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What Makes Music Important

Monkey See blogger Linda Holmes has a great new post on our list of the decade's 50 most important records, some of the user comments we've gotten about the list and what, exactly, it means to call something "important."

An excerpt:

"Here's how the (list of the 50 most important recordings) explains importance: 'These are the game-changers: records that signaled some sort of shift in the way music is made or sounds, or ones that were especially influential or historically significant.' That's about the same way I would explain it.

"Note that this description is value-neutral. It has nothing — nothing — to do with quality. If I made a recording of myself whanging away on a couple of tin cans with a meat thermometer, and somehow it turned out that this was an untapped market, and I sold five million copies, and lots and lots of other people followed with their own kitchen-implement records, my recording would be important. Influential, historically significant, and — let's face it — a game-changer."

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