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My Top 10 Is No Better Than Your Top 10

Yesterday, I posted my 10 favorite musical treats of 2008 online. It's one of so many great lists sprouting daily on the NPR Music site — one every weekday for the past few weeks. You should take a peek. I thought I'd put a link to my top ten here, as well, since it quickly got buried by John Schaefer's brilliant list.

I was attracted to the quiet and the subtle in 2008: The harmonies of Fleet Foxes, the fiery gentleness of Bon Iver and the African kora of Toumani Diabate held me together and kept me company. We all need and want different things from music at different times, and gentility won out for me this year.

So take a look here, and either on the blog or as a comment on the page where my list is, leave your Top 10. And, if there's music you think I might love based on my list, drop me a note, as well. Thanks, and enjoy!