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New John Lennon Biopic Coming

A new film about John Lennon's childhood is due out late this December. Nowhere Boy, from Bob and Harvey Weinstein, is based on the book Imagine This: Growing Up With My Brother John Lennon by Lennon's half-sister, Julia Baird. The story follows Lennon's early childhood into his teen years, his friendship with Paul McCartney and first steps toward becoming a megastar. Kristin Scott Thomas plays the aunt who raised Lennon, while British actor Aaron Johnson plays Lennon. Thomas Sangster fills the role of Paul McCartney. Sangster is right-handed and is reportedly learning how to play the guitar with his left hand, like McCartney.

The British electro-rock duo Goldfrapp is scoring Nowhere Boy. Producers are also negotiating with Yoko Ono for the right to use some of Lennon's songs in the film.

Here's the trailer: