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Best CD Poll Results and Rallying the Fan Base

Our poll on the best CDs of the year (so far) sparked a lot of listening and discussion. For me these polls are about discovering what others love and what I've never heard. For some, however, it's about winning. That was certainly true for fans of several bands, like Panic at the Disco and Death Cab For Cutie, who marshaled their forces to vote en masse for their favorites.

Panic at the Disco put out a good record this year, and for a while they were in the lower end of the top 20. But less than a week before the polls closed, a banner went up on their MySpace page encouraging fans to vote. The website said, "they need your vote to help take the lead!" Within a few days, Panic at the Disco had almost 6,000 more votes than anyone else.

I'm wondering how you feel about this type of campaign. Forget about who did it. Think of your favorite bands of the year and imagine that they launched a get-out-the-vote campaign.

At the end of the year we'll ask you to do this again — to vote for your favorites for the year. We want our poll to be credible. So tell us what you think:

Is this the best way to get a cross section of listener opinion?
Should we keep poll the same?
If not, how should we change it?

Thanks, and take a look at this list and catch up on your listening!

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