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The Band I Love Is... Continued

We asked you about the bands you love, in particular the ones you love that few people know about. In response you overwhelmed us with more than seven hundred suggestions.

On this week's All Songs Considered we feature a few of those picks.

One of the songs we wanted to feature was by a Congolese group called Staff Benda Bilili and the song is called Na Lingui Yo. Here's a video:

Listener Wim de Haas tipped us off to the band. He says, "Na Lingui Yo. Song: don't know, but it has the James Brown words sex machine. Hello Bob, I Think you should listen to this unusual band from Congo. Greetings from Holland, Wim de Haas."

Here are the other listener picks I found most interesting, so far, and mostly never heard of:

"Come On Petunia" by The Blow, from listener Travis Meritt. Travis writes, "Interesting eccentric girl+dj band, she sings nice and catchy and somewhat edgy pop-ish songs. Her stage presence is amazing with her awkward impromptu dances and hand gestures."

"Time We Had" by The Mother Hips, from listener James Perry (spinningtop) who writes "There really isn't any other band writing music and performing with this much integrity, maturity and musicianship (not to be confused with 'show-offy'). Excellent tunes. Great scene. Superior vocals and lyrics. Without a doubt, the Mother Hips.

"Sit Tighter by Field Music from listener Mac Coldwell. "Field Music is a band I love a lot and passive aggressively force friends to listen to (by buying them an album for Christmas or a birthday) often. I believe it was a review in Uncut that got me interested. They described the band as 'Wire produced by Brian Wilson,' which is a pretty good nutshell description. They are melodic and angular all at once."

"Make No Plans" by Marching Band from listener Hannah Chismar (film4future). Hannah writes: "I stumbled upon this Swedish band by accident when they opened for Fanfarlo. They were delightfully shambolic and joyous. I would see them again in a heartbeat."

"One Crowded Hour" by Augie March from listener Gillian Cosgrove (Siskin). Gillian writes: "I have to put my hand up for a wonderful band from Melbourne, Australia, well-known in the alternative scene here, but perhaps not much known in the US."

"The Walls Are Coming Down" by Fanfarlo from listener Karl Pradel (Kahleel). Karl writes: "One word. Fanfarlo. Part Swedish/Part British, Fanfarlo recently released their first full-length earlier this year. It is called Reservoir. Utterly brilliant! While you can hear some David Byrne in their sound, they make things their own. Great songwriting. Catchy, yet beautifully orchestrated songs - they bring together guitar, drums, trumpet, glockenspiel, mandolin, clarinet and more.

"Gone Gone Gone" by The Donkeys from listener Nicholas Laslavic (mudflap). Nicholas writes: "If I had the money to own a beach house this would be the music I would listen to while lounging in a hammock nursing a beer."