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Band Names And False Adverstising

The Retribution Gospel Choir isn't a choir...  and doesn't play gospel. Courtesy of the Artist hide caption

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Courtesy of the Artist

I was recently at a show in Philadelphia. I went to hear the Retribution Gospel Choir featuring Alan Sparhawk from Low. They were neither gospel, not really a choir, and there was little to no retribution.

The Tallest Man on Earth is a smallish guy (Kristian Mattson) with a big voice. I love his sound and the name, but you don't get what you might expect.

The same is true of I'm From Barcelona, The Killers (we sure hope not). The band members of Girls, Women, and Barenaked Ladies are all dudes. Brazilan Girls are all guys but one and none of them are from Brazil. Sometimes false advertising is a good thing and and thankfully that's true for the band Butt Trumpet. (As All Songs producer Robin Hilton pointed out:  No butt, no trumpet).

Ok, so come up with some other names that tell you one thing, but deliver something completely different.