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A while back I was trying to think of a name for my band. I don't actually have a band. I just play music at home by myself.

The Robin Hilton Experience felt a little too grand. Robin Vomit sounded more like a punk band than the quiet recordings I do at home. I tried to go with something completely random like, Styrofoam Nancy, or an absurdly long name like, If Rash Persists Discontinue Use. But nothing felt right.

Eventually a friend came to the rescue with what I thought was the perfect equation: Take a food and add it to an animal. I immediately thought of Sandwich Cat. "Sandwich" is just a funny word and "Cat" always works well with band names.

This equation was a gold mine: Milkshake Koala. Taco Monkey. Spaghetti Rhino. The possibilities seemed limitless.

My love affair with food and animals soon ended, however, when I discovered an online machine that'll generate band names for you. It's called, appropriately enough,

The band name generator will spit out a list of titles for you on its own — Manic Anvil, Paranoid Rainbow, and Painful Coma are some of the ones I got — or you can give it an optional set of words to include. When I typed in "Robot" it gave me: "Robot Purse," "Robot Confederate and the Drunk," and "Robot Holiday," among many others.

Give it a shot and see what you come up with. Post your favorites here or tell us what some of your favorite real band names are.