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A Glitch In The Twitterverse

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I understand that I'm not the first to comment on the effect that Twitter and Facebook have had on social interaction; if anything, as topics go, they're today's played-out equivalent of airplane food or the differences between men and women. As in, the next time someone says, "Whoa! People used to call their friends on the phone instead of writing on their Wall!" balloons will fall from the ceiling to commemorate the one trillionth time that observation has been made.

But still. I haven't even been here a day, and I've already 1) friended someone on Facebook and had her accept the friend request while we were standing next to each other, each holding a laptop; 2) co-authored a SXSW haiku, which was published to Twitter and then discussed, hours later, with other people, who used their phones to immediately access it; and 3) attended an NPR Music panel discussion, during which I gauged the audience reaction by following its tweets online in real time.

What have I not yet done in my 22 hours in Austin? See a band. Thank goodness the actual music part of this madness starts today, at long last.