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All Songs Considered has gotten a lot of ribbing over the years for its name. I can't tell you how many times I've met someone and said I work for All Songs Considered, only to hear them say, "I love Robert Siegel! I listen to you every day!" Deflated, I have to tell them they're thinking of All Things Considered.

Other listeners have told us it's a misleading name for the show, since we don't really consider all songs. Where's the speed metal and American Indian New Age? What of acid jazz and Christian contemporary?

The latest jab comes from our favorite people on the planet: our interns. NPR Music is lucky enough to have the best interns a company could ever dream of having. This is the last week for our latest group, and as a parting gift, they've put together their own music-review program called Fewer Songs Considered. It's about an hour's worth of music and talk, mostly featuring artists we never got to on All Songs Considered, like Thee Oh Sees (okay, I've never even heard of that one) and Phoenix.

So give Fewer Songs Considered a listen and let them know what you think. We're really going to miss them when they're gone.

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