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The Band I Love Is...

It seems a fair exchange: We tell you about great music; you tell us about great music. One downside, though, is this: The music, email and Facebook messages you send me aren't seen or heard by others. And if I don't put it on the show, then it stays your secret.

Let's fix this right here, right now. Here's the plan.

I want you to tell me and everyone else about the musician or band you absolutely love. I don't want to hear about your band, or your brother's band, or the bar band down the street. I want you to turn me and the readers of this blog on to the best music nobody knows about. That secret band you might have. I like to think of it as a band to call your own, only now you're about to let a few more friends in on the secret.

Spill your secrets in the comments section below.



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