NPR logo Video: Richard Swift, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Passion Pit

Video: Richard Swift, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Passion Pit

A few quick videos to share before heading out to shoot an acoustic solo performance by Grandaddy's Jason Lytle:

We featured Richard Swift on All Songs Considered a few years ago. He's sort of a 21st century Harry Nilsson. Swift plays with the same kind of bouncy piano pop as Nilsson, but he throws in some wonderful psych-synth textures. This clip is from one of his performances at the Mowhak.

Recently we also featured the Asteroids Galaxy Tour on Second Stage. It's a fantastic synth-pop group from Denmark with one of the year's most infectious songs, "Lady Jesus." They get serious props for being the loudest of all the bands I've seen so far.

We talked about Passion Pit on our recent SXSW preview show on All Songs Considered. It's a band I hadn't heard of before this year's SXSW, and given the extraordinarily long line of fans waiting to get into last night's show, I'd say Passion Pit will be one of this year's breakout groups. I spent most of the show waiting with everyone else to get in, but managed to catch the band's last few songs.