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Old Is The New New

When a friend sent me a link for this video, I concluded that it was some super-cool new experimental rock song by a young, emerging band I'd never heard of. It reminded me a little of the kind of spacey jams Radiohead might do. It turns out the song is nearly 40 years old, by a band that formed in West Germany in 1968. The group, Can, is considered one of the first-ever "Krautrock" bands, with a love of free-form jams, psychedelic improvisation and experimental editing.

I'm sure some of you have already heard of Can and can't imagine how I didn't know this. I guessed Bob had probably heard of Can and loved the band. He did. But, Bob says, when he worked in a record store in the early '70s, he sold maybe five copies of the record this song is from. The track is "Oh Yeah" from the 1971 album Tago Mago.

I wonder how Can would have fared if it were a new band today. Would it have found a larger audience?

Another question: Can you you think of any bands that aren't selling any records today, but that we may discover 40 years from now?