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Record A Song On The Subway... Or Anywhere

I grew up in the midst of the digital revolution. I am part of the first generation of young people for whom learning to navigate through digital realms was as natural as learning to walk or speak a first language. But from time to time I'm still completely blown away by certain advances in digital technology and, in this case, nano, technology. Seeing this new iPhone app was enough to make me take a step back, scream about it to everyone in the office, and eventually ponder the whirlwind pace at which these devices are expanding our creative capacities.

It pretty much speaks for itself. This is a full-scale audio recording, editing, and sharing application that basically replaces a studio full of gear. It's as full-featured as many other multi-track editing programs, with the added bonus of allowing users to upload directly to the Web. Incredible. I realize that this isn't the only 4-track app for the iPhone, but something about the design of this one really makes sense. If you're as much of an audio geek as me, you'll probably really enjoy the video.

The way we record and edit sound has already gone through an enormous revolution. But it's likely to just keep on evolving dramatically in the next five to ten years. Got any predictions for how we'll record and mix music in the future?