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New Mozart Works Discovered

The Associated Press is reporting that two previously unknown works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have been discovered. The International Mozarteum Foundation, based in Salzburg, released a brief statement today, noting that the two newly found works are piano pieces. They were discovered on a single sheet of paper and are reported to be in Mozart's handwriting. Uri Leisinger, head of the Mozarteum Foundation, says the handwriting is clearly identifiable, and that there is "no doubt" it came from Mozart.

The music was discovered at a museum in Nantes in western France, as staff were going through its archives. Leisinger tells the AP, "It's a melody sketch, so what's missing is the harmony and the instrumentation, but you can make sense out of it. The tune is complete. It's only one part and not the whole score with eight or twelve parts."

There have been about 10 such Mozart finds in the past 50 years. Leisinger says more details will be given at a public presentation in Salzburg on Aug. 2.