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The Here We Go Phenomenal Handclap Band Magic

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Here We Go Magic was scheduled to go live at the Mohawk at 12:30. The five members of the group shuffled in at 12:45, looking a little ragged out, and began to set up their gear. When they finally started playing, the drummer said "we literally just got up." They only did a handful of songs, but I was in love. This could become one of my favorite new bands of the year.

When the show ended I had just enough time to drop by Emo's for the much-anticipated Phenomenal Handclap Band set. What can I say? It was just amazing. Thanks to Carrie for turning me on to this group. The band is a perfect mix of everything from the past 40 years of popular music: '70s funk, '60s soul and psychedelia, hard rock, hip-hop. So much more going on.

Breathlessly, I'm off to interview St. Vincent with Bob.