NPR logo It's Official: We're Somebody!

It's Official: We're Somebody!

Well, we're all pretty excited here at NPR Music these days. Earlier this week, we learned that we've been nominated for an Emmy, specifically for our Project Song feature.

The category we've been put in is a mouthful: "New Approaches to News and Documentary Programming: Arts, Lifestyle and Culture." Who knew?

If you've not seen or heard it, we're proud of Project Song and think it's a cool feature. We give artists access to the NPR studios and two days to write and record an entirely new song. To help get them going, we give them some photographs and words to mull over. In the end, they pick one photo and one word, like "distortion," and turn them into music. Project Song documents this creative process.

The specific episode nominated for an Emmy is the one we did with the Washington, D.C., pop band Georgie James. I was really blown away by what the band managed to come up with in two short days. At one point, it looked like the band — a duo featuring John Davis and Laura Burhenn — wasn't going to pull it off. But in the 11th hour, the two got a sudden creative boost and recorded an amazing song.

So wish us luck on the Emmy. Bob and I plan to do each other's hair and wear matching gowns to the awards ceremony.

Here are the other nominees in our category:

40 Years of Respect (Detroit Free Press)

Dubai: Night Secrets (PBS Frontline/World Rough Cuts)

Moscow's Sex and the City (PBS Frontline/World Rough Cuts)

The First Ones, by Jake Paltrow (The New York Times Magazine)

TV Free Burning Man (

On Being (



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Congrats to everyone who works on Project Song!

It is a welcome addition to the All Songs catalog and deserves much recognition.

Sent by DDC | 1:54 PM | 7-17-2008

such beautiful and joyful news, warm and hearty congratulations! this feature is so lovely and fun.

Sent by jehan | 1:56 PM | 7-17-2008

Congratulations guys! NPR Music certainly deserves recognition not just for Project Song but for All Songs Considered, ASC Live Concert Series, Song of the Day, etc...

Way to go, and hopefully this will be the first of many recognitions!

Sent by Bryant | 7:47 PM | 7-17-2008

Excellent news and congratulations! I really enjoy Project Song and am glad to see that others appreciate it as well.

I hope that the old saying is true and that "the reward for good work is more work." Perhaps this nomination will help resolve whatever issues are keeping you guys from uploading episodes more regularly.

Sent by Pablo | 4:40 PM | 7-18-2008

Awesome!! The recognition is definitely deserved.

Also, the hairstyles and matching gowns visual is going to stay with me for a while, I think.... Thanks.


Sent by Tamara Vallejos | 12:14 AM | 7-19-2008

That's great, guys. And such a great segment -- as a musician and GJ fan, it was a particularly fascinating thing to watch. Best of luck!

Sent by Joel | 1:07 AM | 7-20-2008

Congrats! I hope you can do a lot more of them! Some dream subjects: David Baerwald, Randy Newman, Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley, Fleet Foxes.

Sent by Tom EG | 8:30 AM | 7-20-2008

I love project song. You better win or I will be grumpy. Congrats on the nomination.

Sent by christy | 5:34 PM | 7-22-2008

My only problem with Project Song is that they take you too long to get new ones out (I could watch a new one every week). I love watching "the process" and you do an excellent job documenting how randomly inspiration and perspiration meet to create something that is poignant and beautiful.

Sent by Mark | 9:26 AM | 7-23-2008