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Devo's New Album: You Pick The Songs

Devo's got a new album coming out in June and the band wants you to decide which songs make the final cut. As the group heads into its final weeks of production, it has a collection of 16 new songs, but only 12 can make it on the final record.

"In an effort to comply with the growing need for appealing sonic products in the mass market, we have officially launched the 'Devo Song Study' to collect data regarding which of our current roster of recorded material is most appealing to you, the general public," the band said yesterday, in a press release from its "corporate" headquarters.

Fans who visit the Song Study Web site are greeted by Jakob, a young, mono-colored spokesperson with a slavic accent, who walks listeners through the steps of auditioning and selecting the new songs. At the end of the interactive voting process, you can see a pretty amazing graphic representation of which songs are the most popular, which includes bar graphs made up of fan photos.


Jakob, your guide to Devo's 'Song Study,' listens along as you audition tracks.

Full versions of the tracks aren't available. But if the samples we've heard are any indication, the new record is going to be classic Devo, with plenty of quirky fun.