NPR logo Some Words Before The Rocking Of The Rabbit

Some Words Before The Rocking Of The Rabbit

We've finally, after weeks of planning and logistics, pulled off two blockbuster SXSW concert presentations: shows featuring The Decemberists, Blitzen Trapper, K'Naan, The Avett Brothers and so on. They're all on the site now, ready to be re-lived, but that doesn't end our coverage of SXSW.

For starters, our friends in public radio have amazing lineups streaming online in the next few days, starting with Austin's KUT (with PRI's The World) presenting a showcase with Asa, Pato Fu, Kingman and Jonah, Monareta and Ximena Sarinana tonight. (Click here for more information.)

As for the NPR Music gang, we'll be fanning out, seeing as many bands as humanly possible, Twittering (@allsongs) while trying not to over-Twitter, and eventually podcasting as a group at some ungodly hour. I may even be brave enough to seek out the late-night, Playboy-sponsored "Rock the Rabbit" party, which last year provided one-stop shopping for those who enjoy alcoholic energy drinks, Elijah Wood sightings, and scantily dressed women who appear to have been dipped in some sort of polymer.

Oh, and tonight's show is slated to feature a performance by a certain long-defunct super-secret famous band, but keep their identity a secret! Don't tell anyone! I am a man of my word, mostly because the code to the band's secret identity can be cracked by any sleuth capable of typing "Twitter" into a search engine.

And now, to put away the laptop (at long last!) and watch some bands.