
5 Elbow - "The Seldom Seen Kid"

The only issue with this objective count is that some albums are more recent and therefore received less play time. I have a feeling that the Silver Jews and My Morning Jacket albums are going to rapidly climb the rankings. The Langhorne Slim (S/T) and The Accidental ("There Were Wolves") albums are also really growing on me and have been receiving multiple plays in recent days.

Sent by Pablo | 10:58 AM | 6-28-2008

I nominate "Blame it on Gravity" by The Old 97's.

Sent by T. Hodges | 11:26 AM | 6-28-2008

I would like to add: "A Mad & Faithful Telling" - Devotchka.

Sent by Toni | 11:38 AM | 6-28-2008

Number 1 for me is Jackie Greene "Giving Up the Ghost

Sent by Jim | 11:39 AM | 6-28-2008

Sorry to do this one-at-a-time.
3rd write in: "Consolers of the Lonely" - The Raconteurs

Sent by Toni | 11:47 AM | 6-28-2008

New #1-Adem "Takes"

Stuck on repeat for the last week, with no signs of listener fatigue yet!

Sent by Tom | 11:50 AM | 6-28-2008

NARROW STARIRS!!! It was a fantastic album and a side of death cab for cutie we have never seen before. From Bixby canyon bridge all the way to the ice is getting thinner. All those songs just touched my heart it all different ways.
i also voted for the red album by weezer which is also very good
and the juno soundtrack

Sent by Danny | 11:51 AM | 6-28-2008

Please consider Tilly and the Wall's album "o." Their work has matured ("Blood Flower," "Pot Kettle Black") while still retaining the elements we have loved in
previous albums--the spirited tone and, of course, the tap dancing.

Sent by nikki | 12:35 PM | 6-28-2008

Here's another vote for Chris Walla's Field Manual. It's an instant pop classic absolutely filled with hooks. I actually like it better than Narrow Stairs. It's all I've been listening to since it came out in January.

Sent by Sean | 1:15 PM | 6-28-2008

I had easy time selecting four from list, but definite favorite release from 1st half 08 is THE GUTTER TWINS-Saturnalia

Sent by bill | 1:43 PM | 6-28-2008

I voted for Death Cab and Fleet Foxes; however, I would also add:

3. City and Colour's Bring Me Your Love

4. Matt Costa's Unfamiliar Faces
5. Ari Hest's 52 Tracks Winter compilation.

By the way, have you done any segments on Ari Hest's 52 concept? He is releasing a song a week, which is self recorded using his Apple Macbook Pro and Garageband, and people can sign up for three different programs to participate ranging from 20-70 dollars. It's more important for music's future industry than the enigma of Radiohead's release, and I would argue Hest is on to something new for independent artists.

I don't have many of the albums posted yet, and while I have Coldplay's fourth release, I wouldn't call it ground breaking or best of the year.

PS: My English teacher nerd proofreader must comment: Putting quotes around CD titles is incorrect. The correct formatting is italics.

Sent by Mike Vial | 2:16 PM | 6-28-2008

Cloud Cult isn't on the list yet!?!
Give it a spin, that is definately one of the best albums this year!
Feel Good Ghosts!

Sent by John M. | 2:18 PM | 6-28-2008

I hope another poll will be taken towards the end of the year.Lets see if any of these picks have staying power or if some of he other suggestions that were made displace our current listening habits? Love thef input. Thanks

Sent by Troy | 3:18 PM | 6-28-2008

At War With Walls & Mazes by Son Lux. Nothing short of genius... And it's a DEBUT!!

Sent by William | 3:32 PM | 6-28-2008

Lots of great CDs not included, bummer. Anyways, here is my actual top ten and then some other fun stuff. Enjoy!

1. For Emma, Forever Ago- Bon Iver (I'm counting it as coming out this year)
2. Nouns- No Age
3. The Airing Of Grievances- Titus Andronicus
4. Me?? su?? ?? eyrum vi?? spilum endalaust- Sigur Ros
5. Hercules and Love Affair- Hercules and Love Affair
6. Tha Carter III- Lil Wayne
7. At Mount Zoomer- Wolf Parade
8. Lie Down in the Light- Bonnie "Prince" Billy
9. Alegranza!- El Guincho
10. Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend

Most overrated album of the year- Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes. I mean, it's OK...

Most disappointing-
Stay Positive- the Hold Steady. Though they are one of my top 10 favorite bands of all time, this release really didn't do it for me at all. It's filled with overdone songs, which can only be done at the expense of the previously dense and wonderful lyrics. Really just disappointing for this fan.

The Odd Couple- Gnarls Barkley- I was hoping this album would be an extension of their first and a perfection of popular pop. Instead they try to get darker and "more serious" and just come out of it with a mediocre CD and a layer of pretension.

Sent by Eliot | 7:04 PM | 6-28-2008

Jackie Greene - Giving Up The Ghost

He evolves with every new album.

Sent by Michelle | 7:23 PM | 6-28-2008

Girl Talk - Feed The Animals
-granted still only a digital release. but pay what you want.
the cool kids- the bake sale ep
hercules and the love affair. self titled
the kills- midnight boom
the roots- rising down
wale - the mixtape about nothing
granted only a mixtape but this seinfeld themed mixtape is miles ahead of its competitors and running

Sent by KJ | 9:28 PM | 6-28-2008

Wolf Parade, "Kissing the Beehives whilst at Mt. Zoomza"
Stephen Malkmus, "Real Emotional Robbery"
Fleet Foxes, "Play the Everly Bros Greatest Hits"

Sent by JW Odom | 10:39 PM | 6-28-2008

Really? No Dresden Dolls? I would expect you to overlook The Matches, but no Dresden Dolls?

Sent by Scott Smith | 11:17 PM | 6-28-2008

Panic at the Disco-Pretty.Odd.

the definition of amazing =]

Sent by L. | 11:26 PM | 6-28-2008

She & Him "Volume One"
Coldplay "Viva La Vida"

By far the best two albums this year. And if we're feelin especially poppy and superficial, give katy perry's "one of the boys" a look.

Sent by Will | 11:52 PM | 6-28-2008

My fave album of the year (so far) is definitely Empires - Howl. They released it as a free download, but now you can actually buy physical copies as well.

Sent by Angel Marie | 11:59 PM | 6-28-2008

Here are my favorites so far...

1. Thee Oh Sees - The Masters Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In
2. Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
3. Plants and Animals - Parc Avenue
4. Dodos - Visiter
5. de la Mancha - Atlas **watch out for this band!

Sent by Mia Karas | 12:11 AM | 6-29-2008

I voted for
Vampire Weekend
The Raconteurs
and the Black Keys on the poll

I am casting a write in vote for that totally poppy
masterpiece by Robyn... yeah, I'm a little emabarassed but I can't stop listening

Sent by John Hise | 11:59 AM | 6-29-2008

Alejandro Escovedo's "Real Animal" should be on your list. It was released on June 24.

Sent by Scott | 12:58 PM | 6-29-2008

Two write-ins:

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks-Real Emotional Trash

Islands-Arm's Way

Sent by Suzy | 1:05 PM | 6-29-2008

Circus Money by Walter Becker is infectious. Best CD I've heard all year.

Sent by Susan | 2:07 PM | 6-29-2008

Black Mountain - In The Future
Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight
Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell
The Hold Steady - Stay Positive

Kim Novak - Luck & Accident

To be fair, Kim Novak wasn't listed so my fifth vote was Sigur Ros.

Luck & Accident is an excellent album! Kim Novak is an indie rock band based in France. From what I understand, they've been around about two years and aren't widely known in the US yet. But they're a hit in France. All of their songs are in English. Check out their Myspace.

Sent by Angie M. | 2:28 PM | 6-29-2008

also adding thao with the get down stay down- we brave bee stings and all

Sent by Allison | 2:44 PM | 6-29-2008

Back Door Slam - Roll Away
Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
Gram Rabbit - American Hookers
Steve Forbert - Strange Sensations
Best Friends - Discog

Sent by Jim "Seamus" Moran | 5:10 PM | 6-29-2008

Colin Meloy Sings Live!

Thrice - The Alchemy Index vols. 3 & 4: Air & Earth

Sent by Nicholas Reed | 5:33 PM | 6-29-2008

I voted for Fleet Foxes, Shearwater and Bon Iver. I would have voted for Basia Bulat's "Oh, My Darling" and Sigur Ros' new disc if they had been on the pick list.

Sent by Patrick | 6:37 PM | 6-29-2008

too bad i couldn't have voted for cloud cult...

Sent by dave | 7:17 PM | 6-29-2008

Giving Up the Ghost: Jackie Greene!

Sent by K8. | 7:24 PM | 6-29-2008

Mariah Carey E=MC??

Sent by Bobby | 8:43 PM | 6-29-2008

mine is E=MC2
I keep listening all day, traveling, relaxing, working or clubbing.... That all you can get on earth from a best album

Sent by thinh nguyen | 9:47 PM | 6-29-2008

Coal Beautiere's album "Fight Your Broken Heart and Fly" is beautiful- the best of the year.

Sent by Sailor | 10:05 PM | 6-29-2008

1 -- Mountain Goats, Heretic Pride
2 -- Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Dig Lazarus Dig
3 -- Plants & Animals, Parc Avenue
4 -- Dresden Dolls, No Virgina
5 -- Radiohead, The Best of Radiohead

Sent by Marcy | 10:11 PM | 6-29-2008

Why? - Alopecia is the best CD of the year so far, hands down.

Sent by Josh | 11:14 PM | 6-29-2008

"whisper war" by the cab
"rotatation" by cute is what we aim for
"raise the dead" by phantom planet

Sent by bequette | 11:52 PM | 6-29-2008

A Guide to Love, Loss, and Desperation from The Wombats is an awesome album. It came out in Oct. 2007 in the UK but just came to the US last week.

Sent by Thuy | 12:04 AM | 6-30-2008

The VA blocks your poll on Best CD, so here's my vote: Namoli Brennet - Singer Shine your Light. She is the new Tracy Chapman for her relevance.

Sent by john baringer | 12:16 AM | 6-30-2008

Hello, Voyager! ---- Evangelista

Sent by naivete's gal | 1:15 AM | 6-30-2008

Duffy - Rockferry
Monica Naranjo - Tarantula

Sent by Lioha | 2:50 AM | 6-30-2008

I scanned the entire thread (me and Bob are both workin' hard) and it seems I'm the first person who wants to write in;

We Are Scientists-Brain Thrust Mastery.

It's possible I have bad taste. I also would have written in Port O'Brien, who were awesome on a bill with SSLYBY, and I voted for Colin Meloy and Death Cab. I'm a geek, but a pop-minded geek.

Sent by T.J. | 2:53 AM | 6-30-2008

Mariah Carey - E=MC2

Duffy - Rockferry
Adele - 19
Feeling - Join With Us

Sent by Carl | 7:31 AM | 6-30-2008

1: Mariah Carey - E=mc2 , its the best "love" album of the year ! , Mariah delivers always suberb quality lyrics & music . She touches & rocks our hearts with her greatness .

Sent by ewa | 7:39 AM | 6-30-2008

Tim Fite's Fair ain't fair is amazing! Should definitely be up there....

Sent by Krista | 9:14 AM | 6-30-2008

James Hunter - The Hard Way
The Explorers Club - s/t
besides my votes for Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes & the new R.E.M.

Sent by Worth Wagers | 9:24 AM | 6-30-2008

Well, without any doubt James Hunter and the guys deserve best CD of the year for "The Hard Way" This music makes you get up and dance your feet off.Vote for James Hunter!!!

Sent by Cathy Dawson | 10:05 AM | 6-30-2008

I'd like to see The Aluminum Group's "Little Happyness" be added, but I don't think that'll be racking up the votes. I'd also like to vote for Los Campesinos!. Voted for MGMT, Fleet Foxes, and The Dodos.

Sent by Greg | 10:15 AM | 6-30-2008

Why? - Alopecia

Sent by Greg Martin | 10:37 AM | 6-30-2008


Sent by Deanna | 10:46 AM | 6-30-2008

There are some good choices up there, but for those who wrote in Foxglove Hunt, Sun Kil Moon, and Richard Swift - I totally agree ... those three have great records out! Also add to that albums by Headlights and the Brother Kite!

Sent by Kate S. | 10:51 AM | 6-30-2008

Ladytron - Velocifero
Tommy Guerrero - Return of the Bastard

Sent by Kristopher F Williams | 11:02 AM | 6-30-2008

I am stunned you lads do not have James Hunter's "The Hard Way" on your list. Have you listened to it at all? Since it's release June 10th it climbed all the way to the top of *Billboard Mag's* Blues chart and I have personally played this disc so many times I now know every single word to every single song. Dudes! Get with the program!

Sent by Nathan Mitchell | 12:35 PM | 6-30-2008

Another vote cast for The ROOTS - Rising Down!

Great Album - It should be added!

Sent by ashley | 12:51 PM | 6-30-2008

Mariah's latest album!!!

Sent by Sam | 1:08 PM | 6-30-2008

Dr. Dog's new album "Fate" will take the cake, I think.

Sent by Trevor | 1:09 PM | 6-30-2008

Dengue Fever- Venus On Earth
Chicha Libre- Sonido Amazonico

Sent by Fish | 1:23 PM | 6-30-2008

I would have to go with Mariah Carey...she has the best album again!

Sent by Michael | 2:31 PM | 6-30-2008

narrow stairs is the top album? seriously guys? this is easily the weakest album from this band to date. its sloppy at best. Lets give some less well knowns their deserved credit. "She and him", "Colin Melroy sings live", Freakin' coldplay is beneath "narrow stairs"? Thats ridiculous don't you think?

Sent by james mathis | 2:32 PM | 6-30-2008

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals!!!

Sent by Emily | 2:52 PM | 6-30-2008

Only voted for four. My write-in is Headlights "Some Racing Some Stopping."

Sent by Todd | 3:30 PM | 6-30-2008

* Beach House - Devotion
* Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Lie Down in the Light
* Grouper - Dragging a Dead Deer Up A Hill
* Birds of Maya - Vol. 1
* Rosemary Krust - Slow Light

Sent by james | 4:11 PM | 6-30-2008

I think Kaki King's Dreaming of Revenge album should be up there. Just a thought.

Sent by Luc Martin | 4:43 PM | 6-30-2008

Black Crowes- Warpaint.

How is that not on the list?!?

Sent by Joe | 5:03 PM | 6-30-2008

My favorite, by far, is Steinski: What Does It All Mean? But if that doesn't count because, choose one of any number of good reasons, then my favorite is The Magnetic Fields: Distortion.

Sent by Jacob Bailis | 5:53 PM | 6-30-2008

Circus Money by Walter Becker of Steely Dan.

The best Steely Dan album since 1980's Gaucho.

Sent by Jim | 8:33 PM | 6-30-2008

Jackie Greene - Giving Up the Ghost
Definitely amazing

Sent by Kelly | 9:35 PM | 6-30-2008

RUBE by Matt King. Fabulous! Give an Indie a break.

Sent by KWC | 10:29 PM | 6-30-2008

No Age- Nouns
Ellen Allien- Sool
Booka Shade- The Sun and the Neon Light
Autechre- Quaristice
Bonnie "Prince" BIlly- Lie Down In the Light

Sent by Mickey Bhotiwihok | 10:40 PM | 6-30-2008

Best CDs of the year so far...
Jon Foreman's seasonal eps of 2008, "Spring" and "Summer"!

Sent by Joy Hager | 10:57 PM | 6-30-2008

i've got a write in:

Nina Simone - Tell It Like It Is: Rarities & Unreleased Recordings...

Sent by Aaron Overfield | 11:04 PM | 6-30-2008

Islands - "Arm's Way"

That album is so underrated. It seems like everyone listens to the first five songs and gives up.

The Hercules and the Love Affair album is great, and the Dennis Wilson "Pacific Ocean Blue" reissue is amazing.

Sent by Ben | 12:08 AM | 7-1-2008

WHAT??? Where is James Hunter's new CD: "The Hard Way?" You gotta be kidding that it's not on this list, right? Just an oversight, eh? Gotta be--cos this CD: it's TOTALLY brilliant soup to nuts, first to last note. Cheers!

Sent by Brady Halliday | 12:22 AM | 7-1-2008

MAriah CArey E=MC2 i think its the best cd so far.. it has nice ballads n up tempo songs... 2008 its Mariah's Year!!

Sent by Frank | 12:25 AM | 7-1-2008

"Circus Money" by Walter Becker -- A truly superb album.

Sent by Stan | 12:49 AM | 7-1-2008

Walter Becker's "Circus Money" is a much-awaited 2nd release by a nearly hermetic musical genius. Walter essentially plays second fiddle to his partner, Donald Fagen, in Steely Dan. But his worldview & delightfully skewed expressionism, revealed in his creamy-smooth jazz-blues, is addictive to me & all his other fans. There are many flashier releases by bigger names, but they will fade. We will be talking about Walter's release for decades to come.

Sent by diane de rooij | 1:35 AM | 7-1-2008

Thao: We Brave Bee Stings and All
The Heavenly States: Delayer

Glad you have Frightened Rabbit on there -- brilliant.

Sent by Rooster Poodle | 2:23 AM | 7-1-2008

here's my write in:
Devendra Banhart- Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

Sent by Pati Lopez | 3:28 AM | 7-1-2008

I miss on the list the EP's of Jon Foreman...There awesome as well

Sent by Dorine | 4:39 AM | 7-1-2008

My favorites of the year (no particular order)
1) The Whigs: Mission Control
2) Gnarls Barkley: The Odd Couple
3) Thao: We Brave Bee Stings And All

I'll only list three as any 4th or 5th best album would in no way compare to the amazingness of the three listed above.

Sent by Valerie | 6:44 AM | 7-1-2008

Best CDs of the year so...........please include "Circus Money" by Walter Becker.

Sent by Debora Tucker | 7:40 AM | 7-1-2008

Write-in vote: the recently released Circus Money by Walter Becker

Sent by Joan Smith | 8:11 AM | 7-1-2008

"Circus Money" by Walter Becker

Sent by Lee Schwartz | 8:19 AM | 7-1-2008

Best CD of the year so far. Circus Money by Walter Becker

Sent by Colin | 8:31 AM | 7-1-2008


Sent by YVES | 8:33 AM | 7-1-2008

Am I going blind? I don't see LANGHORNE SLIM and the War Eagles or EEF BARZELAY on the list ... how can this be?!

Sent by Di | 8:37 AM | 7-1-2008

My write-ins, in no particular order:
1. Devotion - Beach House
2. Richard Swift as Onasis - Richard Swift
3. Midnight Boom - The Kills
4. Poisonous Times - The Old Haunts
5. A Thousand Shark's Teeth - My Brightest Diamond

Sent by Natalya | 9:14 AM | 7-1-2008

Sonny Landreth
Solomon Burke
Walter Becker

Why are these not on the list? Al Green and maybe the "Amy Winehouse infused" Duffy are the only one's on your list that I agree with.

Sent by BP | 10:01 AM | 7-1-2008

Circus Money by Walter Becker is easily the best new CD of the year, please include it.

Sent by Tony | 10:02 AM | 7-1-2008

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks- Real EMotional Trash

Sent by DK | 10:03 AM | 7-1-2008

I still think Velocifero is a pretty good record and stands really well on its own. I was torn between that and the She & Him record

Sent by Jennson | 10:04 AM | 7-1-2008

Good morning from Indy!
My vote for the best CD of '08 is Walter Becker's "Circus Money." As a rock, reggae, and jazz fan, I love this amazing album. I'm also looking forward to Mr. Winston Rodney, a.k.a. Burning Spear's, new release later this fall, "Jah is Real."

Sent by Ben Phillips | 10:06 AM | 7-1-2008

Walter Becker's "Circus Money" is absolutely amazing. Definitely worth listening to over and over again.

Sent by Andrew | 10:09 AM | 7-1-2008

The Kills - Midnight Boom

Sent by Dennis Burges | 10:19 AM | 7-1-2008

What about Blitzen Trapper?
Wild Mountain Nation was my favorite album of the year--the title song is great.

Sent by Zach Wilson | 10:23 AM | 7-1-2008

Jeb Loy Nichols - Days Are Mighty

Sent by Paul Fassbender | 11:17 AM | 7-1-2008

My first two favorite CDs so far in 2008 are not on your list:
1. Ilya Monosov - Seven Lucky Plays, Or How to Fix Songs for a Broken Heart
2. Flogging Molly - Float

Sent by KEC | 11:26 AM | 7-1-2008

write ins:
*Silver Jews- Lookout Mountain Lookout Sea
*El Guincho - Alegranza
*Hercules & Love Affair- Hercules & Love Affair
*Crystal Castles- Crystal Castles
and while it's up there, I didn't want to type in only one vote... I'd like to see all 4 of these others up there.
*Portishead- Third

Sent by John Moore | 11:29 AM | 7-1-2008

Circus Money by Walter Becker should definitely be on the list. My top cd so far this year. Great music, production and sound.

Sent by Johan | 11:53 AM | 7-1-2008

Aimee Mann-@#%&*! Smilers. Impossible to imagine a record I will like better this year, or any year for that matter.

Sent by John Alberti | 12:05 PM | 7-1-2008

I've really enjoyed She & Him's "Volume One." It's somewhat retro and full of catchy tunes. Zooey's voice seems ultra simplistic at first, but ends up being more complex than your first listen. I also liked Sigur Ros' album - I don't understand what they are saying, but it makes me feel "worldly!"

Sent by Carianne Jenkins | 12:45 PM | 7-1-2008

Virginia Coalition - Home This Year.

Better than anything on that list.

There is so much more music other than the name brand claptrap up there. Go visit a local music store!

Sent by kat | 1:27 PM | 7-1-2008

I simply cannot believe that Arm's Way (Advance) by Islands was not included in this list. It would definitely be my number one.

Sent by Andy | 1:31 PM | 7-1-2008

Walter Becker's Circus Money. Absolutely stellar.

Sent by Ian Chapman | 1:31 PM | 7-1-2008

Both Langhorne Slim (self-titled) and Lose Big by Eef Barzelay have my vote. Both spectacular albums.

Sent by TG | 1:33 PM | 7-1-2008

Jon Foreman Fall/winter/spring/summer

Sent by Deborah | 2:06 PM | 7-1-2008

You should add the 4 EP's done by Jon Foreman Titled Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. They are great and this list will benefit from them greatly.

Sent by Brendan | 2:08 PM | 7-1-2008

Liam Finn's "I'll Be Lightning"

Sent by Jared M | 2:20 PM | 7-1-2008

I chose:

Hot Chip, 'Made in the Dark'
The Last Shadow Puppets, 'Age of the Understatement'
Vampire Weekend, 'Vampire Weekend'

I'd like to add:

Atlas Sound, 'Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel'
Grand Archives, 'The Grand Archives'

Sent by Jeff | 3:09 PM | 7-1-2008


What about John Hiatt's "Same Old Man?" It's his best since "Bring the Family."

Sent by Mike Barzacchini | 4:00 PM | 7-1-2008

i cant see the list :S tho for me my top 5 would be:
1. Pretty.Odd. by Panic at the disco
2. Goodbye Blues by The Hush Sound
3. Whisper War by The Cab
4. Rotation by Cute Is What We Aim For
5. Viva la vida by Coldplay

Sent by RoxyUrieFarroBlaise | 4:23 PM | 7-1-2008

Definitely The Golden Hour by Firewater. Excellent live show supporting the album as well.

Sent by Woody H | 4:24 PM | 7-1-2008

yeasayer, MGMT, cloud cult, and the dodos.

Sent by mmmm | 4:40 PM | 7-1-2008

The best cds of the year so far are Jon Foreman's Spring and Summer eps!

Sent by Joy | 5:45 PM | 7-1-2008

Firewater's The Golden Hour is a great new one. Best they've done in a while.

Sent by Too Much Sake Man | 5:52 PM | 7-1-2008

Mariah's E=MC !!!!!
MARIAH CAREY forever!!!

Sent by ???????????? | 6:32 PM | 7-1-2008

seriously, I need to add
Lykke Li - Youth Novels

Sent by joseph warren | 6:32 PM | 7-1-2008

Write in votes:
These United States and The Weepies
to go along with:
My Morning Jacket, Frightened Rabbit, and The Black Keys

Sent by bofankles | 6:37 PM | 7-1-2008

Especially during this lovely warm summer we are having, I'm absolutely shocked I don't see French Kicks new album Swimming on anybody s list.

Sent by Ryan Walker | 6:37 PM | 7-1-2008

James Hunter's "The Hard Way"
It is truly EXCELLENT from the first track to the last note!

Sent by Lynn Sharp | 6:53 PM | 7-1-2008

In addition to Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend, and Fleet Foxes, I'd like to write in: Beach House--Devotion and Bonnie "Prince" Billy--Lie Down in the Light.

Sent by ian | 7:21 PM | 7-1-2008

I luv E=MC2, it is brilliant. I can't stop listeining to it, especially 'Cruise Control', 'O.O.C' and 'I stay in love'. The best album this year by far!

Sent by Sal | 7:48 PM | 7-1-2008

Write In:

The Waybacks: Loaded

A priceless jam-band comes out with a terrific, polished album with some interesting things to say (along with some of their signature goofing around).

Sent by S. Rosche | 7:59 PM | 7-1-2008

Jackie Greene, "Giving Up the Ghost" must be added!

Sent by mary | 9:54 PM | 7-1-2008

M83 'Saturdays=Youth'
Sun Kil Moon 'April'
Atlas Sound 'Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel'
Portishead 'Third'
This Will Destroy You 'S/T'

Sent by Christopher Joy | 10:43 PM | 7-1-2008

-Write in-
1) Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - Real Emotional Trash

Sent by TB | 11:29 PM | 7-1-2008

ooh, a plug for the hymns, "travel in herds." they're groovy!

Sent by jehan | 11:56 PM | 7-1-2008

Yes. I listen to NPR all the time. I love the eclectic musc they play. So far, I've enjoyed MGMT and Walter Meego. Still, I have to cast my vote for Mariah Carey's E=MC2 as the best CD of the year (so far).

Sent by Steven Brian | 12:48 AM | 7-2-2008

Black Mountain and Crystal Castles!

Sent by Amy | 2:44 AM | 7-2-2008

The two best albums that have gotten me through this year:

The National - Boxer

dEUS - Vantage Point (a band you guys should check out in any case!)


Sent by mellabee | 2:58 AM | 7-2-2008

E=MC2 is the best
i had always listening this album
especially I WISH U WELL N I`ll bE LOVIN U LONG TIME it`s really emotional

Sent by Rendi | 3:07 AM | 7-2-2008

Another vote for Martha Wainwright's 'I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too'. Gorgeous.

Sent by jen | 8:10 AM | 7-2-2008

Death in June - "The Rule of Thirds"
Bird Names - "Wooden Lake/Sexual Diner"

Sent by daniel | 9:49 AM | 7-2-2008

Firewater "The Golden Hour"

Sent by Axel | 9:58 AM | 7-2-2008

Walter Becker - Circus Money.

Sent by Chris | 10:45 AM | 7-2-2008

Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs
Angels and Airwaves - I-Empire 07/08
Juno soundtrack was pretty cool too...

Sent by Jay Crouch | 10:59 AM | 7-2-2008

sun kil moon - april
presets - apocalypso

Sent by nick | 12:05 PM | 7-2-2008

aimee mann, @#%&*! smilers

Sent by dave | 12:07 PM | 7-2-2008

I vote for Firewater and Death Cab for Cutie.

Sent by Yvonne | 1:11 PM | 7-2-2008

Eef Barzelay - Lose Big
gotta put a vote in for that.

Sent by chad | 1:12 PM | 7-2-2008

Alopecia - Why?
Wolves and Wishes - Dosh
The Foley Room - Amon Tobin
In Field and Town - Hayden
Yeah - newageynofriends

Sent by colin | 1:29 PM | 7-2-2008

The new albums by The Weepies and Jason Collett are definitely in my top five - both better than their previous releases...

Sent by Kriz | 1:51 PM | 7-2-2008

TOKYO POLICE CLUB all the way --- why are they so underrated. I think it might be because their image isn't right? Are they not hipster enough? Too cutesy and young? I only say this because I have overheard conversations idicating such predjudice.

Meanwhile, Vampire Weekend... yeah, they're great... but not THAT great.. not #1 great, which it looks as though they will be. I like about half of their songs a LOT and end up skipping past the rest because the Paul Simon influence is just too much for me and some of their songs are just too repetitive. I think they are a bit overrated. Sorry.

(Waits for the onslaught of insults and hurled eggs).

Sent by Laura | 2:47 PM | 7-2-2008

I definitely would consider My Brightest Diamond's newest "A Thousand Shark's Teeth" as one of my top 5.

Sent by Judah M | 2:48 PM | 7-2-2008

Voted for Vampire Weekend and My Morning Jacket. I was looking for Sun Kil Moon and Kathleen Edwards (My favorite song of the year for "I Make the Dough You Get the Glory") to add. I managed to stay away from the hype surrounding Vampire Weeknd and as a result, when I heard it, I just found myself being consistently surprised by the music and the directions they take.

Sent by Jay | 3:43 PM | 7-2-2008

I have a comment for what should not be on there. I know it is probably leading the votes, but I HATED the Vampire Weekend album. I tried so hard to like it because it had sooooo much hype, but in the end I could not. People raved about the witty lyrics and afro rhythms, but for one I don't care about the cheesy, uninspired lyrics by some kids from Cape Cod. Honestly, not that good. And as far as Afro-pop influences, just listen to the new Extra Golden album. Now that is good Afro-pop. I was also unimpressed with their SNL performance. Again I gave them an honest try, but their keys player (speaking as one myself) looked how I hope I never look. He looked bored to be there, did not ad much to the songs, and sucked the energy off the stage. Just my opinion, there is so much love for the album, I though the other side should have a voice. On the positive some of the guitar melodies are catchy, but it ends there.

Sent by Nathan Retzer | 3:56 PM | 7-2-2008

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

Flobots - Fight with Tools

Sent by jacob w | 3:57 PM | 7-2-2008

So far I like (in no particular order):
Langhorne Slim - 'Langhorne Slim'
Hayes Carll - 'Trouble in Mind'
Justin Townes Earle - 'The Good Life'
Jonathan Byrd - 'The Law & the Lonesome'
The Weepies - 'Hideaway'

Hey, I'm pro-folk and I vote!

Sent by Ed | 3:58 PM | 7-2-2008

Sigur Ros
Nada Surf
My Morning Jacket

These are my choices, although as someone already said, time is short and music is too much....So I don't know many of the CDs you mentioned.

Sent by dalia | 4:27 PM | 7-2-2008

ugh .. so much Girl Talk.

get a life.

Sent by daniel | 5:19 PM | 7-2-2008

Vampire Weekend is the most unoriginal thing I have ever heard, I am shocked that it is on this list at all.

Sent by Woodman | 5:22 PM | 7-2-2008

Write in: Circus Money - Walter Becker

Sent by Jon Yates | 5:24 PM | 7-2-2008

Vampire Weekend isn't the worst thing on the planet.. it's just the curse of hype. I heard it and thought it was very decent yet bland. It sounded like a new take on ska music to me.

It's sad how much music gets so tame when cocaine is popular... thumbing through my hipster friends record's and finding Peter Gabriel records ... sigh.

Sent by daniel | 5:37 PM | 7-2-2008

Ratatat - LP3
Cassettes Won't Listen - Small-Time Machine
Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals
Los Campesinos - Hold On Now, Youngster
Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago

Sent by Dakota | 5:48 PM | 7-2-2008

I'd like to add:

Foals - Antidotes
French Kicks - Swimming
Born Ruffians - Red, Yellow and Blue

There's still a lot that I haven't yet gotten around to listen to. I'm looking forward to getting the new Wolf Parade album. I slept on the last one, and I'm only now coming around. Won't let it happen this time.

Sent by doreen | 6:19 PM | 7-2-2008

Don't be fooled by music writers who can't step beyond their own personal obssessions with Bob Dylan to really listen to any song of Jakob Dylan's. Seeing Things is brilliant. Eef Barzelay's Lose Big and Sera Cahoone's Only as the Day is Long also make my top five.

Sent by Britt | 6:34 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty. Odd. - Panic At the Disco

Sent by ida | 6:40 PM | 7-2-2008

okay... where's Black Lungs, City and Colour, Protest The Hero... Cancer Bats. those all should be there.

Sent by Blake | 7:09 PM | 7-2-2008

Sara Bareilles "Little Voice" should be considered. I can listen to that cd all the way through over and over.

Sent by me | 7:18 PM | 7-2-2008

I voted for:
Death Cab For Cutie
Nine Inch Nails
Panic at the Disco
and Weezer
but I'm so suprised Carrie's album "Carnival Ride" wasn't there

Sent by Julianne S. | 7:26 PM | 7-2-2008

@Matt Gallivan
Viva la Vida is on there.

Sent by Brandon Olsen | 7:28 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic at the Disco. Pretty Odd. All the WAY. Best concert I have evr een to. Best of luck you guys!

Sent by Samantha Brown | 7:41 PM | 7-2-2008


Sent by TRACY | 7:41 PM | 7-2-2008

Tokio Hotel's Scream (american version)

Sent by ben case | 7:45 PM | 7-2-2008

panic at the disco don't have the exclamation mark in their name anymore, idiots.

Sent by katie | 7:47 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic! at the Disco, is ths best CD of the far! Listen to it...

Sent by Jesse | 7:49 PM | 7-2-2008

GO PANIC! they definitly deserve it

Sent by jazmine | 7:49 PM | 7-2-2008

i say:

1. Panic at the Disco- "Pretty. Odd.", there was a lot of thought put into the album, it was very creative and catchy, and there was even a lot of thought put into the name of the album (the periods are there for a double entendre).

2. The Raconteurs- "Consolers of the Lonely"
good classic rock album, and i heard that it was made within weeks or even days and released without telling their record label, so there was practically no advertisement for it.

3 Coldplay- "Viva La Coldplay"
good album. reminds me of U2 a little, very catchy, and seems like it would have taken a long time to write.

Sent by Zac Jones | 7:56 PM | 7-2-2008

Wooo panics in 2nd place...i bet theyll get first though :]

Sent by Sarah (pretty freaking odd!) | 7:57 PM | 7-2-2008

Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer EPs by Jon Foreman. The EPs are brilliant and definitely should be on the list.

Sent by AmyLynne | 7:57 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic at the disco's Pretty. Odd. Is sure to win.
I voted for them ^_^

Sent by Melissa. | 8:00 PM | 7-2-2008

Jon Foreman's seasonal EPs, Spring and Summer deserve to be up there. They're amazing. By far the best of 2008. (Fall and Winter were 2007 and they were amazing too)

Sent by Kelsey | 8:00 PM | 7-2-2008


Sent by J.STAR | 8:01 PM | 7-2-2008

PANIC PANIC PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Hally | 8:09 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic at the Disco - Pretty.Odd.

is the absolute best albumn in the world

Sent by Gen | 8:11 PM | 7-2-2008

I've really been enjoying Cloud Cult's "Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes)" for a while now. The lead's voice is touch-and-go sometimes, but the smart lyrics and swelling music bring it home for me.

Sent by Jeff | 8:11 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty Odd-Panic!At The Disco

Sent by Hannah | 8:12 PM | 7-2-2008

need to ad one
Riot !
deffinately need to be up there

Sent by liz | 8:15 PM | 7-2-2008

I had to choose 5 from the list, but had it been on the list my No. 1 choice would have been "Non-consensual Love Songs" by We Like'em Firm

Sent by Bill Ford | 8:27 PM | 7-2-2008

panic at the disco- pretty. odd.
good luck guys, i think you really deserve it.

Sent by becky | 8:32 PM | 7-2-2008

panic at the disco - pretty. odd. good work guys, you really worked hard and it shows. lets get to 4,000!?

Sent by becky | 8:33 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty Odd- Panic at the Disco

Sent by Francisco | 8:38 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic's Pretty. Odd. all the way =]
I don't think there's one band on that list who almost totally changed their genre in their new album besides Panic, and they should get MAJOR props for it.
Besides, they're just an amazing band all together. Pretty. Odd. makes you happy, and that's what music should do to you =D

Sent by Sarah | 8:39 PM | 7-2-2008


Sent by julie | 8:39 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic at the disco-pretty odd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Ferkzha Robles | 8:41 PM | 7-2-2008

The best album is winning so far!
Panic is the best! they have grown with all of it's fans and
it will keep getting more fans
day by day
because the music the lyrics
it's just soo inspiring

i love panic! i love them!

Panic AT The Disco! rocks! 100%

specially brendon urie! <3

Sent by natali | 8:42 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic at the disco- pretty odd
(because they re so youngs to make good music, the drums of pretty odd sound like the who(listen madd as rabbits and you can herre that potential)

Sent by Sandra | 8:46 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic at the disco- Pretty.odd
Viva la vida-coldplay
Vampire weekend-vampire weeekend

Sent by Danny Chang | 8:52 PM | 7-2-2008

No, Virginia - The Dresden Dolls

Sent by Jesse | 8:57 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic At The Disco all the way!!!!!1 Vote for them or die lol

Sent by leslie | 8:59 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic At The Disco Pretty.Odd es genial :D

Sent by Blen | 9:00 PM | 7-2-2008

The Cool Kids-The Bake Sale
Ghostland Observatory-Robotique Majestique

Sent by John | 9:01 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic At The Disco - Pretty.Odd

Sent by Damarys | 9:04 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty Odd - Panic At The Disco

Sent by Debbie | 9:06 PM | 7-2-2008

1. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
2. M83 - Saturdays=Youth
3. Hercules & Love Affair - S/T
4. Fleet Foxes - S/T
5. Lykke Li - Youth Novels

Sent by sean | 9:08 PM | 7-2-2008

1. Panic at the Disco- Pretty Odd
2.Juno Soundtrack
3. Escape the Fate- Dying is your latest Fashion

Sent by Mary Cassella | 9:08 PM | 7-2-2008

Where's the new Counting Crows? Radiohead maybe?

Sent by Nick | 9:17 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty. Odd. - Panic At The Disco
definately the best so far

but im also loving MGMT's album
and Lil' Wayne's

Sent by Irene | 9:24 PM | 7-2-2008

empires - "HOWL"

pretty amazing album :)

Sent by Yin | 9:25 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco

fer sher<3

Sent by Ashley | 9:31 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic At The Disco - Pretty Odd :]]

Sent by Giovanna | 9:34 PM | 7-2-2008

Carlene Carter - "Stronger" but most importantly, Alejandro Escovedo - "Real Animal". Get it and get this guy on the map!

Sent by Doug Sawyer | 9:42 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty. Odd. by Panic At The DIsco all the way.....there my fav. band.

Sent by monica | 9:54 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic At The Disco- "Pretty.Odd" !!!!!!!!!


Sent by Audrey | 9:55 PM | 7-2-2008

Best CD in the world!
I'm sure it is going to be the winner!

Sent by Laura | 10:01 PM | 7-2-2008

You should have considered putting Robert Plant and Alison Krauss's "Raising Sand" on the list, though there were more than enough for me to choose.

None of ones I voted for are winning:
Vampire Weekend
Tokyo Police Club
Nada Surf
Sigur Ros
The Black Keys, etc., etc.

We all know who will be the champion----Death Cab of course.

Sent by Ashley Parks | 10:08 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic At The Disco's Pretty. Odd. is definately the best this year, in my opinion :)
I looooove those boys <3

Sent by Hannah | 10:09 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty. Odd~Panic at the Disco

If I was stranded on an island and could only bring one CD with me it would be this one!

Sent by Nicole | 10:15 PM | 7-2-2008

pretty. odd by panic at the disco
=] they r so freakin awesome!

Sent by sha | 10:23 PM | 7-2-2008

YES!!! panic all the way!
were finally gonna win.
im soo happy.
best band ever.
wooo hooo!

Sent by Taylor | 10:23 PM | 7-2-2008

Yay, Panic are winning!!! :D

Sent by Grace | 10:24 PM | 7-2-2008

girl on fire's "nowhere and everywhere

Sent by Garrison | 10:25 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty.Odd.-Panic at the Disco :))
write in::
Phantom Planet-Raise The Dead

Sent by Kayleigh | 10:28 PM | 7-2-2008

okay. can i just say. HELLO? disturbed new album????!?! where is it

Sent by dan | 10:32 PM | 7-2-2008

end it now panic won

Sent by Nate | 10:33 PM | 7-2-2008

Best Album in the World -- -

Pretty. Odd. -- Panic At The Disco

End Of Story.

Sent by Andrea | 10:35 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic at the Disco for sure (:

#1 !

Sent by Alyssa R | 10:35 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty. Odd.- Panic at the Disco

Sent by Valerie | 10:42 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty. Odd. by Panic at the Disco, most definately my favorite of this year, or any year. I've never heard anything like it. These guys deserve to win. Not only do they make fantastic music, but they're just down to earth, nice people. Its an amazing album and i'll be so happy if they win.

I do have one write-in, Raise the Dead by Phantom Planet. Thats a really great album too.

Sent by Lillianna | 10:46 PM | 7-2-2008

This is a write in. I think that( even though it's not out yet) the album"The Black Parade is Dead" by My Chemical Romance should be added to the list. i voted you panic at the disco and the hush sound, they are by far the best bands up there. not many have heard of the hush sound though

Sent by Cory Hika | 10:58 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic at the Disco is my all time favorite band. I love the music, I love the style, but most of all this family dosn't call fags, because they don't know they used to wear makeup! Haha:)

Sent by Alyssa Urie | 10:59 PM | 7-2-2008

Pretty.Odd.--->Panic At The Disco

All the way!

Sent by sharu | 10:59 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic at the Disco's Pretty.Odd.
was absolutely amazing =]

Sent by Dia | 11:01 PM | 7-2-2008

The cd "Pretty Odd" by Panic @ the Disco kept my mom grounded and sane in the hospital she was in for a few weeks, for that I think Panic @ the Disco is one of the greatest bands!! They practically saved her life; she was at a very weak spot and they kept her happy!!

Sent by Justin Edwards | 11:09 PM | 7-2-2008

no Panic at the Disco cd Pretty.Odd. is my vote for the best cd of the year. All the songs on there are awesome. we waited 2 years for their next cd. and it was worth the wait.

Sent by marissa | 11:15 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic At The Disco- Pretty Odd

Sent by Lissette | 11:18 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic at the Disco and Vampire Weekend no question.
Add to the list N.E.R.D.'s "Seeing Sounds"

Sent by D | 11:21 PM | 7-2-2008

Ya go Pnaic at the disco!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoo! I love them and so far they are winning by a long shot come on guys and gals pic PATD and they wont let you down

Sent by UNLOVABLE | 11:33 PM | 7-2-2008

I would add the Adem Album "Takes" to the top of my list for 2008. And David Ford's "Songs for the Road"

Sent by Nico | 11:36 PM | 7-2-2008

Panic At The Disco!
is wonderfully wonderful

Sent by Danielle | 11:37 PM | 7-2-2008

MGMT, Hot Chip, Sigur R??s, Vampire Weekend, and Coldplay.

Definitely not Panic at the Disco...

Sent by Giullian | 11:56 PM | 7-2-2008

pretty odd by panic at the disco. I definately think that's the best album on here.

Sent by margaret | 12:03 AM | 7-3-2008

Haha OMG! Panic's doing great!!! =D

Haha they're the best band with the best CD's yet :P

Sent by Danii.Demoliition.x | 12:07 AM | 7-3-2008

Pretty Odd by Panic At The Disco
- is the best album this year.
I like lots of the albums mentioned, but I L-O-V-E love Pretty ODD!!! I felt compelled to learn all the lyrics, and go see them on the Honda Civic Tour, where I danced my hind quarters entirely off my body<3 i was not moved to learn anyone else's lyrics, nor go see their concerts...
I liked The Ting-Tings album, "We Started Nothing" also, but I didn't see it mentioned.

Sent by Sandi | 12:13 AM | 7-3-2008

Beach House - Devotion?

Sent by Misael Soto | 12:14 AM | 7-3-2008

panic at the disco is in the lead.
they rock.

Sent by taylor | 12:32 AM | 7-3-2008


Sent by angie | 12:37 AM | 7-3-2008

Pretty.Odd.-Panic At The Disco

Sent by Georgia | 12:40 AM | 7-3-2008

Pretty. Odd. By Panic at the disco. Lyrics are so profound. Its hands down the best

Sent by Erica | 12:41 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the Disco- "Pretty.Odd"

Sent by stephanie | 12:44 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the disco is going to win haha

Sent by Alison | 12:47 AM | 7-3-2008


Sent by GABRIELLE LOPEZ | 12:47 AM | 7-3-2008

panic at the gisco is the best band ever!!!!!!

Sent by robert badillo | 12:54 AM | 7-3-2008

The best album of the year so far by far
is Mono in VCF - Mono in VCF. Unbelievable record!

This band deserves better.

Sent by Aaron | 12:55 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the disco all the way
They deserve to win
That is like the best cd ever lol
So yes thats all who i voted for

Sent by Lexi | 12:56 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the Disco 'Pretty.Odd.'

Sent by Courtney | 1:00 AM | 7-3-2008

woo-hoo panic at the disco!!!!

Sent by Aseret Sperry | 1:18 AM | 7-3-2008


it's my favorit cd so far of this year!

Sent by Bridgette goodman | 1:22 AM | 7-3-2008

panic at the disco-pretty odd

Sent by Bridgette goodman | 1:50 AM | 7-3-2008

Umm...has anyone heard Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears' Flight of the Knife? Greatabulous.

Sent by David | 1:56 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the Disco.
ALL THE WAY!! Best album, of the year. Ever!!

Sent by J. | 2:01 AM | 7-3-2008

ohh yeah they are the bestt!


Sent by Nicky | 2:09 AM | 7-3-2008

Pretty Odd- Panic at the disco

Sent by Claudia | 2:13 AM | 7-3-2008

umm ya. where is cloud cult's "feel good ghosts" that should be up there!

Sent by theresa | 3:13 AM | 7-3-2008




Sent by Chelsea Rose | 3:28 AM | 7-3-2008

I love panic at the disco!
pretty odd is just so perfect!
panic is just perfect!

Sent by Barbara | 3:56 AM | 7-3-2008

So far I like 1) Ronny Elliott (Jalopypaint), 2) Drive by Truckers, 3) Daniel Lanois (Here is what is - the DVD is also great), 4) Emmylou Harris (All I intended to be), and 5) The Old 97's. Coldplays new CD has a few great songs and I love it, but it lacks depth (for lack of a better word - as I just skip over to the same 2-3 songs). Unfortunatley, I havent heard many of the CDs listed, so my list is based on what I've heard.

Sent by Jeff Hutchinson | 4:13 AM | 7-3-2008

patd- preety.odd.

Sent by rai | 4:18 AM | 7-3-2008's a shame the Panic ATD stans have taken over this poll...

Sent by Ivan | 4:26 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic! at the disco-Pretty odd

Sent by Bianca | 5:09 AM | 7-3-2008

&& Tokio Hotel <3

Sent by Bianca | 5:10 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic At The Disco is winning for a lot of difference. They're going to win, or at least I hope.

Sent by SaA~ | 5:22 AM | 7-3-2008

Pretty.Odd. should of been called Beautifully.Odd. Because it is by far the best albim I own..let alone what I've heard all year!!!
it's one of those albums you just can't help but become addicted to!!
I'm so happy that Panic decided to try something different.
It really did pay off!!

Thankyou Panic


Sent by Seana | 5:30 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic At The disco.
Enough Said.
No explanation needed :)

Sent by Stinky | 7:06 AM | 7-3-2008

panic at the disco
no explanation needed:):)
patd 4 eva xxxxxxxxxx

Sent by diana | 7:21 AM | 7-3-2008


Sent by Juh. | 7:59 AM | 7-3-2008

"Elliot Minor" isn't on here :( its deffo my favourite album this year, love it, althought Pretty Odd comes very close, it gets my vote

Sent by Laura | 9:21 AM | 7-3-2008

Pretty.Odd. By Panic At The Disco

Sent by katrina | 9:22 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the Disco!!!

Sent by Payge | 9:31 AM | 7-3-2008

deffo vote for panic!
what a wicked album...permenantly in my car stereo!! =]

Sent by Hanna! | 9:49 AM | 7-3-2008


Sent by Ziessel | 9:51 AM | 7-3-2008

panic at the disco's new album is amazing! everyone should for for it!

if you havent heard it or thought there first album sucked listen to the new one and you will be in for a plesent surprize!

Sent by mandy | 9:52 AM | 7-3-2008

yes!!!!!! ha ha!!! PANIC AT THE DISCO ROCKS!!!!! i so no they are ganna win... ??? luv ya guyz! :p ???

Sent by panic at the disco freak | 9:53 AM | 7-3-2008

Yahh Panic! At The Disco's CD Pretty Odd was amazing!!!!! I'm just wondering y u didn't have some other Decay Dance/Fueled By Ramen artists?

Anyway P!ATD 4 lyfe!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Aiya | 10:06 AM | 7-3-2008

Two are definitely missing:
Slut "Still No 1" and
British Sea Power "Do You Love Rock Music?"

Sent by Nico Gross | 10:21 AM | 7-3-2008

I think the new comer Glint definetly needs a nod when your talking about best album of the year. Top to bottom i'm almost ready to consider there album "Sound in Silence" one of my top 5 albums "ever". If you haven't heard them yet then you really need to. They are the best Space Rock band i have ever heard.

Sent by Yuckers | 10:34 AM | 7-3-2008

I have a hard time believing that 6,560 tear-stained emo kids even know what NPR is. I sense a little polling here on the part of Panic At the Disco.

Sent by MDR | 10:35 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the disco - Pretty.Odd!!!


Sent by Yohana | 10:57 AM | 7-3-2008

everyone who likes panic vote for them

Sent by jackie | 10:57 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the Disco!=D
Pretty.Odd. is one of the most amazing albums ever!=]

Sent by Stefani | 11:06 AM | 7-3-2008

I'm a Panic fan because the lyrics are great, the songs are catchy and seriously, have you heard anything like it before in your life?

They definitely get my vote, although The Hush Sound come a close second, I do love their music too.

Fingers crossed Panic (Y)

Mucho Love xxx

Sent by NicoleNERD | 11:13 AM | 7-3-2008

I voted for four on the list, as well as Alejandro Escovedo's great "Real Animal", which is one of the very best albums of the year, even if you guys don't seem to know it...!

Sent by Carlos R. Pastrana | 11:15 AM | 7-3-2008

Panic At The Disco!!! ???
Pretty. Odd. should definatley win! Panic is the best thing that has happened to music in a long time! ???

Sent by Kylnn ??? | 11:39 AM | 7-3-2008

Cyndi Lauper - Bring Ya to the Brink

it's brilliant! check it out!

Sent by mw | 11:53 AM | 7-3-2008

I'm kinda offended that Panic is voted for so highly...

Personnaly the energy in Sigur Ros new album blew my mind. So its my only pick so far this year.

Sent by Eben | 11:57 AM | 7-3-2008

cat power a fuuuuuuull

Sent by cam | 11:58 AM | 7-3-2008

Pretty.Odd. - Panic At The Disco all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sent by Makenzie | 12:24 PM | 7-3-2008


Sent by Cc | 12:41 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic At The Disco.
Pretty. Odd.
I love this {some hippie} music. ;D

Sent by Czubkolandia.182. | 12:43 PM | 7-3-2008

Pretty.Odd. By Panic At The Disco
is the most phenomenal album this year. Panic At The Disco is the next Big One in my opinion.

Sent by Jordi | 12:53 PM | 7-3-2008

panic at the disco
pretty .odd is amazing !!!!

Sent by jenii | 12:56 PM | 7-3-2008

The Supreme Genius of King Khan and The Shrines

Sent by Jason Conny | 1:04 PM | 7-3-2008

Kathleen Edwards - Asking for Flowers - Definitely her strongest record in a catalog of pretty amazing records.

Sent by Casey | 1:07 PM | 7-3-2008

Goodbye Blues by The Hush Sound

Sent by MATTTATATATA | 1:10 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the Disco - Pretty.Odd.
Yee! :D

Sent by Alex | 1:17 PM | 7-3-2008

panic all the way


Sent by Tom Nascone | 1:23 PM | 7-3-2008

WOOOOOOHHH!!! GO PANIC!!! ooohh!!! they rule...*sigh* :D

Sent by Steph | 1:28 PM | 7-3-2008

panics gonna
win by a long shot
*yay!* :D
i love Pretty. Odd.

Sent by i wish my name was marie (: | 1:30 PM | 7-3-2008

1. The Dodos - Visiter
2. Kathleen Edwards - Asking for Flowers
3. Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight
4. The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead
5. My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges

Sent by Casey | 1:31 PM | 7-3-2008

another vote for Cloud Cult "Feel-Good Ghosts" here... by far my favorite of the year!!!

Sent by dave sanderling | 1:32 PM | 7-3-2008

Pretty.Odd. definately the best!!!
Viva Panic!

Sent by Michu | 1:34 PM | 7-3-2008

I really can't believe how many votes Death Cab for Cutie's new album has. For all the hype this band gets you'd expect good music from them, a group who's sound has supposedly "matured" into something great over the years. Blah, quite the opposite.
And Juno soundtrack? Wow... Why is that even on the list?

Sent by MT | 1:42 PM | 7-3-2008

Really Panic at the disco I mean there good but not that good.I would say the awesomeness on this list is She and Him and Flight of the conchords.

Sent by Mrs.Lovett | 1:46 PM | 7-3-2008

did "Sam's Town" by The Killers not come out this year? if it has, then it's not on the list.

Sent by Shana | 2:01 PM | 7-3-2008

I'd have to throw in votes for:

1. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
2. Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs
3. Girl Talk - Feed The Animals
4. The Hold Steady - Stay Positive
5. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into

Also, all the Panic at the Disco love seems in bad taste. It's an okay album, but the influx of kids coming in only to vote for them seems a little... off.

Sent by Justin | 2:10 PM | 7-3-2008

to mdr -- Panic -- not just for emo kids anymore:

Sent by Chris | 2:25 PM | 7-3-2008

Without a doubt Pretty.Odd by Panic at the disco.

Sent by chlo | 2:26 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the Disco- Pretty. Odd.
Their sound is inspiring and moving from both A Fever You Can't Sweat Out and Pretty. Odd.
They win the hearts of many and continue to gain weight (in the good sense of course xD) and give fans the freedom to open their minds to a new style. A lot of people don't usually listen to Panic's new style, but they brought the attention to thousands and maybe even millions. ;]
People, Panic at the Disco is just inspiring and different. I believe they are the ones who deserve this... in my opinion (and 7,177 ((as far as it stands now)) others).
Things have changed for me...

Sent by Jessica | 2:30 PM | 7-3-2008

JASON COLLETT, Here's to being here or THE DODOS, The Visiter.

Sent by Anna | 2:34 PM | 7-3-2008

Things are shaping up to be PRETTY.ODD.
(I would put exclamation point in there but you know, what's gone is gone :P.)

Sent by Isiik | 2:36 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the Disco - Pretty. Odd.

Sent by Aeron | 2:41 PM | 7-3-2008

Pretty. Odd. All the way.

Gooooo P@td.

Sent by Erin | 2:53 PM | 7-3-2008


Sent by xochitl | 2:57 PM | 7-3-2008

I think Panic at the Disco is the shittiest thing I have ever heard.

GTFO myspace whores.

Sent by Taylor | 3:11 PM | 7-3-2008

1.Panic at the Disco
2. Panic at the Disco
3. Panic at the Disco
4. Panic at the DIsco
5. Panic at the Disco
They are so amazing!!!!!!

Sent by alec | 3:14 PM | 7-3-2008


Sent by dan | 3:17 PM | 7-3-2008

I'm just a used-to-be cool mom, but I'm a bit surprised at the hype-y, OC-y bands that are on this list. I'd rather listen to the Weepies than Vampire Weekend any day. Actually, I think I did listen to VW back in the 80s :) And, Death Cab for Cutie? I already spent my "they just keep remaking the same album" money downloading Viva La Vida. Panic at the Disco . . . slightly less entertaining yet more terrifying than Yvonne Elliman :) See, I am old!

Sent by Anne | 3:35 PM | 7-3-2008

YEAAH PANIC IS GONNA WIN! (hopefully) :']

Sent by Boukje | 3:36 PM | 7-3-2008

although the hush sound are rather rad too XD

Sent by anitaOhImReadyForIt | 3:40 PM | 7-3-2008

i voted for pretty. odd. cause its the best album of 2008 if not that its the best album EVER.
i wanted to vote for death cab for cutie or the hush sound though too but panic is my favorite

Sent by madiee | 3:44 PM | 7-3-2008

What about Avenged Sevenfold's self titled album?I love that it made my year!!! =]

Sent by Uma Vengeance | 3:46 PM | 7-3-2008

well ... since all the trolls are taking this over with Panic at the Disco... I'll namedrop my band's album.

Chandeliers - The Thrush

Sent by daniel | 3:47 PM | 7-3-2008

Holy S**t Panic! is gonna win... by far

Sent by Ashhlynne | 4:09 PM | 7-3-2008

Etran Finatwa's "Desert Crossroads"! Gotsta have some of the desert zeitgeist in there.

Sent by Mark Gorney | 4:19 PM | 7-3-2008

How about Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks' "Real Emotional Trash"

Sent by Ian Malhoit | 4:19 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the Disco - "Pretty.Odd" !!!!!

Sent by Kaja | 4:26 PM | 7-3-2008

NARROW F**KING STAIRS! why is panic at the disco winning? they are the most commercial band here thats why

Sent by dan | 4:30 PM | 7-3-2008

Bonnie Prince Billy - Lie Down In The Light has gotten the highest rotation in my players.

Sent by alex | 4:32 PM | 7-3-2008

How unbelievable that you would leave of Emmylou Harris' new album- All I Intended To Be!!! It is probably the best she has done in years. How does Tift Merritt make the list and Emmy doesn't and Tift sings backup with Emmylou on Letterman????
Get your list updated and I will vote.

Sent by Promolad | 4:36 PM | 7-3-2008

PRETTY. ODD. LEJOS :D es el mejor cd que escuch?? despu??s de A FEVER YOU CAN'T SWEAT OUT. Amo Panic at the disco,y extra??o mucho el signo: "!"

Sent by josephine de urie | 4:39 PM | 7-3-2008

I voted for 3 in the poll so I will add 2 more.

Titus Andronicus "The Airing of Grievances"

Girl Talk "Feed the Animals" Which I think is a great summer record.

Sent by Eron | 4:41 PM | 7-3-2008

How about Railroad Earth - "Amen Corner". Top notch songwriting and tremendous instrumental chops on display!

Sent by Mitch | 4:42 PM | 7-3-2008

Top 5 so far (in no particular order),
DeVotcKa - A mad and faithful telling
Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs
Helio Sequence - Keep your eyes ahead
The Dodos - Visiter
Islands - Arm's Way

Sent by Kim | 4:46 PM | 7-3-2008

British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?

Sent by Amanda | 4:54 PM | 7-3-2008

I just have to add my two bits on Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Real Emotional Trash -- a bit more of a grower than we're used to from him, but astonishingly good.

Also, Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Lie Down in the Light.

Sent by Michael S. Henriksen | 4:54 PM | 7-3-2008

Favorite CDs of 2008 so far--

Hayes Carll-Trouble in Mind

Lizz Wright-The Orchard

Sent by Charlie Walker, San Antonio | 4:57 PM | 7-3-2008

What kind of poll is this? No Sergio Mendes' "Encanto"? Can't beat the all-star cast:, Fergie, Natalie Cole, Ledisi, etc.


Sent by Richard | 5:05 PM | 7-3-2008

Why is that garbage Panic At The Disco winning this thing??? I wonder if their record company is swamping this poll and this message board, because they are a creation of big business, not worthy of carrying the microphone stands of any of the other bands on the list.

What the hell's wrong with this nation???????? Does anybody even know Marah, Alejandro Escovedo, Bonnie Prince Billy, Shelby Lynne and The Drive By Truckers even exist???

Sent by Carlos R. Pastrana | 5:10 PM | 7-3-2008

Listen to Walter Becker's Circus Money! Then you decide.

Sent by Preston | 5:12 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic At The Disco - Pretty. Odd.

wow this album is amazing!!!

Sent by mandy | 5:12 PM | 7-3-2008

panic at the disco!!!
pretty odd!!
is amazing!

Sent by jazz | 5:16 PM | 7-3-2008

This has been a great first part of the year. My mp3 player is working overtime with all the music from this year alone on it.

Where is Kathleen Edwards? If you all are liking Tift Merritt, you need to give Kathleen a shot. Tift put out a great record and she is also in my top five.

Kathleen Edwards
Tift Merritt
Drive-By Truckers
Old 97's

I just got the new Hold Steady today and I've gone through the record twice and I'm sorry REM, but you'll have to be bumped to number six.

I won't even bring the upcoming Beck release into the conversation. Just one word, "WOW"

Sent by jajouka | 5:19 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic at The Disco has an amazing intelligently written CD. They really played up the use of their excellent vocal harmonies, "When The Day Met The Night" is an excellent example of this. And even though some people don't like it because it isn't as "theatatrical" as the last album, I disagree. The theatatrics are there, just ina way this isn't as expected and it suits their growth as artists and as people (They were in High School when they wrote the first CD). It is an amazing CD and it gets MY vote.

And oh yeah, PANIC FRICKING ROCKS!!!!!!

Sent by Ed | 5:33 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic At The Disco - Pretty. Odd.

Sent by kerilyn | 5:35 PM | 7-3-2008

okay... BAHAHA at PATD killing the poll. *grin*

And yay for Flight of the Conchords and Juno :)

Sent by juliaaaa | 5:51 PM | 7-3-2008

okay... BAHAHA at PATD killing the poll. *grin*

And yay for Flight of the Conchords and Juno :)

Sent by juliaaaa | 5:51 PM | 7-3-2008


Sent by Dean Taylor | 5:55 PM | 7-3-2008

Sun Kill Moon's "April" -- Can't believe it's overlooked.
And I second the new Kathleen Edwards outing.

Sent by Whistlingfish | 5:59 PM | 7-3-2008

Todd Sickafoose - Tiny Resistors
Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures
F--k Buttons - Street Horsssing
Laura Marling - Alas I Cannot Swim
Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer

Sent by Matt | 6:02 PM | 7-3-2008

Already voted for:
The Mars Volta, The Bedlam in Goliath
REM, Accelerate
I would add:
The Fratellis, Here We Stand
Zappa Plays Zappa (the CD)
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Calibration

Sent by Bill | 6:04 PM | 7-3-2008

1. Why?, Alopecia
2. Aimee Mann, Smilers
3. Los Campesinos!, Hold On Now, Youngster...

My #4 + 5 (listed above) were The Mountain Goats and Gnarls Barkley.

Sent by cryptosicko | 6:05 PM | 7-3-2008

#1 Pretty.Odd!!!
yaaaay Panic at the Disco!!! :D

Sent by Sprinkles | 6:14 PM | 7-3-2008

Easy - The Dresden Dolls - No, Virginia

Sent by Ya mum | 6:19 PM | 7-3-2008


Great job on the list, I really appreciate it. It's a great way to learn about new bands. Here are my write-in's...

Cloud Cult - Feel Good Ghosts
Thao - We Brave Bee Stings and All

Sent by Nick | 6:21 PM | 7-3-2008



Sent by Carol | 6:24 PM | 7-3-2008


Sent by panicXfever | 6:28 PM | 7-3-2008


Sent by cah | 6:38 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the disco is by far the best. I listen to their album ALL THE TIME. They have the soundtrack to my life.

Sent by Missy | 6:59 PM | 7-3-2008

yes pretty. odd. is winny go panic at the disco!!!!

Sent by Sierra | 7:02 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic At The Disco - Pretty Odd

Sent by Sousou | 7:04 PM | 7-3-2008

pretty odd :)

Sent by maria jose herrera | 7:23 PM | 7-3-2008


Sent by serica | 7:25 PM | 7-3-2008

panic at the disco pretty odd.


Sent by kelsey | 7:26 PM | 7-3-2008


Sent by erica | 7:29 PM | 7-3-2008

PRETTY.ODD. 4 EVA!!!!!!!!!

Sent by BRIANA | 7:34 PM | 7-3-2008

Pretty.Odd. Rules over every one of them. :D
Never, never undermine Panic, they deserve this vote.
They're still on top of AP's list, when the albums been out for a few months.
That's amazing.

Panic At The Disco dominates.

Sent by Erika | 7:48 PM | 7-3-2008

Van Morrison's "Keep It Simple."

Sent by Jamie Alexander | 7:57 PM | 7-3-2008

definally, Pretty.Odd, from panic at the disco , i love this disc, ist so fancy and gorgeous !

Sent by macarena | 8:03 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the Disco's Pretty. Odd. has to be the most creative album on there.

If you are hating it or beleving it is getting undeserved votes just listen to it. That has to be the most talented band, too, to have been able to make 'A Fever You Can't Sweat Out'

1. Pretty. Odd.
2. The Morning Blues
3. Vampire Weekend
4. Narrow Stairs

Sent by Claire | 8:19 PM | 7-3-2008

vote!!! pAniC aT tHe DiScO PrEtTy odd!!!!!
Panic at the disco
panic at the disco
panic at the disco

Sent by paola*panikosa- | 8:32 PM | 7-3-2008

I'll have to add in a few cd's

The Epochs (Self-titled)
Honeysuckle Weeks by The Submarines
Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles by Langhorne Slim

I'm surprised not to see the submarines up there, though the other two may be a little unknown. Expect to hear from them in the future

Sent by Matt | 8:33 PM | 7-3-2008

You really need to add "Alopecia" by Why?. The entire is incredible. It melds every genre together.

Sent by Big T | 8:36 PM | 7-3-2008

Others have mentioned it, but Cloud Cult's "Feel Good Ghosts" is simply the best so far, and I don't expect anyone to surpass it this year.

Sent by Steven Elliott | 9:15 PM | 7-3-2008

you missed the Dresden Doll's latest album

No, Virginia!

Sent by Len Tower | 9:26 PM | 7-3-2008

Two albums missing = Tilly and the Wall "o" and Kaki King's "Dreaming of Revenge". Tilly and the Wall has released the summer's perfect album...catchy tunes, great vocals, and with a beat you can dance to. "Dreaming of Revenge" contains adventurous music with challenging guitar that is also easy on the ears. This makes for some great listening at the end of a long workday when air is hot and the sky starts rumbling with thunderstorms...moody and yet with flashes of beautiful brilliance.

Sent by Laura | 10:05 PM | 7-3-2008

The Presets - Apocalypso
Walter Meego - Voyager
Clinic - Do It!

Sent by Melanie | 10:05 PM | 7-3-2008

What about Goldfrapp? She's at the top of my list.

Sent by Doug T | 10:24 PM | 7-3-2008

Two words:
Four letters:

End of story.

Sent by Emily | 10:39 PM | 7-3-2008

Panic at the Disco - Pretty. Odd.


Sent by Dena | 10:42 PM | 7-3-2008

James Hunter

Sent by Jo Anne Miller | 11:13 PM | 7-3-2008

you missed devotion by beach house.

Sent by Josh | 11:24 PM | 7-3-2008

My vote goes to Tift Merritt's new C.D.
"Another Country".
As for My write in, that would have to be Suzy Bogguss's "Sweet Danger"

Sent by Greg Hopkins | 11:39 PM | 7-3-2008

u need to add Phantom Planet's "Raise the Dead" its a great album

Sent by Em | 12:59 AM | 7-4-2008

Constantines - Kensington Heights is my favorite album of the year so far.

Sent by James Flynn | 12:59 AM | 7-4-2008

The Getaway Plan - Other Voices, Other Rooms

Sent by Kendra | 1:02 AM | 7-4-2008

panic at the disco all the way man

Sent by Brendon Urie | 1:49 AM | 7-4-2008

I wrote down every artist at about 800 posts and picked and poked thru all the ones I wasn't familiar with, and all I can say is: Thank you, fans, for introducing me to Cloud Cult. I get it, and it's good. I'll listen to happy hippo forever, I think. ZOMG... by the way, who spurred on all the PANIC! fans? Hrrmmm? Alejandro deserves a nod because he is a beautiful soul, so fit him into your show if you can. Sigur Ros is so nice to hear because not only is it beautiful, it's refreshing to not focus on the message but the medium. (WPSIE *wink)

I agree, the best part of these lists is rarely who wins, but it is about discovering new muisc. I'm sorry for all those that simply voted for their favorite band so they'd win and didn't explore the list and read some of the posts.

The Panic fans put the poll on their site and encouraged their fans to vote for them so they could win. I address this in our upcoming show on Monday.

I agree with you about Alejandro, I had the pleasure of talklng with him on our show a while back.
here's the link if you care to hear.

all the best

Sent by Mark C. | 1:52 AM | 7-4-2008

look at all these great Panic fans!
yeah, Panic at the Disco wins!

Sent by Kayla | 2:16 AM | 7-4-2008

panic at the disco



Sent by Bridgette | 2:18 AM | 7-4-2008

Tift Merritt - another country

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Lie Down In the Light

The Oh Sees - the masters bedroom is worth spending a night in


The Tallest Man on Earth - Shallow grave
-This album is so perfect in every way.

that Panic at the Disco album is horrible. just sayin'

Sent by Benjamin Dobbinj | 2:48 AM | 7-4-2008

My fave of the year so far is
Real Emotional Trash by Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks but some other great albums so far this year:
Breeders - Mountain Battles
Clinic - Do It!
Retribution Gospel Choir
Beach House - Devotion
The Dirtbombs - We Have You Surrounded
Nine Inch Nails - The Slip
...just to name a few more that aren't on the list.

Sent by Bill Smith | 3:08 AM | 7-4-2008

For me the best Album so far is
Martha Wainwright: I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too

Sent by stefan | 3:48 AM | 7-4-2008

The Cab "Whisper War"

Sent by Rachel | 4:52 AM | 7-4-2008

huumm, hi.. well, you know, i voted for Panic, but i feel kind of bad because there are many albums and bands that i don't know. anyway, i feel thankful to the fact this is such an interesting list. i'm excited to discover new bands. thought i love panic, i think it is wrong calling their cd the best if we don't know the rest.. but, ahah.. well, i think i really love their album.
and i'm so sorry for my english, blaahh, it's disgusting, ahah.. hmm. welll. and, once more, great list, i'm sure i'll have good times listening to some of these bands.

Sent by jo | 5:06 AM | 7-4-2008

Panic at the disco with "pretty.odd."
i love it!

Sent by Isa | 7:49 AM | 7-4-2008

ida maria - fortress round my heart
kathleen edwards - asking for flowers
beach house - devotion
portishead - third
cat power - jukebox

Sent by desirelines | 8:31 AM | 7-4-2008

Voted for:
She & Him

Would add to your list:
Sheryl Crow - Detours
Counting Crows - Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

ps - surprised the new Aimee Mann, @#%&*! Smilers, wasn't on your list either

Sent by Brian | 9:21 AM | 7-4-2008

i really like the "my morning jacket" new cd... it's their best since "still moves"

Sent by Chuck | 9:26 AM | 7-4-2008

Voted for:

The Hold Steady
Vampire Weekend
The Magnetic Fields
Flight of the Conchords

Write-in: Fleet Foxes, Sun Giant EP

If repeat voting were possible:
Three for the Hold Steady, one for Vampire Weekend, and one for the Magnetic Fields.

Sent by Jay Welch | 9:34 AM | 7-4-2008

Tilly And The Wall "o" for sure! Now what do we do about The Hold Steady. As they said themselves, the album is halfway out - available on Itunes since mid-June but the full release comes out mid July. They got my vote anyway.

Sent by Heather | 11:09 AM | 7-4-2008

Panic At The Disco- PRETTY. ODD

Sent by dalton | 11:16 AM | 7-4-2008

Panic at the disco
Pretty. Odd.

Sent by Rose | 11:17 AM | 7-4-2008

wow im not suprised pretty odd is the highest pANIC aT THe DISCo is the best

Sent by alexis | 11:43 AM | 7-4-2008

Definitely Walter Becker's 'Circus Money'; it's in heavy-rotation on my iPod.

Sent by Gary Goodman | 11:43 AM | 7-4-2008

Panic at the Disco - Pretty. Odd.


Sent by Larissa | 11:43 AM | 7-4-2008

C'mon... major oversight for not including the latest No Age album.

I voted for:

Destroyer - Trouble in Dreams
Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter III

Sent by Derek | 12:56 PM | 7-4-2008

JACK JOHNSON's "Sleep Through the Static" is my favorite by far!!

Sent by Maggi | 1:25 PM | 7-4-2008

Clearly Panic doesn't need any help winning the poll, but everyone who calls their fans "tear-stained emo kids" should try listening to the album. It's one big feel-good record.

I have to add my voice to those plugging "Whisper War" by The Cab (it's total pop, but they're really talented for being so young) as well as The Hush Sound.

And finally, hands down the best album I've heard all year is "Howl" by Empires, which is up for free download at I can't say enough good things about it.

Sent by TC | 2:23 PM | 7-4-2008

cute is what we aim for- "rotation"
the cab- "Whisper War"

Sent by sarah | 2:43 PM | 7-4-2008 uhm...i think panic

Sent by RG | 3:01 PM | 7-4-2008

Panic's new album rocks:]

They're totally gonna win.
Not problem.

Sent by Jane | 3:10 PM | 7-4-2008

"Sleep Through the Static" By Jack Johnson

Sent by Frank Riley | 3:19 PM | 7-4-2008

"Whisper War" by The Cab

Sent by Me | 5:03 PM | 7-4-2008

2 write-ins:

Kathleen Edwards-Asking for Flowers
Sun Kil Moon-April

Sent by Fred Kopatich | 5:57 PM | 7-4-2008

Only 1- Kathleen Edwards - Asking For Flowers. Absolutely the best new singer-songwriter in the last 5 years. 3 unbelievably great albums.

Sent by Thomas Bullock | 6:40 PM | 7-4-2008


Sent by carol | 7:04 PM | 7-4-2008

Panic at the Disco-- Pretty.Odd.
The Cab-- Whisper War

Sent by fueled by ramen addicts anonymous | 7:08 PM | 7-4-2008

Panic At The Disco - Pretty Odd

I'm sure! They are the best band and his last cd is better than others


Sent by Dan-Buenos Aires-Argentina | 7:30 PM | 7-4-2008

Beach House-Devotion
Everthus the Deadbeats-John Kill and the Microscopic Lullaby

Sent by Josh | 8:08 PM | 7-4-2008

Panic At The Disco


Sent by Lucas | 8:16 PM | 7-4-2008



Sent by MINKA | 9:14 PM | 7-4-2008

panic at the disco- pretty. odd.

Sent by moi | 9:25 PM | 7-4-2008

Good list, but I would have added these:
Wedding Present -"El Rey"
Robert Forster - "The Evangelist
Gutter Twins - "Saturnalia"
Diamanda Galas - "Guilty Guilty Guilty"
Cloud Cult - "Feel Good Ghosts"
Mudhoney - "The Lucky Ones"
Teddy Thompson - "A Piece Of What You Need"
Subtle - "ExitingARM"
El Perro Del Mar - "From The Valley To The Stars"
Alejandro Escovedo - "Real Animal"

ALSO, Joseph Arthur has put out 4 excellent EPs this year. That could count as one great album!!

and, if you count imports, I'd add:
Sparks - "Exotic Creatures Of The Deep"
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - "Sunday At Devil Dirt"


Sent by Ken Kosta | 9:38 PM | 7-4-2008

Panic! At The Disco;

Sent by Dario Castillo | 10:09 PM | 7-4-2008

Thank-you for your coverage of Fleet Foxes. I bought the album and fell hard for it after the third listening. I then played it for my sixty-something parents and it may be the first album we all agree on since Paul Simon's Graceland.

I can now add it to my earlier write-in votes.

I was somewhat sceptical of this mid year round-up (see the flood of Panic! at the Disco votes) but it has provided me (and my parents) with some great new directions. Thanks!

I love hearing things like this.
The truth is, the only reason to do these things is to find new music. It shouldn't be a contest. I think that is where the Panic at the Disco folks make my head spin. all the best Megan.


Sent by Megan | 10:22 PM | 7-4-2008


Sent by viviana | 11:13 PM | 7-4-2008

Wow, I was completely wrong. I guess the banner on a band's myspace page will trump a band sending a bulletin (unless Panic did that, too... not sure).

But... maybe Bob will take that kind of thing into consideration? I hate that I am bitter about this, but I feel it's more an injustice to listeners now than before (landslide victory ftw).

By the way, Bob, Girl Talk (DJ, not jazz band) is not on the list because I think Feed the Animals just came out recently, and I can't stop listening to it!

Sent by Philip, Houston, TX | 11:32 PM | 7-4-2008

Panic at the Disco-Pretty Odd outstanding :)

Sent by Angel | 1:08 AM | 7-5-2008

5.Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

Sent by Sean | 2:37 AM | 7-5-2008

Panic! At The Disco;

one, and the best. :) <3 !

Sent by NeTia | 4:10 AM | 7-5-2008

wisper war by the cab should have been on here great album
only album were i liked every single song on it!!!!

Sent by margalit | 5:16 AM | 7-5-2008

Panic At The Disco - Pretty. Odd.

if you havent listened to it then you must, its so addictive. very different from there last album!


Sent by mandy | 5:24 AM | 7-5-2008

ahh! patd all the way!

Sent by ashleigh | 5:45 AM | 7-5-2008

Tift Merritt "Another Country"

Sent by Greg Hopkins | 5:53 AM | 7-5-2008

I would have loved to seen Kathleen Edward's Asking for Flowers on the list. For me this has been the best CD of the year so far.

Sent by Jeffrey A. Gleit | 7:38 AM | 7-5-2008

Spiritualized- Songs in A and E"
Cut Copy - "In Ghost Colours"

Sent by J. Blakeney | 8:16 AM | 7-5-2008

so far i've been pretty disappointed this year with the exception of one standout, so i'll put a vote in for that one:
Fleet Foxes
i also loved their EP

Sent by ben | 9:52 AM | 7-5-2008

Panic At The Disco - Pretty.Odd. ;]
Viva Panic !!!

Sent by Elmo xD | 9:54 AM | 7-5-2008

Panic At The Disco - Pretty.Odd.

Sent by Dominica | 9:59 AM | 7-5-2008

Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco
Pretty.Odd.- Panic At The Disco

Panic at the dsico of course

Sent by tiffany | 12:08 PM | 7-5-2008

Pretty.Odd. !!!!!!!!!

Sent by Lilly | 12:25 PM | 7-5-2008

Firewater - The golden Hour! They are brilliant ;-D

Sent by arp | 2:09 PM | 7-5-2008

pretty. odd.
the best album of the year 8)

Sent by Mariana | 2:30 PM | 7-5-2008

I voted for Panic at the Disco, but I didn't even know about the post on the site. Even so, other fans or bands also had an opprotunity to post and encourage which they did not take. There is no unfairness what so ever in this. This simply means that Panic has attracted many fans and they want them to win. Hence the voting. And it is also their personal opinions that they are the best. And if you haven't listened to it, you should hesitate to criticise. But again, this is also said by a Panic fan, so its not necessarily and objective point of view

Sent by Maria Palmer | 2:39 PM | 7-5-2008

My favorites so far this year are:
1. "When We Were Spies" Ann Vriend
2."Jukebox" Cat Power
3. "Volume 1" She & Him
4. "March Forth" Kaisercartel
5. Juno Soundtrack

Sent by Kevin Ritter | 3:22 PM | 7-5-2008

Panic at the disco, 4ever!

Sent by Lola Brazil | 3:29 PM | 7-5-2008

Okay you PATD fans... grow a bit and listen to other bands that deserve a nod.

Top picks of early 2008 (no particular order)

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
I too missed all the early hype behind this band, so I can say clearly that there is no other band like these guys...pretty amazing debut.

Foals - Antidotes
Math rock never sounded so accessible and fun...sure the lyrics make no sense, but you can't deny the hooks and horns!

Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight
Where the heck did these guys come from?? "Old Old Fashioned" is hands-down my summer feel good tune. These guys are so Scotland...yet not... great stuff...

Flogging Molly - Float
Oh my god...Molly never sounded so precise and polished. The whole album is a keeper. Love how traditional Irish music has permeated this disc more than any other Molly CD.

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes & Sun Giant EP
Bar none, there is no band more original than this Seattle troup. How can one not enjoy this group? Take Crosby, Stills, & Nash...mix in a little Beach Boys...and throw it all in a blender with the lyrical stylings of Townes Van Zandt and you have the Foxes. Lyrical, memorable, and timeless...

Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer
Whoa... I missed their debut, and I am kicking myself for it, but this CD defies description. Wolf Parade are not easy to draw comparisons to, you just have to give it a whirl and discover just how original and, frankly, weird they really are...but weird in the best of ways.

Duffy - Rockferry
The pipes this girl has are beyond belief. This is the sound that Joss Stone had (then lost), but is better than any Joss cut you have heard. She has more power in her vocal ability than nearly 99% of the other female singers out there. I expect big things in her near future.

Emmylou Harris - All I Intended To Be
Does anyone not feel like anytime Emmylou puts out a record that you know the instant it starts to play you are listening to pure songwriting gold? I know the feeling too... this is her best work in years.

And finally...

Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Anyone who says that this CD is not shear genius is not a true fan of music. Forget what the detractors are saying, this is mature music written by songwriters who will stand the test of time. They expanded their musical horizons to create what I consider the best CD of the last 10 years. (Frankly, I'm not that big of a Coldplay fan...but that has changed overnight)

All in all a great start to 2008. I have been more charged up about music lately than I have been in years. I hope the last half of 2008 is just as promising...

Sent by George K | 4:32 PM | 7-5-2008

Pretty. Odd.
Pretty. Odd.
Pretty. Odd.
Pretty. Odd.
Pretty. Odd.
Pretty. Odd.

best cd of the year (so far.. and best cd of THE year)

Sent by ale | 5:05 PM | 7-5-2008

I was hoping
"Raise The Dead" By: Phantom Planet
would be on there.

Sent by Cheyenne | 5:42 PM | 7-5-2008

Flight of the Conchords - Flight of the Conchords
Narrow Stairs - Death Cab For Cutie
If - Mindless Self Indulgence
The Age of the Understatement - The Last Shadow Puppets
No, Virginia - The Dresden Dolls

Sent by Tessa | 6:32 PM | 7-5-2008

Pretty.Odd. by Panic at The Disco definitely, Honey by The Hush Sound, Rockferry by Duffy, 19 by Adele, and Viva la Vida by Coldplay have my vote

Sent by Nicole | 6:44 PM | 7-5-2008

Being on such a community like buzznet is a great way to promote things like this, and that's how you got the flood of votes for them. The album is truly inspiring because they changed everything: their image, their sound, their vibe. They trluy okred for this album and it didn't take much for everyone to fall in love with it. I know as soon as I heard the first note of the first song I fell head over heels for them even more than in the beginning when I first heard the other album. It definitely deserves the title.

Sent by Nicole | 6:57 PM | 7-5-2008

Pretty. Odd. definetely! I can't stop listening at it, I even stayed all night long listening it. Panic's work has been the best I've heard. But there are also other ones like Viva La Vida-Coldplay, The Red Album-Weezer, Narrow Stairs-Death Cab For Cutie and Oracular Spectacular-MGMT. But my vote goes to Pretty. Odd. by PATD =]

Sent by Elena | 7:32 PM | 7-5-2008

Ok, new rule: you have to say something other than PATD rule, or type their name 50 times. Seriously, most original album ever Panic fans. Have you ever heard some of the other bands on here? Give Sigur Ros a listen too, maybe even the Dodo's, possibly Wolf Parade, or Man Man, all of those bands are more original. I've heard the album, I personally don't like it, but I also am pretty sure it's not that original, inventive, or revolutionary. For me, the lead singer just doesn't have that good of a voice. But to each his own, just try to actually say something about the album, maybe tell why it's so great. Also, you should check out other bands on the list, besides the Hush Sound, Vampire Weekend, Coldplay, or Death Cab, before you vote. I think a lot of you may like The Ting Tings, they are popish, upbeat, fun, easy to dance to. Just at least listen to something else first.

Sent by Jeff C. | 7:43 PM | 7-5-2008

I voted for my all time favorite, Panic At the Disco. however, paramore's RIOT! should have been on the list, it is amazing

Sent by Melissa Sugargloss | 7:47 PM | 7-5-2008 says:

Top 2 so far:

Kathleen Edwards
Tift Merritt

Sent by Tom Wilson | 8:25 PM | 7-5-2008


pretty. odd.

= love.

Sent by Val | 8:41 PM | 7-5-2008

Go Panic At the Disco! They're doing great and deserve it. But you have a "!" in their name when that isn't supposeted to be there.....

Sent by Ali | 8:43 PM | 7-5-2008

Where are the Raconteurs?

Sent by c...y | 9:15 PM | 7-5-2008

Hello. why wouldn't it be the best album of the year!?!? PATD 4 LIFE!!!

Sent by Marisa | 10:00 PM | 7-5-2008

"Alas I Cannot Swim" by Laura Marling deserves to be mentioned. And I was incredibly pleased to see that she was recently interviewed on Morning Edition. Fantastic music!

Sent by Joel | 10:31 PM | 7-5-2008

Goodbye Blues (The Hush Sound) is the greatest CD yet.

Sent by Julie | 11:14 PM | 7-5-2008

Pretty. Odd. By Panic at the Disco... For Sure <333

Sent by KiKi | 11:27 PM | 7-5-2008

my vote goes 2 PATD becuz they have grown so much from their last ablum, even tho it was one of the best. Pretty.Odd. is def. pretty odd, u have 2 listen 2 the music before u judge it.

they have such a creative mind n its amazin how its portrait through the lyrics n the videos

dis ablum would make u smile, it def. made me smile. also its addictive. PATD is one of the most unigue bands u will ever see!

Sent by anonymous | 11:35 PM | 7-5-2008

Jakob Dylan's Seeing Things. It's by far the most thoughtful, beautiful album I've heard this year. The lyrics are filled with imagery and beautiful language. The ideas are thoughtful and inspiring. It gets all five of my votes!

Sent by Mark E. | 11:48 PM | 7-5-2008

there're 9252 votes for panic already??
woow. hahaa. yaaayy.. PATD rules!

Pretty. Odd. is definitely the best cd of the year. ^^

Sent by Tika | 12:20 AM | 7-6-2008

this is all in our opinion, i really do like pretty. odd. but if you dont thats fine, dont vote for them. i also really dont think panic at the disco would think that its that big of a deal if they lost because thats who they are. like they thought there own songs were being overplayed and they never had any intentions on going on mtv and stuff. so if they didnt win it would be a big deal for them. & i have looked at the list, i havent hear of a lot of these but this is a chance to hear something different, i really dont think you should get mad because panic is winning.

Sent by becky | 12:28 AM | 7-6-2008

also, panic at the disco, i think, is so creative. if you listen to the lyrics they are beautiful. especially northern downpour. that is my favorite song out of the whole album. there songs are unique. folkin' around & she had the world is one of my favorites too but i like every song on the album, i cant wait to see what they have in store next, & dont judge them if you havent even heard there songs and not just one either you can say what ever you want but i think you should listen to it first.

Sent by becky | 12:47 AM | 7-6-2008

#1 - Ponytail

Sent by David Sieloff | 1:09 AM | 7-6-2008

Black Lips are my favorite of the year so far, and as for Panic at the Disco, I will not say I hate them, but they are not even close to topping the top five.

Sent by Hutch | 1:14 AM | 7-6-2008

GRRR. Panic doesn't have the "!" in their name anymore!!!

Sent by Laura Morgan | 1:15 AM | 7-6-2008

I'm very surprised Beirut was not on here!

Sent by bbgun | 2:21 AM | 7-6-2008


Sent by G. Hopkins | 4:05 AM | 7-6-2008

Panic At the Disco, Pretty. Odd. for the mother fucking win!

Sent by Tori | 4:28 AM | 7-6-2008

panic at the discos pretty.odd.!! its awesommme!!

i haven't heard a more addictive album this year for sure!!

one of my favourite cds!!

Sent by Aisling :) | 7:19 AM | 7-6-2008

Panic at the disco - Pretty. Odd. < best ever =]

Sent by Chelz | 7:44 AM | 7-6-2008

panic at the disco & sigur ros !!!!

Sent by ann | 8:52 AM | 7-6-2008

Jim Noir's self titled album deserves to be shared. It is perfect pop and reminicient of Pet Sounds with an electronic British touch. It will have everyone daydreaming and lost for days.

Sent by Ryan | 9:30 AM | 7-6-2008

dude, i really want vampire weekend to win!

Sent by keith | 11:18 AM | 7-6-2008

I voted for Panic at the Disco, The Dodo's, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, and Fleet Foxes.

Sent by Phillip Brand | 11:40 AM | 7-6-2008

#5 would have to be Aimee Mann's Smilers album, a great collection of songs

Sent by NickW | 12:00 PM | 7-6-2008

would be number 1 for me...
plus Tyler Ramsey, Jason Collett, Islands, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy should be added to the list...

Sent by chuck | 1:15 PM | 7-6-2008

Another Country by TIFT MERRITT

Sent by G. Hopkins | 1:23 PM | 7-6-2008


Sent by Kmikc | 1:31 PM | 7-6-2008

Yeah-- is Beirut's new album not recent enough? Where are they?

Sent by Flagrant Hipster | 1:50 PM | 7-6-2008

PANIC WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD YAYYYY kicking everybody elses ass xD

Sent by RoxyUrieFarroBlaise | 3:39 PM | 7-6-2008

I agree. Phantom Planet's Raise the Dead should've gone on here. While this list is not an Epic Fail like Entertainment Weekly's most recent list, it is still a FAIL. I don't even need to hear Flight of the Concords album to know it's not something I wanna listen to.

WHY THE F **K ISN'T Islands "Arm's Way" on the list!?!?!?!

My top 2008 list:

Panic at the Disco - Pretty. Odd.
Islands - Arm's Way
Fleet Foxes
Vampire Weekend
The Do Do's
Animal Collective - Water Curses EP
Cut Copy
Ruby Suns EP

Panic at the Disco IS the best album of the year. I used to hate them you know. But now they're my favorite band. They've taken the place of Arcade Fire and Animal Collective even. I'm sick of people not giving their second album a chance. My brother and best friend are so close-minded to it. Bottom line is, if you hate Pretty. Odd. you hate music.

I appreciate your comments, I was offended by your comments that I won't post here.

The show that goes online for All Songs Considered on Monday features Islands and MGMT.

We have concerts online from some of the bands you like... live music from Vampire Weekend and the Animal Collective for example.
Monday night is a live concert with Fleet Foxes.
come by and listen.

All the best


Sent by Phillip Brand | 3:55 PM | 7-6-2008

yay! panic at the disco is winning! pretty. odd. is the best album ever!

Sent by Emily H. | 3:56 PM | 7-6-2008

The Islands "Arm's Way" and Aimee Mann "Smilers"

Sent by DavidL | 5:10 PM | 7-6-2008

OK sure the typical PATD fan is rather annoying, and sure there are other more original bands on this list, but you can't deny the fact that Pretty Odd is miles and miles above the music made on their first album. It's quite good, well thought-out music, and definitely deserves to at least be on the list.

Sent by Scott | 5:46 PM | 7-6-2008

Ice Cream Spiritual by Ponytail

Sent by andrew | 6:17 PM | 7-6-2008

what about the cab . . . they are my favorite album to listen to right now. I always have it on.

Sent by Tracie | 6:30 PM | 7-6-2008

I forgot on my last comment, another very worthy cd would be "So Many Nights" by The Cat Empire. This band is a great mix of Australian funk, ska, and jazz influence that makes some truly infectious, dance-able music.

Sent by Matt | 6:52 PM | 7-6-2008

[panic at the disco] the best cd is pretty odd

Sent by maleny rivera | 6:53 PM | 7-6-2008

in addition to my 4 votes above i'd like to vote for Headlights' "Some Rushing Some Stopping"

Sent by Kim | 7:48 PM | 7-6-2008

Let's not forget the DANA LEONG BAND, who tore it up on WNYC sound check a few weeks ago. Their album Anthems of Life is quite a remarkable work as well.

Sent by Karen | 8:01 PM | 7-6-2008

i think "The Art of Fully Being" by Jon Watts is an AMAZING album. definitely worth listening to (epeecially if your a Friend)

Sent by Susannah | 8:09 PM | 7-6-2008

This looks like there's been some tampering with the voting.

Sent by CB | 10:01 PM | 7-6-2008


Sent by mj | 10:47 PM | 7-6-2008

Thanks Bob. I will listen to that!

Sent by Phillip Brand | 11:11 PM | 7-6-2008

You forgot "What's Your Medium" by The Medic Droid

They are awesome

Sent by Bryan | 11:24 PM | 7-6-2008

I'd like to second the mention of The Whig's newest album, Mission Control. I'd also like to drop a congrads to The Republic Tiger's album Keep Color. But, from the list given I think I'd have to go with either Elbow or Evangelicals. Although, there are a lot of good albums out there for 2008. (And, Earlimart just released their newest album on the 1st.) The only choice I wonder about is the Dodos - I gotta say, I am highly unimpressed. Sorry.

Sent by Justin Albert | 11:29 PM | 7-6-2008

Two words.

Pretty. Odd.

Brendon, Ryan, Spencer and Jon did an AMAZING job on this album. They own my socks by a long shot now.


Sent by Brie-hizzle. | 11:44 PM | 7-6-2008

Adem - Takes

Sent by Joe in NYC | 12:05 AM | 7-7-2008

I listen to many bands on this list but there is only one that i can listen to over and over again and that would Panic At The Disco. Everyone of there songs are catchy.

Sent by Kevin | 1:04 AM | 7-7-2008

Pretty Odd. --Panic At The Disco for sureee. My one and only choice!! =]]

Sent by Stefanie | 1:09 AM | 7-7-2008

Panic At Teh Disco-Pretty.Odd
Viva La Vida-Coldpla

Sent by Hanna | 1:48 AM | 7-7-2008

panicccccccccccccccc :D-

Sent by domcaca | 3:14 AM | 7-7-2008

ok so i only wanna vote for 1 band but it says pick five so here they are *knuckle bite* almost close to closing time

1.Panic At The Disco
2.Panic At The Disco
3.Panic At The Disco
4.Panic At The Disco
5.Death Cab For Cutie(ya i wanted to say Panic At The Disco but i kno Death Cab will come in Second)

love yas!

Sent by Kirsten | 5:45 AM | 7-7-2008

Cat Power
Black Keys

(in no particular order, because these bands are incomparable)

Sent by molly Shea | 10:12 AM | 7-7-2008

Dengue Fever is my pick. I love their sound and music. The mix of genres and languages is the future of music.

Sent by Timo Tato | 11:18 AM | 7-7-2008

the red album
goodbye blues. duh :]

Sent by nai | 12:25 PM | 7-7-2008

Ok, Panic at the Disco deserve to win. I waited 3 years for this album, and to me, It's perfection. They are my heros, and that's all we need to say.

But I agree that 'Raise to Dead' should have been on the list, It's a great album.

Sent by Lea | 12:42 PM | 7-7-2008


Sent by Paulinka | 1:01 PM | 7-7-2008

Walter Becker - Circus Money. No contest! The disc should be inside every jewel case in the record store no matter who the band is.

Sent by Dan | 1:17 PM | 7-7-2008

My pick is Panic at the Disco, they are awesome and even though Pretty. Odd. sounds different from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, they are still the same, awesome great band.

Sent by Priscilla | 2:44 PM | 7-7-2008

Panic at the disco realmente tem o melhor ??lbum.
N??o poderia ter sido outra banda.

Sent by Leonardo! | 5:18 PM | 7-7-2008


1-Laura Marling-Alas I Cannot Swim...
2-Death Cab For Cutie-Narrow Stairs
4-Panic At The Disco-Pretty.Odd (sorry, cant put it any higher :| )
5-City And Colour

Sent by Charlotte Housden | 5:30 PM | 7-7-2008

Awwww, Oviamente tenia qe ganar Pretty Odd!!, Panic at the disco es la mejor banda <3 Y al qe no le guste pudrase xD ... &, BrendOn Te amOhh (L) x)*

Aww Obviously! , Panic at the disco is the best baand! they are awesome!, i love them!
, And pretty odd is the best album!!, and of curse, a fever you cant sweat out too!, ... And, BrendOn i love u! (L), well, to jOn too =D

Sent by aLeziiThaaw aT The discO* | 7:02 PM | 7-7-2008

I'm so happy Panic at the Disco won. We waited for this record for like, 3 years. It almost never existed.. Pretty. Odd. is a great album and I know this band is going to have a very succesful career. Go Panic, we love you. <3

Sent by Mary | 8:10 PM | 7-7-2008

1. Panic at the disco - they are amazing
2.Death cab for cutie- they inspire me
3.Coldpaly- they mellow me
4. Juno- because it is fun
5. R.E.M- because they are so cool

Sent by Erin | 9:02 PM | 7-7-2008

the hush sound

Sent by lanya | 2:19 AM | 7-8-2008

I Saw Panic! At The Disco Live In Southampton The Are The Best Band Out I Love Them I Have All Of Their Merch And CD Etc .. I Love Them ! I LOVE THIS BAND !! SO MUCH ! Great Music Great Beat And I Guess They Have Great Personality' Aswell .. Please Come Back To Southampton Your Concert Will Be Sold Out Again .. :) Cause We All Love You By The Way I WAs Stood Right At The Front ! Screaming Clapping Yelling Singing And As You Told Us Jazz Hands And Clicking And Waving !! Best Band EVER !! LOVE YOU ALL

Sent by Chloe | 1:36 PM | 7-8-2008

Voted for Panic at the disco (the best band)

Sent by Mozart Woman | 2:46 PM | 7-8-2008

Third by Portishead
Hercules and Love affair
Ghost colours by Cut/Copy

Sent by lumas | 3:15 PM | 7-8-2008

Flight of the Conchords!

Sent by TGS | 6:54 PM | 7-8-2008


Sent by paddy | 1:27 PM | 7-9-2008

Panic At The Disco's album, "Pretty. Odd.".

Sent by PARAMOUR | 9:19 PM | 7-9-2008

she and him vol. 1.

Sent by joepio | 1:07 AM | 7-10-2008

Someone compared Panic to The Beatles, my god. Anyway...I'd say death cab's release is probably my favorite thus far...Although the Hold Steady is quickly climbing, they did a fine job.

Was Heretic Pride by the Mountain Goats released this year? If so, then that might be my choice.

P.s. ENOUGH with the Vampire Weekend hype godddddd.

Sent by Kayleigh | 11:20 AM | 7-10-2008

Pretty.Odd. Should DEFO win... Panic are amazing :)

Sent by Kristela | 1:56 PM | 7-10-2008

I just don't like when people say "ok patd fans, just listen to other music and grow".. well, I'm sorry, but maybe these people should listen to Pretty. Odd.
This album is really good. And PATD deserves to win, ok? And they're not emo. What is emo, anyway? A band that puts emotion to their music, is it? So, I guess a lot of bands and musicians on that list are emo.
I think Pretty. Odd. won because this is a positive album. An album that kids were listening on their iPod after school. And I think this album could change the world if everyone on the planet could hear these 15 perfect songs.

Life is hard, we all know it. But when you're listening to Pretty. Odd., you just forget it and wish this moment could last forever. There's a lack of positive and happy music, these days, and I'm glad PATD decided to change that. They always bring music that we need, and that's why they have a good fan base. Okay, I know they have a lot of groupies and everything, but when you forget these young girls, there's real fans, and we're happy that our favorite band makes us happier.

I guess nobody will ever read it, but I feel way better now! If you listened to Pretty. Odd. and didn't like it, that's okay, but just respect Panic at the Disco and their work. And if you didn't listen to Pretty. Odd. and don't like it just to be cool, just listen to it, download it, I don't care, and then I will respect your opinion if you still don't like it.

Sent by Mariah | 9:38 PM | 7-11-2008

1. Pretty. Odd. by Panic at the Disco
2. Oracular Spectacular by MGMT
3. Float by Flogging Molly
4. Viva la Vida by Coldplay
5. Narrow Stairs by Death Cab for a Cutie

Sent by Timmay | 2:46 PM | 7-13-2008

Love panic at the disco <3
PATD, the best (Y)

Sent by Francielle | 5:23 PM | 7-13-2008

PRETTY.ODD. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PAnic is just the best! :D

Sent by Julie | 7:54 PM | 7-13-2008


Sent by bryanaaa C= | 9:53 PM | 7-13-2008

woot for PANIC AT THE DISCO . I voted fur them ! && also for Viva La Vida Coldplay ! :)

Sent by gelicaa' | 9:55 PM | 7-13-2008

wolf parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!at mount zoomer!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by rene | 1:24 AM | 7-14-2008

Panic at the disco have been my favourite band like forever it dont know how i lived without them ....i was introduced to them when they weren't famous and i loved them then i still love them i am so happy that they won! they deserve it with how far they've come and the success of their new album!

love you guys forever!

Sent by Kaitlin | 1:26 PM | 7-14-2008

1. Pershing by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.
2. Vampire Weekend by Vampire Weekend.
3. We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things by Jason Mraz.

Sent by Betsy | 1:48 PM | 7-14-2008

she and him are nice

Sent by oprah | 10:01 PM | 7-14-2008

You dont have whisper war by the cab

Sent by allison | 6:35 PM | 7-15-2008

el mejor obvio es el de PANIC AT THE DISCO eios son los mejores del mundo y meresen ganar los amoo siiiiii vamos PANIC AT THE DISCO Y PRETTY ODD

Sent by dalia | 2:26 PM | 7-16-2008

The best CD of the year was Eric Solomon's "My Reality." His sound is a mix of rock, jazz and pop and like nothing that is out there. I also recently saw him perform in L.A. and his live show is incredible. Check him out,!

Sent by L | 11:19 AM | 7-18-2008

Seeing Sounds

hands down best cd of the year

Sent by apprito | 11:26 AM | 7-19-2008

Panic At The Disco

Sent by Christina | 11:12 AM | 7-21-2008

Panic at the Disco being #1 is ONLY the result of a successful fan campaign. In my humble opinion - they shouldn't even be on the list - they are another in a long line of marginally talented fame-seekers.

Sent by Chris | 11:40 AM | 7-21-2008

#1: Pretty Odd by Panic! at the Disco (If you can listen to a cd once and not like it, then totally change your mind after listening to it a couple times then that is an amazing cd in my book!) PS: It makes no sense. I know.

Sent by Sarah Walker | 7:09 PM | 7-21-2008

Panic at the Disco

Sent by , | 1:13 AM | 7-22-2008

Panic at the disco pretty odd is the best! and the origional type of style and such contrast of their previous work deserves an award not to mention Brendon Urie's(the lead singer) voice is like chocolate except it is more adictive.

Sent by Marie | 10:20 AM | 7-22-2008

I feel bad voting for an album since I haven't heard all of them. So I'll just leave a comment. So far, it's been Sigur Ros this year. Their album is nothing short of amazing. I've been hooked on their sound since I heard the song "Gong" by them. I also enjoy DeVotchKa, unfortunately, I don't think their most recent album is their best. I also think the Ting Tings are a nice surprise.

The Juno OST was great, as well. But, I just don't like giving the title of "best album" to an OST.

Sent by Dennis | 11:12 PM | 7-23-2008

I personally think Pretty.Odd. is a great album. If you haven't bought it yet, I strongly suggest you do.

Sent by Lucy | 12:54 PM | 7-27-2008

The first four choices seem so wrong to me. Put me down for Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver , Portishead, the Raconteurs and F--- Buttons. Frightened Rabbit and Shearwater's Rook also deserves a mention.

Sent by Aaron Baldassare | 2:22 PM | 8-13-2008

I love to Panic
I love her songs
are the best

and I love
his new record!
Pretty odd!

ryro and I love it!
is so cute
is a love!

I vote for panic!
and I hope that win!

I love you ryro


Sent by ruth | 7:53 PM | 8-14-2008

I love to Panic
I love her songs
are the best

and I love
his new record!
Pretty odd!

ryro and I love it!
is so cute
is a love!

I vote for panic!
and I hope that win!

I love you ryro


Sent by ruth | 7:54 PM | 8-14-2008

Death Cab's 'Narrow Stairs' has got to be right up there on the list!

Sent by chin | 12:39 PM | 8-19-2008