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Austin By Day And Night

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The South by Southwest music festival really kicks off Wednesday, but the streets were already filling with fans and bands this afternoon. While Bob and the other suckers were giving some sort of panel discussion thing today, I was out strolling through downtown Austin, taking in the distinct smells and sounds of this beautiful little town, just before it busts open with more music than anyone can take in at once.

I love how some bands just show up with nothing booked and no real game plan, short of setting up on the sidewalk somewhere and turning their guitars up to 11. The name of this group, according to the handwritten lettering on its CDRs, is "Gay Duo."

Go, Gay Duo!

Later, after dinner, Bob and I were heading back to the hotel when we came across this group, Wino Vino.

That's some seriously infectious energy.

This time tomorrow, the entire downtown will be one big wash of sound, with countless bands playing and overlapping one another, and music pouring from every corner.