Losing My Cool: A Musical Confession

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Mito Habe-Evans
Mito Habe-Evans

Sometimes fandom for musicians comes with a badge of honor, or status in an unspoken aristocracy of taste. Then there are artists whose adoring followers are mocked and teased.

When I became the All Songs Considered intern, I was nervous about getting stigmatized if I revealed some of my musical tastes. How would this staff of articulate music aficionados react to my personal preferences?

Well, as the internship wraps up, it's time I come clean. While I love the weird and noisy, the soft and poetic, I also love Top 40 hits — the songs that get played to death on the radio, have simple verse-chorus-bridge formats and rely heavily on catchy hooks. I like pop and refuse to feel guilty about it.

For the NPR interns' Intern Edition project, I made this video, wherein I confess loudly and proudly about the music I can't go without. See what the other NPR interns turned out this summer and hear our playlists at IE3D.

Losing My Cool: A Musical Confession



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