NPR logo Bryce And Aaron Dessner Of The National Discuss Making 'High Violet'

Bryce And Aaron Dessner Of The National Discuss Making 'High Violet'

It's always encouraging to hear that, even for great, creative minds, the music doesn't always come in a flow of divine inspiration. In a recent feature on ABC's Amplified, identical twin guitarists Bryce and Aaron Dessner of The National gave a matter-of-fact account of how making their albums is often a tough and contentious process.

The video focuses on the anxiety that goes into making the highly anticpated High Violet. The brothers talk candidly about the feuds that often result between band members, calling the whole process an "elaborate dance." And yet, though ABC News' Dan Harris needles the brothers about the intra-group tensions, the two remain unruffled. Even when describing a dispute with singer Matt Berninger that kept him from sleep for a week, Aaron Dessner stays cool and rational, ultimately communicating that, above all, it's a labor of love for The National.

The Dessners also give a behind-the-scenes tour of their nifty custom-designed studio space, and shed a bit of light on how the songwriting process works. This week, you can hear our Exclusive First Listen of High Violet leading up to its release on May 11.