NPR logo Videos From SXSW 2010: Tanlines, The Very Best, Timber Timbre and more

Videos From SXSW 2010: Tanlines, The Very Best, Timber Timbre and more

Peter Wolf Crier's songs were stuck in my head on my way to Austin, so I had to go hear them on stage at Emo's. This Minneapolis band has a nice guitar sound and it looks like an old mono tube amp helps them achieve their gritty old sound. They also have a fantastic drummer, though as Robin said in the podcast, he looks a bit like an insurance salesman. Still, that makes it all the more fun to see live.

The award for best music of the night so far went to Timber Timbre, who I saw performing at the Central Presbyterian Church. This Ontario trio plays guitar, violin and pedal steel with a spooky goodness.

I was headed to hear Best Coast, yet another guitar-driven, surfey/garage-sounding band. Instead, I stumbled upon the synthpop band Tanlines playing in a dirt pit on the other side of the interstate outside of Uptown Charlies. They had a good sound, recorded sequences and all.

After that, I stayed for another Brooklyn band Lemonade and then strolled back across the highway to The Beauty Bar to hear The Very Best.

When I got there, the crowd was going insane over Shout Out Out Out Out, a Canadian electro-band. The band had a crazy good rhythm section and their singer was so charged up by what was happening on stage, he had everyone else screaming, dancing, singing with fists punching the air. Sadly, I didn't get any video here.

Then came The Very Best. The group is made up of Esau Mwamwaya from Malawi and Radioclit, plus dancers and inflatable palm trees. Big dance fun, but I had to run early to catch up and record our late night roundup.