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Better, Worse, Or About The Same?

In case you haven't noticed from earlier posts, Bob and I have been immersed in the remastered Beatles recordings this week, listening like giddy little schoolgirls. This morning, while listening to Magical Mystery Tour, I looked over the stack of other CDs on my desk waiting to be heard — new albums from Taken by Trees, The Silent Years, Os Mutantes, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour — and got to thinking about how rock and pop music has evolved since The Beatles. I sometimes think, while listening to new music, that whatever a band tries, The Beatles did it first, from sweet bubblegum pop to noise rock and experimental soundscapes (totally understanding, of course, that The Beatles themselves were borrowing from the artists who came before them). And they did it all in a period of about seven years. Hearing these remastered recordings, I think these songs stand up to anything being made now or anything that's been made since.

What do you think? If The Beatles' albums (such as Abbey Road or Sgt. Pepper's) came out today, how would they sound to you? Would they sound inspired? Would they sound better than other music coming out today, just average, or not as good?

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