NPR logo Bon Iver, Peter Gabriel, Record Stores Scratch Each Others' Backs

Bon Iver, Peter Gabriel, Record Stores Scratch Each Others' Backs


Record store day sure yielded some goodies this year. Among the other buzzed about releases on Saturday was a Bon Iver/Peter Gabriel split 7-inch from Jagjaguwar. This is the first of what we hope will be at least a few more Peter Gabriel covers — Gabriel put out an open-ended invitation/challenge to the artists whose work he covered on his recent Scratch My Back album. The goal is to eventually release an eclectic album of Peter Gabriel covers called I'll Scratch Yours. Details are sketchy on future covers, though. It sounded like we might get a Thom Yorke cover of the 1982 song "Wallflower," but Gabriel told NME that Yorke isn't answering his calls right now.

Even if all of the musicians don't come through, so far it looks like the ones who do are going to make up for it. Bon Iver's six-minute cover of "Come Talk To Me" exceeds all expectations. Flip the record over to find Gabriel's gorgeous rendition of "Flume." You can listen to Justin Vernon's version of "Come Talk To Me" on Hype Machine, but, if you like it, for Pete's sake (and Justin's, too), just buy it. If not from a real record store, then it's available on iTunes, as well.

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