NPR logo We Apologize In Advance: A Chopin-oply Of Chopuns

We Apologize In Advance: A Chopin-oply Of Chopuns

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The Gallery Collection/Corbis, iStock

I'm no fan of puns. But all day today, the staff of NPR Music has been consumed with finding new ways to rework composer Frederic Chopin's name. At first, it was stupid, but then it got funny, and then stupid again, and here we are. It all started because this year — yesterday, to be exact — marks the 200th anniversary of Chopin's birth. NPR Music is celebrating the occasion with a series of live performances, interviews and essays, and someone mentioned that we were in a state of Chopin-demonium from all of our exhaustive coverage, followed by the appropriate groans.

Here is a mere fraction of the Chopin puns we've been throwing around. Feel free to add your own in the comments section below.

You'll be Chopin-handling in the street if you lose this job.

Don't Chopin-der to such vulgarities.



I'm having Chopin-gs of guilt

Man up and stop being such a Chopin-sy

I hear Bob is having a Chopin-dectomy this week.

I'm having a Chopin-ic attack

Chopin-ic! At The Disco


Have a glass of Chopin-gne

Chopin your pencil!

I had a Chopin-wich for lunch.

Another great band: Chopin-tha du Prince

Somebody help Stephen — he's going into Chopin-aphylactic shock!

Last night, we ate dinner at an Italian restaurant and had some Chopin-cetta and Chopin-icotta.


Take a note down on this Chopin-phlet.

A film by Guillermo del Toro: Chopin's Labyrinth.

Chopin-zers: German tanks used in WWII.