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Dead Man's Bones Hold Talent Contest

If you listened to our Fall Music Preview, you heard a great new song called "My Body's a Zombie for You" by Dead Man's Bones. Now the band wants YOU to be the opening act for its upcoming fall tour.


Dead Man's Bones is a duo featuring Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields, along with some unusual backup singers: the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir. Together, they sing bittersweet songs about zombies, ghosts and other creepy supernatural things. The band begins touring one week after the release of its self-titled debut album on Oct. 6.

According to Anti Records, Dead Man's Bones is trying something different for its tour: "In the course of bringing their monster-ghost-love-story to fans nationwide this fall, Dead Man's Bones want you to be in its talent show as the opening set in each city they play." The band is asking fans to submit videos of their unusual talents; the performers it picks will be part of the opening act in each contestant's own hometown. So if you're a magician, sword-swallower or contortionist, send in your video and you could open for one of the best Halloween-themed bands of the year.

At long last, I'll finally get the chance to show the world how I can whistle the Twilight Zone theme song with my nose!

For tour dates and info on the contest, click here.