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Be Like Lil' Wayne

I'm not one to dress up. I wear the same clothes to work as I did to the Emmy awards.
My clothes are mostly dark, no patterns. My only accessories are hats and my glasses. I don't like Halloween and never go to costume parties.

But thanks to a new app for my iPod touch, I'm decked out like Lil' Wayne:

Lil' Bob

The program is called, appropriately enough, Be Like Lil' Wayne. It just makes me laugh out loud.

Here's how you can be like Lil' Wayne too: If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, just go the App Store and download the program. Take a picture of yourself, or use one you already have, then drag all the Lil' Wayne accessories onto the photo. There's all the necessary bling, along with tattoos and dreadlocks. (I went with the tear tattoos). You can also resize all the accessories and adjust them to fit the photo.

Now I've got serious street cred.

Be like Lil' Wayne and send us your photos. We've just created a new photo blog at Flickr where you can upload the pics for everyone to see: