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The Oddest Musical Pairings

A yet-to-be-released album by Shearwater's Jonathan Meiberg and Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart got me thinking of odd musical pairings.  Robert Plant and Alison Krauss was the first one that  popped to mind.  The two collaborated on the 2007 album Raising Sand. What I thought would be a disaster turned out to be a real treat.


The pairing of David Bowie and Bing Crosby is easily one of the top five strangest collaborations ever.  But somehow The Man Who Fell to Earth got on famously with Father O'Malley.


By far The least successful pairing I can think of can be seen in this Lou Reed and Luciano Pavarotti video. It wasn't such a "perfect day" after all.


Tell us some of the oddest pairings you can think of, one that was successful and one that was a disaster.  We'll put some of our favorites together for an upcoming edition of All Songs Considered.

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