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Beck Interviews Tom Waits

Beck is becoming my BFF music buddy. That's what it feels like whenever I visit his recently retooled Web site. He's no longer just a singer and songwriter who makes music I love; he's become a music lover who just wants to share the things he most enjoys.

It started with the brilliantly conceived Record Club, wherein Beck and some of his friends get together and cover some of their favorite songs, like the Velvet Underground & Nico track "Femme Fatale."

Beck has since added a mix-tapes section called Planned Obsolescence, as well as a new interviews section called Irrelevant Topics, featuring completely unstructured conversations between Beck and other artists. His first guest is Tom Waits.

Basically, Beck is living the dream: hanging out with cool people, playing or listening to music all day, chatting with people like Tom Waits. If I can't do it myself, I'm happy he's at least sharing it with us.